The Most Dazzling Garden Wind Spinners

Brighten up your yard with one of the most show-stopping wind spinners around - from copper to fabric, we’ve reviewed a great selection for you to choose from!

recommended wind spinners

Whirligigs, yard spinners, wind wheels or even garden pinwheels - there are lots of names for this curious outdoor decoration.

Often referred to as simply wind spinners, they’re hypnotic, eye-catching and a great addition to any yard, balcony or other outdoor space.

There are lots of different types of garden spinners so you can choose a style that appeals to you. From simple geometric designs to striking colors and patterns, there’s a great variety of yard wind spinners to suit all personal tastes and budgets.

At the top end of the scale, pure copper wind spinners will cost a few more bucks than many others but are undeniably beautiful, a truly mesmerizing fusion of color and form. There are other types of metal garden spinners too, as well as wooden whirligigs for those who like something a little different.

We’ve scouted around the market to find what we think are the best wind spinners around at a variety of price points. Check out our list below and prepare to get all in a spin!



Stanwood Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture


Stanwood Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture

- Pure copper and brass construction
- Moves with a slight breeze
- Impeccable craftsmanship
- Lifetime warranty

Stanwood Dancing Willow Leaves Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Stanwood Dancing Willow Leaves Kinetic Wind Sculpture

- Heavy duty construction
- Moves with a slight breeze
- Strong 4-point pole anchoring
- Extremely detailed craftsmanship

Bits and Pieces Multi-Color Solar Tulip Wind Spinner

Bits and Pieces Solar Tulip Wind Spinner

- Specialty paint effects
- Ball bearing construction
- Solar-powered lights
- Weather resistant

MJ Spinner Designs Kinetic Confetti-Style Wind Spinner

MJ Spinner Designs Kinetic Confetti Spinner

- Three-pronged stake for stable installation
- Solid metal construction
- Powder coated for long term durability

Red Carpet Studios Copper and Red Cosmix Wind Spinner

Red Carpet Studios Copper and Red Cosmix Wind Spinner

- Cosmix wind spinner with S-hook swivel
- Baked metal clear coat

In the Breeze Triple Wheel Flower Spinner

- Made with durable polyester fabric
- Weather & fade resistant fabric and materials
- Durable fiberglass poles

In the Breeze Rainbow Triple Wheel Spinner

In the Breeze Rainbow Triple Spinner

- Made with durable polyester fabric
- Weather & fade resistant fabric and materials
- Durable fiberglass poles

Premier Kites Hummingbird Whirligig Spinner

Premier Kites Hummingbird Whirligig Spinner

- Durable SunTex fabric wings
- Weather & fade resistant fabric and materials
- Easy to assemble

Bits and Pieces Kaleidoscope Metal Wind Spinner

Bits and Pieces 

Kaleidoscope Spinner

- Specialty paint effects
- Ball bearing construction
- Solar-powered lights
- Weather resistant

The Top Models Reviewed

Now it's time to look at each of our recommendations in a bit more detail.

Find out why each model is deserving of a place on this list.

Stanwood Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture     *** Our Top Pick ***

Originally starting out as a company retailer, for more than a decade Stanwood have been designing and making their own metal whirligigs. However, these whirligigs for sale are more than just your average wind spinner - they are made from premium materials and offer real quality.

This Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture is a perfect example of the high-quality approach taken by Stanwood. Made from copper and brass and featuring a triple layer design, this metal wind spinner is intricate and instantly eye-catching. Standing at 7-feet tall, the heavy-duty construction would be a beautiful centerpiece for any yard or garden.

The theme of this whirligig is Falling Foliage with the layers intended to replicate the action of swirling leaves. All the parts (other than stainless steel ball bearings deep inside the joins) are made from heavy-duty copper, accented with brass. When the light catches the leaves, the effect is quite simply mesmerizing.

This spinner can withstand winds of up to 70mph thanks to a sturdy four-point anchoring system at the base. It’s based on kinetic movement, so when a breeze catches the sails, the layers will move in opposing directions. This heightens the effect of falling leaves, creating a real vision in your own back-yard.

