The Most Eye-Catching Weather Vanes

Discover the traditional beauty of a weather vane and explore the different styles available that you could choose for your home!

cockerel weather vane

You’ve probably seen many weather vanes in the past, whether it’s on the local church or as a feature in the town center. An eye-catching and nostalgic decoration, weather vanes make us reminisce back to a time when technology wasn’t in charge.

Sometimes referred to as a wind vane, a weather vane’s purpose is to show the direction of the air. Although created to be deliberately ornate and attractive, the practicality of weather vanes is a key component of each design.

You’ll find both large and small weather vanes and a variety of designs too. With many classic styles, there are also some contemporary and funky creations so you can choose the one that best suits its intended location.

We’ve had a look through the top weather vanes on the market and have compiled a list of what we believe are 12 of the hottest designs that deliver on quality and style. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Design Toscano Windblown Witch Roof Weather Vane


Design Toscano Windblown Witch

- Hand-crafted of rust-resistant aluminum
- Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand

Good Directions Copper Rooster Weather Vane

Good Directions Copper Rooster

- Made of pure copper
- Exclusive Single Point Contact design
- Designed by American Artisans

Good Directions Running Horse Smithsonian Weather Vane

Good Directions Running Horse

- Made of pure copper
- Handcrafted by Good Directions artisans

SWEN Products Dragon Weathervane

SWEN Products Dragon

- Powder coat baked on finish
- Constructed out of 16 gauge steel

Good Directions Copper Pig Weather Vane

Good Directions Copper Pig

- Made of pure copper
- Exclusive Single Point Contact design
- Designed by American Artisans

Good Directions Blue Verde Copper Weather Vane

Good Directions Blue Verde

- Made of pure copper, Blue Verde finish

- Exclusive design

Good Directions Blue Verde Copper Whale

Good Directions Whale

- Made of pure copper, Blue Verde finish
- Exclusive design

North East Weathervanes Copper Fish Weather Vane

North East Weathervanes Copper Fish

- Made of pure copper
- Solid brass directional

Good Directions Copper Biplane Arrow Weathervane

Good Directions Copper Biplane

- Made of pure copper
- Solid brass directional

Good Directions Copper Sailboat Weather Vane with Mount

Good Directions Copper Sailboat

- Made of pure copper
- Designed by American Artisans

SWEN Products Metal Deer Weathervane

SWEN Products Metal Deer

- Complete roof mount weather vane
- Powder coat baked on finish
- Constructed out of 16 gauge steel

Good Directions Victorian Arrow Weathervane

Good Directions Victorian Arrow Weathervane

- Made of pure copper

- Solid brass directional

Design Toscano Windblown Witch   *** Our Top Pick ***

This witch weather vane isn’t just fun for Halloween, it offers an interesting style that looks great all year round. Whether you’re a Wiccan with a sense of fun, or just a big fan of witches, this weather vane is a modern interpretation of a traditional piece of decor.

With her long, hook nose, pointed hat and flowing cape, this witch is re-created in intricate detail as she points her broomstick into the wind. Cutting a strong and unrepentant figure, this witch is ready to take on the world!

Made from aluminum, this lightweight vane weighs just 3lbs and measures 23” x 12” x 36”. It features a black-satin finish which is resistant to the weather, helping to ensure that your weather witch will remain on her broomstick for many years to come.

The manufacturer, Design Toscano, are a company that specialize in creating historical replicas and this witch weather vane is just part of their collection. High-quality and well-priced, this witch will look perfect flying high on the roof of any house.

  Our Final Verdict: Beautifully cast in rust-resistant aluminum, this witch weather vane is a quirky and unusual design which may be a little off-beat for some.

Good Directions Copper Rooster

This Good Directions weather vane takes the traditional rooster shape, creating the design in a combination of copper and brass. Chicken weather vanes are one of the most established shapes, a fact which dates to when churches were always ordered to display a cockerel.

