The Top Woodstock Wind Chimes

Take a look at some our favorite Woodstock wind chimes. We recommend some of the most beautiful sounding and attractively presented chimes around.

woodstock wind chimes

If you have been a fan of wind chimes there is a big chance that you will know all about Woodstock, one of the biggest and most popular manufacturers.

They have been creating quality wind chimes for more than three decades now and we are yet to find one that has not been created to their own high standards.

Wind chimes are known for producing relaxing and soothing music while looking great as well and with Woodstock wind chimes, you just know that you are getting pure precision and excellence.

Known for their build-quality, sounds that are flawless and their reasonable price, Woodstock has pleased many thousands of customers over the years through their wide variety of wind chimes.

How do you go about choosing from their wonderful collection, however? Well, you could start by taking a look at four of their very best in our opinion.

We have reviewed all four of them to give you a better idea of what to expect and we are sure that at least one of them will grab your attention.

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The Top Models Compared

Take a look at how the top woodstock wind chimes compare in the table below.

We go onto discuss each model in more detail in the section that follows.



Woodstock Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime


Woodstock Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime

- Tuned to a medieval scale
- 8 silver-colored aluminum tubes
- Cherry wood hanger, striker, and wind clapper

Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chimes

Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chimes

- Tuned to Amazing Grace
- 6 silver-colored aluminum tubes
- Cherry wood hanger, striker, and wind clapper

Woodstock Windsinger Apollo Wind Chimes

- Calm and soothing sound
- 6 black-colored aluminum tubes
- Black aluminum top and aerodynamic wind catcher

Woodstock Mozart Medium Wind Chimes

- Tuned to Mozart's Piano Concerto #21
- 5 dark verdigris aluminum tubes
- Cherry finish ash wood

Woodstock Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime     *** Our Top Pick ***

We will kick off our Woodstock windchime reviews with the one of the larger set of chimes you will find in their collection. The Gregorian Baritone Chime measures 56-inches in length, are made to an extremely high standard and have been tuned to give off a chant-like melody that is uplifting, rich, and relaxing at the same time.

There are eight chimes of varying lengths in total, these are constructed of aluminum and have been tuned to precision so that they are able to play the Gregorian Baritone they were designed for.

Other materials used in the construction of these chimes include cherry wood which is used for the top, clapper and wind catcher and a nylon cord which is used to hold that clapper in place. All of these materials ensure that these chimes are among the most durable that you can buy right now and the build quality is exactly what you would expect from Woodstock.

We really loved these chimes and the distinctive sounds that they make and can find very little to fault about them. If we were to be picky, due to being so big, you will have to make sure that you have the perfect place to hang them.

  Bottom Line: Made with the quality that you would expect from such an established brand, the Gregorian Baritone Chime is certainly worth considering as your next set of wind chimes.

Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chimes

Coming in at half the size of the previous chimes is that of the Medium Amazing Grace chimes from Woodstock. As you have probably worked out, these chimes have been tuned to play Amazing Grace to perfection and if you’re a fan of that hymn, you really are going to love them.

With a deep-toned sound and one of the most inspiring and popular hymns in America, you can just imagine sitting there in complete relaxation as the wind powers them. They look great too with a cherry wood finish for the clapper, top and catcher being matched with the highly durable and tuneful aluminum tubes.

There are six of those tubes in total with the longest measuring 24-inches in length and this is a good size that will give you plenty of options when it comes to deciding where to put them.

As with all Woodstock wind chimes, you are given a lifetime tuning guarantee which most of you will appreciate and if you buy on Amazon, you can just send them right back if you’re not happy with them. Most reviews are extremely positive as you would expect from such a leading manufacturer of windchimes and like those reviews, we would have no problems with recommending this particular set of chimes.

Another positive is that these are some of the cheaper chimes that you will find in the Woodstock catalog so if money is an issue, you are going to be getting some good value for money.

  Bottom Line: Well priced and instantly soothing are the two biggest positives and why all wind chime lovers should consider buying them.

Woodstock Windsinger Apollo Wind Chimes

Next up we have the largest and most expensive Woodstock chimes on our recommended list with the Windsinger Apollo Wind Chimes. These are very large in size with them measuring 74-inches (more than 6-feet) in total but the sound that they give off is simply flawless.

Visually stunning, these chimes are known for resonating for an extended period of time and when you hear the mellow tones that are created, you are going to be hoping for gusts of wind all day long. They have been tuned to absolute precision which you will notice immediately due to the perfect harmony of the chimes each time they sing.

Once you have found the ideal place to hang these massive aluminum-made chimes, they will instantly become a conversation piece in your home. Not only for the amazing aesthetics and build quality that they have but also for the melodic sounds that they make. Woodstock have created a very special set of chimes here and it is no wonder they are at the top-end when it comes to price.