It’s fair to say that this is one of the more expensive outdoor wind spinners but it’s maintenance-free and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s worth pointing out that the metal isn't coated so will age naturally with the weather.

If you prefer to keep it looking new, it’s possible to coat the components yourself with a quick spray of the recommended product. This gives you the choice of either appreciating the natural aging process of copper, or of enjoying a flawless, pristine effect. We think this wind spinner looks great either way so the choice really is yours!

  Our Final Verdict: Another wind spinner at the top end of the budget but it’s a stunning example of copper craftsmanship and worth every dime.

Stanwood Dancing Willow Leaves Kinetic Wind Sculpture

We’re sticking with Stanwood for the second entry on our list with another of their beautiful kinetic wind spinners. The Dancing Willow Leaves is another design inspired by nature that’s also made from heavy-duty copper with brass accents.

The movement on this wind spinner is simply incredible and is one of the reasons why it really stands out as exceptional. The two spinners will rotate in different directions at even the slightest breeze and can spin through a full 360°. This creates a stunning rippling effect with the willow leaves cascading endlessly, the metallic surface glimmering in the sunlight.

Although you’ll find other designs which are more colorful, the dual tones of brass and copper don't need anything more to look spectacular. Did we mention we seriously like this wind spinner? However, you’ll have to dig deep in your pocket if you want this gorgeous number to stand in your garden as it’s another premium-priced design.

It’s not difficult to see why this Stanwood wind spinner is priced so highly as the craftsmanship is flawless, and the design intelligent. A four-point anchoring system, again made from copper, holds the spinner firmly in winds of up to 70mph. It comes with a lifetime warranty but it’s made so well, you’re unlikely to have any problems.

  Our Final Verdict: Another wind spinner at the top end of the budget but it’s a stunning example of copper craftsmanship and worth every dime.

Bits and Pieces Solar Tulip Wind Spinner

This brightly-colored wind spinner comes from Bits and Pieces, a brand that’s well-known for its beautiful designs. We’ll say straight away that this is a more affordable wind sculpture so feel free to fall in love without worrying about the pinch on your pocketbook.

This design has been imitated poorly by many other designers but this is the original and the best. A striking tulip shape is accented by multiple colored petals which rotate gracefully in two different directions in the breeze. These cluster around the central solar light which is three inches in size. At night it lights up and complements the swirling petals with an eye-catching, color-changing display.

The colors on the petals are created through a series of special effects and finishes, including foiling and reflective paint. This produces a glimmering color which catches the light for maximum effect. Unlike the two Stanwood designs, this metal pinwheel is weather-resistant and will stay looking like new, with no corrosion or rust.

Bits and Pieces don’t specify a maximum wind speed that this spinner is capable of tolerating but with a 10-inch fork to drive into the ground, it will have a very firm footing. 

  Our Final Verdict: This wind spinner offers beautiful color combined with solar lighting to brighten up your yard at night.

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MJ Spinner Designs Kinetic Confetti Wind Spinner

Another wind spinner here which proves that you don’t have to splash serious cash to make a statement in your yard. A glorious garden wind spinner, you don’t have to look too hard to see where the name comes from. The multitude of colored circles whirl in the wind and as a kinetic wind spinner which moves in different directions, the effect is just like a flurry of bright confetti.

Made from solid metal, this whirligig is colorful and eye-catching with accents of orange, gold, green and silver. These metallic discs glitter and shine when they catch the light, which when combined with the multi-directional movement creates a stunning effect. If you like bold designs which are full of color, this one’s for you.

You’ll need to assemble some components of this spinner yourself but it will take less than 15 minutes. Once it’s all together, the total length is 72-inches with the spinner itself measuring 24-inches across. You can either lash the spinner to secure fencing or you can use the base to stand it in the ground. A strong central prong is surrounded by three other prong footers so you’ll be able to easily create a stable base.