This was demanded by Pope Nicholas in the IXth Century and relates to the famous bible story of Peter, the disciple, denying Jesus three times before the cock crowed. This is the reason why a chicken weather vane, or more accurately, a rooster weather vane, is one of the most common shapes.

This design is made from pure copper, accented by brass directionals underneath. Unless protected, the copper will naturally age, providing an authentic weathered effect over time. The cockerel is 27" x 28" x 4” but a separate roof mount can also be purchased separately, adding a degree of stability to the attachment.

As you might expect from a solid copper piece, it’s one of the more expensive weather vanes but with a classic design and free, easy movement, this is a top-quality weather vane that deserves to be admired.

  Our Final Verdict: One of the more expensive designs but the quality is evident with beautiful copper workmanship and intricate detail throughout.

Good Directions Running Horse

This copper weather vane is another design from the artisan studios of Good Directions where each item is carefully handcrafted. The horse weather vane is combined with an arrow, with the creature appearing to be running along the shaft. Delicately trotting, tossing its mane in the air, the beauty of this magnificent beast has been perfectly captured in copper form.

The design uses a single point of contact which allows free and unrestricted movement in the wind, offering a far more striking result. An all-weather rod pairs with brass directionals and spacers made from copper, just like the horse itself. The bright copper finish has not been protected so will gradually age and develop a patina. If you don’t want this to occur, you’ll need to apply a protective spray first.

The horse weather vane measures 32" x 18" x 3” and it’s suggested that you purchase the roof mount that’s available separately. This will allow you to get the weather vane into position quickly and safely and ensure that it’s secure.

A large enough design to flatter all kinds of structures, this is a statement piece that comes with a more expensive price-tag.

  Our Final Verdict: Another premium brand, this is a larger weather vane that would suit all medium-large buildings. It’s a stunning design but being made from pure copper isn’t the most budget-friendly.

SWEN Products Dragon Weathervane

A dragon weather vane made from metal, this design has a stunning and unusual effect. Dragons aren’t often the center of any weather vane so this one is certain to grab attention for all the right reasons.

This weather vane is made from metal that’s powder-coated so you don’t need to worry that it will start to look worn and jaded. The coating protects from the weather and ensures the finish stays in tip-top condition, despite exposure to the wind, sun and rain.

Made from 16-gauge steel, this weather vane weighs 4.7lbs and measures 21” x 11.5” x 3.5” so it’s not as big as some of the others on our list.

A stainless-steel sealed ball bearing contained within the windcup ensures the movement is smooth, free and unrestricted. It also comes with the complete roof mount required so you won’t need to purchase any additional attachments to get it in position. However, the fitting is compatible with other SWEN designs so if you want to change the top, you have this flexibility.

  Our Final Verdict: Made from baked metal, this weather vane has the same stunning metallic effect but at a fraction of the price.

Good Directions Copper Pig

Another entry for Good Directions, one of several on our list, this weather vane has a slightly unusual design. As mentioned above, it’s common for roosters to appear in the center of any weather vane but the same can’t be said of all the other farmyard animals.

This doesn’t appear to have stopped Good Directions in this case who have created a pig weathervane, words you probably never imagined you’d hear in the same sentence! Although it’s a niche market and one for mainly pig-lovers and possibly farmers too, the copper pig design is executed flawlessly. Although it might not have been a design we’d have asked for in advance, seeing the copper pig weather vane, it’s actually kind of cool.

The pig measures 29" x 15" x 3” so it’s larger than the SWEN design but not as big as the Good Directions rooster. The pig is made from pure copper while the directionals underneath are made from brass. Over time, the pig is intended to discolor and age but this can be prevented by spraying the surface with a protective coating.

  Our Final Verdict: A quirky design which is towards the higher end of the price range, there’s something curiously attractive about having a pig weather vane.

Good Directions Blue Verde

If you can’t resist the cute and adorable, this rabbit weather vane will well and truly capture your attention. Although this little chap is made from copper, just like many of the other designs on our list, he’s been prematurely aged which creates an instantly different appearance.