If we had to pick out any kind of negative, it is that they can be a little too loud. This can either be a good or bad thing though depending on your own preferences.

  Bottom Line: Big, powerful and beautifully made. We can guarantee that you will struggle to find another set of wind chimes that look and sound as fantastic as the Windsinger Apollo Wind Chimes.

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Woodstock Mozart Medium Wind Chimes  

Last but certainly not least on our little list of Woodstock wind chime recommendations are those of the Mozart Medium Chimes. Exuding the quality that you would have come to expect from Woodstock, these chimes are another great option to consider if you want to hear some relaxing, emotive and soothing sounds as the wind blows.

Mozart’s Piano Concerto #21 is the tune that has been precision tuned into this set of chimes and you will find it tough to find anything as inspiring and uplifting. In terms of looks, again, Woodstock has stuck to their high standards and created chimes that look as good as they sound.

Aluminum tubes and red cherry ash are the materials used and while these are smaller wind chimes measuring just 25-inches in size, you will be impressed at the volume that they can create. Additionally, the smaller the size of wind chimes will usually have a direct impact on the price and this would be the main reason why they are the cheapest set of Woodstock windchimes on this list.

That price certainly is not due to a sacrifice in quality but simply because fewer materials have been used. The build quality is just as good as anything else that we have recommended and we really feel that these would be a good set to choose if you are new to wind chimes.

  Bottom Line: Fantastic value for money, built to the same quality as all other Woodstock chimes and a tune that will have you begging for the next gust of wind to come along.

Woodstock wind chime diagram


Woodstock got to where they are by building some of the very best wind chimes on the market so it would make sense to go with them if you are looking for beautiful looking chimes that will have you relaxed and invigorated each time that a gust of wind blows through them.

They always provide high-quality chimes that provide precision tuned sounds and at the moment we cannot see us preferring another brand above them.

From the four windchimes we reviewed above, we are extremely confident that you will have found one that you think will be perfect for your home. They do range in size and price, so make sure you factor both in before making a decision on which to buy.

Whichever you choose, we can assure you right now that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are considering buying wind chimes from Woodstock or any other brand, you are going to have to think about a number of considerations before making a decision. It is not just a matter of price or what they look and sound like that should be considered before buying and below you will learn a few more things you might want to consider before deciding on which to go for.

Woodstock chime
  • Material

All of the Woodstock Wind Chimes that we have reviewed are made of aluminum but various other materials are also used to create the sounds and tunes that you are looking for. Steel and copper are two other metals commonly used, with wood and bamboo being the most common types of wood.

Furthermore, you will find some made from glass, ceramic and even shells. The type of sound that you like will determine which material you go for when it comes to wind chimes.

  • Size, Number and Length of Tubes

Buying wind chimes online obviously comes with major benefits but one of the drawbacks is that we are not able to hear what they sound like before buying. Sure, we can read reviews to get an idea but our own ears will not hear them until we have purchased them for ourselves.

There are ways you can get an idea of the types of sounds you can expect. Wind chimes with a higher number of tubes will offer a more extended range of sounds while the longer these tubes are, the deeper and lower the notes will be. So, if you prefer low notes, go for short tubes and if you like more bass, go for longer tubes.

wind chime from Woodstock
  • Size of the Sail

The sail is the part of the wind chimes that catches the wind and will cause them to sing. The larger this is, the more wind it will take to make it produce the song it was designed to play, while the smaller it is the more frequently you will hear it.

You have to consider how often you want to hear your chimes and also how windy it generally is in your area before deciding on the size of the sail you would prefer.

  • The Type of Sounds and Tune

Obviously, the pitch and tone of the sounds and the tune that the wind chimes play is going to be one of the biggest factors. If you find one that plays a tune that you particularly like, it is going to be a no-brainer that it will become one that you will consider buying.

Others will not play a tune as such and will just give you some relaxing tones so it really depends on what you are looking for.

Try and search on Youtube for the sounds of any wind chimes before you buy rather than just reading reviews of others. Not everybody likes the same thing, after all.

  • Cost

The cost will also be a big consideration and generally the better, well-made and better-known reputable brands will cost more than others. Woodstock is known as one of the very best, but they are still reasonably priced compared to some others.

They do offer cheaper chimes and others that you might consider to be expensive, but one thing you can be sure of, whichever you decide to go for will be well worth the money.

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Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what you need to consider before purchasing wind chimes and are better informed when you do start to decide between the many that are available.

Of course, we still stand by in our opinion that Woodstock chimes, particularly those above, are the best brand but if you do decide to go for another brand, at least you will know what to look out for.

Let us know what you think down below!

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