This isn’t a design which would particularly suit weather-aging so the good news is that it’s powder-coated by the manufacturer. This provides a weather-resistant finish and will leave your spinner looking flawless for many years to come.

  Our Final Verdict: A beautiful array of colors with rotation in two different directions, this wind spinner delivers an exceptional performance at a very reasonable price.

Red Carpet Studios Copper and Red Cosmix Wind Spinner

If you don’t have the right outside area for a ground wind spinner, or you’re just looking for something a bit different, check out this design from Red Carpet Studios. A hanging spinner, this red and copper creation is a stunning piece of decor that is perfect for balconies and porches.

The double helix design is eye-catching even though it’s a smaller spinner than many others on our list. At 14-inches it’s the perfect height to hang and will provide hours of hypnotic decoration for any outside space. It’s available in three different colors in addition to red - purple, green and blue - so you can choose the tone that complements your landscaping.

The twirly design looks beautifully smooth as it spins, with the combination of colored outer layer contrasting against the copper of the inner spiral. The inner is made from plated copper while the outer has a baked metal coloring. This provides protection from the elements and ensures that the spinner stays looking as good as new for as long as possible. Outdoor wind spinners are exposed to the elements but they’re deliberately designed to remain free of rust or corrosion, even when they’re left out all year round.

The spinner comes with an S-hook attachment so it’s easy to hang it up where it will catch the light. Patios, decking, balconies and porches make great spots for the beauty of the spinner to be easily admired.

The other factor that makes this wind spinner incredibly attractive is the rock-bottom price. Much of the size of ground-planted wind spinners is due to the pole rather than the sails. When you discount the pole, this spinner isn’t a huge amount smaller than many ground-planted spinners but is just a fraction of the price.

  Our Final Verdict: A beautiful hanging wind spinner, this design isn’t just beautiful to look at, it also offers real value for money. We think this is a bargain that’s hard to beat!

In the Breeze Triple Wheel Flower Wind Spinner

This beautiful flower wind spinner offers a psychedelic blur of color in an outstanding design that’s guaranteed to cheer up any garden. For yard spinners, metal is the most common material used but here you’ll find a whirligig made from tough polyester. Stained with color for a stunning effect, the spinner is both weather and UV-resistant.

There is a small amount of assembly but you won’t find the instructions for this spinner difficult to follow. Included are a ground stake, a fiberglass pole split into two sections, spacers, three wheels and an end cap. The three wheels are the integral part of the design, and once the brightly-colored petals have been positioned, you’ll spot that they’re capable of moving in different directions.

This kinetic feature is one of the reasons why this spinner is such a striking design. Sit and watch the wind blow for a while and you’ll be quite simply mesmerized as the three separate layers move in opposite directions, creating a real swirl of color. 

In the Breeze provide some interesting options for this spinner, giving you the choice of the final appearance. You can choose solid, glittery or even double flowers, as well as adding leaves too, allowing you to create the exact look you like. All of this is offered at an incredible price too, costing just a tiny percentage of some of the more expensive designs on this list.

  Our Final Verdict: There’s nothing metallic about this design but if you adore bright colors and don’t mind polyester, this flower spinner could be the one for you.

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In the Breeze Rainbow Triple Wheel Spinner

If one outstanding design from In the Breeze wasn’t enough, we’ve now got a second entry with another of the more colorful garden wind spinners. Just like the previous design, this spinner isn’t made from conventional copper or other metal. Instead it’s been made from polyester and treated to achieve a finished which is stain, weather and UV-resistant.

This geometric design takes a strong shape and introduces all the colors of the rainbow to create a spinner which is bright and difficult to miss. The three layers of the kinetic design move in different directions, providing a multi-dimensional effect which is difficult to pull your eyes away from. A bold spinner that’s modern and unconventional, this style would suit contemporary landscaping.