This aging is known as ‘blue verde’ and creates a patina-like effect, dulling the bright shiny finish of new copper and adding a greenish tinge all over. Both the copper and the brass have been finished in this way, creating an authentic look. If you’re a big fan of aged copper but don’t want to wait for nature to take its course, this makes an excellent alternative.

If you’re looking for weathervanes for sheds, this bunny is a top pick because it’s slightly smaller than some of the other designs on our top 12. This means it won’t overwhelm smaller structures or be too top-heavy for a lighter roof.

  Our Final Verdict: A copper design that’s finished in a different way, this rabbit weather vane is smaller but great value for money.

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Good Directions Copper Whale

Who can resist the beauty and grace of the ocean-dwelling giants? This whale weather vane captures the gentle nature of the creatures perfectly with an artisan design that’s simple yet flawless. A playful flick of the tail is coupled with a soft-looking face to create a weather vane that’s distinctive and different.

Just like the rabbit, this whale weather vane has been created with a ‘blue verde’ finish which means the copper appears aged and not new. Somehow this combines even better with the whale theme, looking more appropriate than gleaming bright. The whale is made from copper and sits atop a copper globe as well as brass directionals. With aging applied to the whole piece, the effect is eye-catching.

The whale is one of the larger weather vanes measuring 37" x 16" x 4”, being particularly long rather than high. If you’re searching for weather vanes for sale to create a silhouette that’s broader rather than tall, this is one to consider.

As with other Good Directions weather vanes, you’ll find there is a single point of contact. This enables the top to swivel freely and smoothly, creating a beautiful spinning effect.     

  Our Final Verdict: This whale really makes a splash with its large footprint but at a higher price-point and with generous dimensions you’ll need deep pockets and plenty of room.                                              

North East Weathervanes Copper Fish

Sticking with the ocean theme, we’ve plunged beneath the surface once more to come up with a fish that’s rendered in copper. Made from solid copper with a copper spacer ball as well, this fish creates a striking effect from the start.

Like some of the other designs, a fish weather vane may not have been the first thing you thought of but it’s a fun theme and for those who enjoy fishing, it’s a funky idea. Despite its simple style, the fish has been carefully created with immaculate detailing so there are lots of tiny features which add depth and character.

From the carefully-ridged tail to the fins, linear body markings and even the sculpted face, this fish is brimming over with detailing. This is all etched in pristine copper which has a bright finish that will need treating to preserve. Left uncoated, the copper will gradually age to create the rich patina that so many love.

  Our Final Verdict: This weather vane is the best thing since fish and chips were invented, especially if you’re into fishing.                                             

Good Directions Copper Biplane

For a design that’s intricate and instantly attractive, check out the airplane weather vane from Good Directions. A real statement piece, this weather vane is a fascinating array of metal parts. A beautiful biplane created out of copper balances precariously upon the traditional weather vane arrow before surging in the direction of the wind.

The directional components are made from brass but the rest of the weather vane is made from pure copper. This is untreated so over time will naturally weather and age, creating an attractive patina. If you prefer to keep your copper gleaming and new, you can easily spray a protective coating over it. The choice really is yours - we think the copper looks stunning either way.

A closer inspection of the biplane reveals the creativity of the artisan crafters who made this weather vane. From the tip of the tail to the nose cone, there’s an incredible array of parts which have been fused together to make everything from the ridged wings to the smooth curve of the propellor. This biplane looks so realistic we almost feel as if we’re looking at a real antique!

Sized at 21” x 5" x 13”, it’s not the biggest of the copper weather vanes but it’s still an excellent size. As it’s wider than it’s tall, this plane design won’t add too much height or stick up awkwardly on lower structures. This makes it a very flexible choice and although it’s at the higher end of the price range, it’s not as expensive as some copper styles.

  Our Final Verdict: It’s hard to find fault with this vintage-themed design which would look stunning in any setting.                                        

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Good Directions Copper Sailboat

If you like the idea of a nautical weather vane theme, take a look at this sailboat from none other than Good Directions. This is one of the simpler designs with smaller dimensions, making it perfect for sheds and other smaller structures.

There’s something very pleasing about the sight of a sailboat weather vane heading into the wind and the simplicity of this design just accentuates that even more. The beauty is in the unblemished curves of the sails which can be admired as the wind sends the weather vane into a spin.

The sailboat is made from uncoated copper which will age as time passes and the elements take their toll. The copper is accented by various brass parts, including the directionals situated underneath. A DIY spray coating is very easy to add if you would rather preserve the look of unblemished copper. This will prevent a patina from developing and leave your weather vane looking like the day you bought it.

The measurements of the sailboat weathervane are 21" x 10.5” x 3” and it comes with a mount for easy fitting to the roof.

  Our Final Verdict: This roof weathervane is the perfect size for sheds and offers a smaller but sophisticated interpretation of the nautical theme.                                      

SWEN Products Metal Deer

One of the few weather vanes for sale on our list which isn’t from Good Directions, SWEN have created a very affordable but stylish alternative. Made from baked metal, this deer weathervane offers a stunning silhouette and a rather unusual design.

This weather vane is made from 16-gauge steel which provides the toughness and durability required to face the elements. The tough material has been carefully crafted to create a design which is one of the most visually stunning on our list. The deer stands atop a patch of grass and with its head turned in anticipation, you’ll find yourself almost straining your own ears to hear what’s in the distance.

The movement on this weather vane is smooth and efficient thanks to the steel ball bearing located within the windcup. This, together with the elegant design, is offered at a price which is so affordable it almost seems as if there’s been a mistake. We say grab one while you can!

  Our Final Verdict: We love a bargain and the low price of this weather vane coupled with the intricate design makes this a real top pick for us.                              

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Good Directions Victorian Arrow Weathervane

We finish up with a last design from Good Directions and this time it’s a real blast from the past. This arrow weathervane is Victorian in style and simultaneously manages to merge intricate design and simplicity all in one.

On one hand it’s nothing more than an arrow interspersed by directionals, but look closer and you’ll see the curves of metal, the swirling accents and the carefully crafted theme. This weather vane is one that traditionalists will appreciate, adding a touch of sophistication to an established style.

Provided with its own assembly rod, this weathervane is made from uncoated copper and measuring just 21" x 17" x 6”, it makes the perfect topper for gates, sheds and smaller structures.

  Our Final Verdict: A beautiful, classic style to complete our rundown, this weather vane offers excellent value for money without compromising on the quality of the materials.                            

Get Blown Away

Well, that’s it, we’ve finished our list and we hope you’ve been blown away by the quality that’s on offer. With everything from copper to baked metal, there’s an interesting array of styles and designs of all shapes and sizes.

Although much of the final decision will be based on personal preference, price may well be a factor. We’ve included what we think are great value weather vanes at a selection of different price points so you can decide how much you want to invest.

Andronicus, the Greek astronomer, was the very first person to erect a weather vane in approximately 48 BC. Since then, civilisations have been using weather vanes for a combination of forecasting and decoration. From roosters to intricate ships and planes, the only limit is your imagination because there’s almost every design conceivable on the market.

Weather vanes are extremely low maintenance so once you have your beautiful piece in situ, there’s very little else to do other than sit back and admire your choice! If you’re still struggling to pick between the stunning styles available, the buyer’s guide below should help give you a few hints about what to look for and how to make your selection.

rooftop windvane

Buyer’s Guide

When you were a child growing up and looking at the traditional copper weathervane on your local church, you probably never thought it would be possible to have a similar creation in your own yard. However, although weather vanes are an incredibly sophisticated piece of decor, they’re now available in various sizes and styles for domestic purchase too. If you want to crown your home with a majestic rooster, there’s nothing to stop you rocking that look!