Although color is integral to this spinner, you’ll have the choice to change the tones if you prefer. Pick between patriotic red, white and blue, autumn tones, neon and kaleidoscope. The latter color fuses different colors along each sail, an unusual effect which just makes this spinner seem even more individual.

  Our Final Verdict: Another cut-price spinner from In the Breeze, this beautiful design is striking yet won’t break the bank.

Premier Kites Hummingbird Whirligig Spinner

A fun design that will be a great feature in any garden, this wind spinner from Premier Kits is in the shape of a hummingbird. Quirky and fun, this shaped spinner stands out from the crowd with its unusual design that will appeal to children and adults alike.

Compared to metal and wooden wind spinners, this whirligig will start moving far more easily, catching gentler breezes. This is due to its durable fabric design which is lightweight yet tough. Mounted on a ground pole and provided with a stake, the SunTex fabric is UV-resistant so won’t start to degrade or fade. Made from a combination of striking greens with white, black and red accents, your hummingbird will stay looking in fine feather for a long time to come!

The wings of the hummingbird are the part that spins and there’s a set of wings either side of the body. This creates a kinetic movement with one side spinning in the opposite direction to the other. The only criticism we’d have of this design is that the dual set of two wings creates a rather odd appearance, making the hummingbird look like it has four wings! We also couldn’t escape the impression that the hummingbird was doing the backstroke - but maybe that’s just us!

You won’t have to break into your savings for this yard spinner as it’s available at a very reasonable price. Somewhat surprisingly you’ll find certain metal designs available for less - including some of these featured on this list - and we can’t help but think they look a tad more stylish. However, if you’re looking for a fun design that grabs attention, the hummingbird certainly takes top spot!

  Our Final Verdict: A well-priced fabric wind spinner which may not be the most sophisticated, but is funky, fun and certain to put a smile on your face.

Bits and Pieces Kaleidoscope Metal Wind Spinner

We’ve reached the final entry on our list of hot 9 wind spinners, and we’re finishing with a flourish. This spinner is a blur of color, in what is one of the most intricate designs so far. Bits and Pieces have a second entry with a spinner that’s quite simply glorious.

This design features two layers which offer kinetic movement, spinning in different directions with the breeze. The center is shaped like a wire flower and the brightly-colored metallic discs sit at the end of each petal, creating an array of gold, purple, green, red and blue that’s just waiting to leap into action.

As each side spins independently, you’ll see exactly how this design got its name. It’s strongly reminiscent of the kaleidoscope you may have enjoyed playing with as a child, with the colors dancing and twirling around in the wind. There’s absolutely no question that it creates a striking effect as it spins, and with a weather-resistant finish it will remain in tip-top condition for a long time.

The only negative we can see to this design is that it takes a very strong gust of wind to get it moving. It looks phenomenal when it’s in motion but you may only have very limited chances to see the spinner doing what it does best.

  Our Final Verdict: A spinner that’s incredibly striking, with rich, metallic colors at an affordable price - but don’t buy this one if you want to see continuous movement.

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Which Spinner is Best?

We’ve finished our run-through of the top nine wind spinners and can say that these are nine of the best covering all budgets. There’s a range of styles which include high-end copper creations and budget-friendly fabric designs too. Wind spinners are a great accent to any garden and look beautiful in both small and large spaces.

It’s impossible to choose just one from the list because they’re such different designs, set at various price-points. The beauty of pure copper is hard to resist but it will make a big dent in your bank balance. At the other end of the spectrum, the hanging wind spinner delivers the impact of colored metal but at an easier price.             

However, if you want a spinner that combines the best of both worlds the Confetti-style whirligig from MJ Spinner Designs is hard to beat. A mid-range price that won’t make your bank account recoil in horror, plus an incredible metallic design that makes a big impact, this spinner is sure to keep everyone happy.

garden spinning wheel

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re considering buying a wind spinner for your yard, you’ll find there’s a vast array of styles to choose from. Taking a bit of extra time to decide what you like will mean you get the very best design for your dollar.