Although you might be a whizz at shopping for furniture and home appliances, buying a weather vane is a little different. Unless you’ve bought one before you might be wondering where to start! Never fear, we’re at hand to help you out with this buyer’s guide which outlines the essentials.

Why is wind direction important?

Before we get stuck into the detail, you might be wondering why you should care about the wind direction. In truth, many people opt for a wind vane simply because it’s a striking and attractive piece of garden decor. Although it can provide information about the wind direction, it’s also very sought-after as an outdoor accessory.

It can easily tell the direction of the wind as it will move to face where it’s coming from. The directional arrows underneath the shaped figure will remain static so you’ll be able to tell at a glance the direction of the wind.

You don’t need to be a kite-flyer or aviation enthusiast to be interested in the wind direction. A change in the wind can foretell an impending storm or different climatic conditions. For example, a northern wind typically means the air will be cooler and dryer while wind from the south means the air will be moist and warm.

The exact nature of what each direction will bring depends on where you are - if you’re located close to mountains, the desert or the ocean, your geography will determine what’s coming. Keep a close eye out for sudden changes in the direction - this can be a sign that a storm is on its way.

wind vane in blue sky

Where should I put it?

For churches and other public buildings, it’s fairly obvious where the weather vane belongs.  As they’re designed to catch the wind, the traditional spot for them is on the highest point of the building. Of course, as a home-owner you don’t need to follow this unspoken rule.  You can put your weather vane wherever you want.

You will want to choose a spot which will expose your weather vane to the maximum possible air current, so it will spin and show off both its decorative and practical functions. Some of the options you might want to consider include:

  • On your roof. Small and standard-sized weather vanes can be adjusted to fit with any pitch of roof. Very large weather vanes which are more than 40lbs will need a special mount. Don’t limit the weather vane to your main property; they can also look great on top of a shed, garage or other outbuilding.
  • To an exterior wall. Weather vanes can be fitted to a flat wall, depending on their shape and dimensions. You may need an additional mount to provide the extra inches necessary to extend up and out.
  • On a pole in your yard. This isn’t an option for all weather vanes and typically is only possible on the smaller designs.
cat weather vane on roof

What about the size?

To a certain extent, what you decide on the previous question will determine the size of the weather vane. If you opt to mount it on your shed, you won’t want a huge style which would look more fitting on the top of a mansion! It’s always important to keep a sense of proportion and to choose a weather vane in keeping with its intended surroundings.

The advertised size of the weather vane relates to the figure, measuring the widest part from one tip to another and its full height from top to bottom.

Sheds and lower or smaller buildings will suit a weather vane which is more modest in size. Bigger isn’t always better and will simply make the structure look top-heavy and awkward. Conversely, if you are mounting your weather vane high on a large building, you’ll need to pick one that’s large to avoid it getting lost in the architecture.  Weather vanes should accent and decorate your building without completely overwhelming the surrounding structure.

What material should I choose?

Your weather vane is going to be exposed to the full force of the elements so it will need to be made of a sturdy material that doesn’t quickly corrode or break down. For this reason, metal is the most common material for a weather vane and you’ll be able to choose from the following options:

  • Aluminum. A very lightweight metal but surprisingly strong, aluminum doesn’t rust and will last a very long time, maintaining an immaculate appearance.
  • Steel. This might sound like a premium choice but in many cases, steel is a budget option. If you want it to be durable and stay looking good, make sure it’s powder-coated.
  • Copper. A stunning option and one that often comes at a higher cost, copper weather vanes are available in two styles. Brand new copper is bright, shiny and eye-catching and it can be coated to make sure it stays this way even when exposed to the weather. The second style is aged copper which typically takes on a green covering, losing its shiny surface. This is known as a patina and is highly sought after. In some cases, copper is prematurely aged to achieve this effect.
  • Wood. You may very occasionally find a wooden wind vane but this is the exception rather than the norm, providing a very rustic style.

That’s just about everything for our guide on the most impressive weather vanes, thanks for joining us today. Hopefully you’ll know everything you need on the subject of now and we’ll see you again next time!

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