Every brand will offer their own unique interpretation of the wind spinner concept but there are some standard features to look out for:

Kinetic spinners

This is a bit of a confusing one because as wind spinners all move as a result of being blown, surely they’re all kinetic? Although that may technically be true, when you see the phrase ‘kinetic wind spinner’ it usually means something very specific

When a wind spinner is described as having kinetic movement, it is referring to the way the parts respond. With a standard wind spinner, all the sails rotate in the same direction. A kinetic spinner is different, as different layers or areas will move in opposite directions. It takes a lot of skill to design a spinner that responds to the wind in this way but the dual movement is almost irresistible.

Solar power

While we’re pretty sure that you’re familiar with what solar power means, you might be wondering how it applies for a wind spinner. Just to be clear, solar power doesn’t mean the spinner starts to rotate when the sun shines - we guess that would make it some kind of unique sun spinner instead, right?! Solar power is collected during the day and when it’s dark, the wind sculpture lights up creating a stunning night-time display.

The wind spinning element works when it’s dark too, and when this combines with the glowing solar light the result can be pretty spectacular.

copper wind spinner

Choosing your design

Now that you know exactly what you’re looking at, there are some factors which you might want to consider when making your final choice. There are no right or wrong answers, as much depends on exactly what you’re looking for in your yard.

Powder coating v natural finish

When you’re looking at metal wind spinners, you’ll notice that some are left natural and uncoated while others offer a powder finish. The difference isn’t a matter of budget as some of the premium yard spinners are left uncoated while cheaper designs are finished with powder.

Much depends on the material that’s used as you’re much more likely to see an uncoated finish on copper metal spinners. This is because the process of aging naturally creates a pretty effect on the copper known as a patina. For some, copper never really achieves its full beauty until a patina has developed but not everyone likes the mottled green effect.

If you opt for steel or other type of metal, you’ll probably find that it’s coated. This provides a weather-resistant finish and keeps it looking like new instead of aging.

Height and footing

The height of the wind spinner will play a part in how fast it spins and how easily it catches a breeze. As a general rule, those which are taller will spin more easily but they’ll also need a firmer footing in order to avoid toppling over in a strong wind.

Where you plan on positioning your spinner will play a major role in the height you need. If your spinning is going to be in and around larger plants, you might need a taller design. By contrast, if it’s going to be standing alone, a shorter wind spinner might fit in with your landscaping better.

Whichever size wind spinner you choose, take a look at the footing it comes with. Ideally, you’ll want a multi-pronged base which can take a firm hold in the ground. Some spinners come with recommendations about what wind speeds that can cope with - this can be useful information if your area is prone to big storms.


We’re not talking about the color or design of your wind spinner - we’d be here all day if we tried to describe the wide variety on the market! We’re referring to the choice between planted and hanging wind spinners.

Most wind spinners are designed to be planted in the ground - this makes a lot of sense as it provides you with much more choice about where to place your spinner in the yard. However, not everyone has a large planting area; some may just have a porch or balcony. A hanging spinner is a great way to enjoy the same visual effect but in a smaller space.

Hanging wind spinners also look good framing larger gardens too and can work in tandem with planted wind spinners. We love wind spinners and like both types - the more the merrier!


Some spinners will arrive assembled so you’ll be ready to get them in position straight out of the box. However, for others you’ll need to put them together yourself which can either be simple and straightforward or in some cases, a little more complex.

If your spinner requires some self-assembly you should receive instructions which makes each step clear. Once you’ve laid out the pieces, you should find that it’s fairly obvious which piece slots in where. If you’re concerned about putting the spinner together, you could check out some reviews in advance. For all kinds of wind spinners, Amazon is the ideal place to look and you’ll find lots of genuine reviews from previous purchasers.

We think that just about covers everything you need to know about wind spinners and a little bit more too… From the solar-lit to kinetic movers, we think there’s a lot to love about wind spinners, both big or small.

Thanks for joining us for this review - we hope you’ve been inspired to buy your very own garden spinner soon!

Let us know what you think down below!

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