4 Awesome Triple Bunk Beds

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Updated on: September 25, 2021

These Triple Bunk Beds offer fun, practical and space-saving solutions for small families and public establishments.

Triple bunk bed guide

There’s nothing more exciting for a kid than a fun sleepover with friends or family. Pajama parties and pillow fights beneath cozy blanket forts, movie marathons with generous amounts of popcorn and spooky bedtime stories make for some of the best childhood memories.

The actual going-to-bed part of the sleepover is usually the least exciting for those not fortunate enough to be sleeping in bunk beds. Those who do, however…Oh, the stories your children will report back with!

Make it triple bunk beds and you’ve got yourself a game-changer: you’re going to be hearing about that famous sleepover for years to come. And we’re talking, decades.

These practical beds will make your kid(s) the star(s) of all sleepover parties – there’s just something super cool about sleeping high up while still being close enough to their friends to have a giggle and chat late into the night.

Sleepovers aside, they are great for siblings on a daily basis too, especially in smaller spaces. And hey – they’re not just for kids! Your teens will be going to college, backpacking around the world and sleeping their way through hostels one day, might as well get them used to the student traveler’s preferred sleeping arrangement now.

If you’re looking for a quality tri-level bunk beds for your home or establishment, our buyer’s guide will help you make an informed decision that will guarantee a steady sleep and no wobbly situations.

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The Top Models Compared

See how the top triple bunk beds compare in the table below. 

We go onto discuss each bunk in more detail in the section that follows.



Dorel living triple bunk


Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk

- Solid wood

- Easy assembly

- Easily converts to  bunk bed + daybed, or 3 twin beds

- 1 year warranty

Furniture of America triple bunk

Furniture of America Triple Bunk Bed

- Metal guard rails

- Modern design

- L shaped corner design

Cass county bunk

Cass County Triple Bunk Bed

- Made of solid pine

- Made in USA

- Classic design

heavy duty triple bunk

TriBunk Triple Bed 

- Steel frame construction

- Wood panel guard rails

Our Triple Bunk Bed Recommendations

Read on to find out more details about the triple bunks that we've included in our guide.

Let's start with our favorite!

Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed   * Our Top Pick *

The minimalist look is all the rage right now and no color goes better with that style than mocha. Contrary to popular belief, children’s rooms needn’t be flashy for them to enjoy them, so there is no reason to feel guilty should you want their bedroom furnishing to reflect the clean look of the rest of the house.

Children get enough visual stimulation from their toys and games, one might even suggest over-stimulation. To make sure your children have a chance to wind down their busy, imaginative minds, you should offer them a sleeping arrangement that is comfortable and minimalistic while still being fun.

This wooden triple bunk bed from Dorel Living Sierra might just be the piece that will complete your home’s open and spacious look – even if your home is in fact small.

What makes the Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bed extremely unique is its functionality which guarantees long-term use. Unlike most bunk beds for 3 people, this model can be assembled in its usual stacked, bunk style or separated to form three singles.

This is the ideal, economical solution for families that are looking to grow with their beds – from childhood way into their teens, this three in one bed, will make for your kids’ loyal companions.

So why is it our "Top Pick"? It's a really sturdy and durable bed that gives some flexibility with how it's assembled. It's also very well priced in comparison to what else is on the market. In our opinion, it offers great value for money.

  Final Verdict: This versatile bunk bed from Dorel Living Sierra is a great option for families looking for flexibility in their sleeping arrangements.

TriBunk Triple Bed

If your kiddos are invading the living room with their toys due to a lack of space in their own bedroom, there’s no need to wave the white flag and give up your own play area. All it takes is a genius design idea and you’ll have reconquered your beloved living room to become a Lego-free zone. And what ever are bunk beds if not a genius, space-efficient and fun design idea?

The TriBunk Triple Trundle Bed is an excellent solution for small spaces and shared rooms. With its sturdy steel frames and wood panel guardrails, it is a safe, comfortable and attractive solution for children, teens and adventurous adults that will make for many nights of sound sleep and/or fun with friends and siblings. Holding up to 400lbs per bunk, the TriBunk offers a long-term solution your children can grow with.

Designed by proud father of five, Dr. Brant Stock, the TriBunk motto is simple: sleep 4 in 1 room. He wanted a practical solution to open up space in his children’s room without compromising on their comfort or the cost of the build – thanks to his innovative idea, you won’t have to either. The brand understands the tight budgets of a big family and has made this bed accessible to everyone. A well-rested family makes for a happy family, and this is Dr. Stock’s generous contribution to the cause.

Designed and assembled in the USA, TriBunk’s number one value is safety, which the heavy-duty steel frames guarantee. All the necessary components are delivered with the package and no special tools are required for assembly, other than a nut driver to facilitate putting in the bolts. Assembly of the triple bed is straight forward although attention should be paid to the instructions as they may differ from one bunk to another.

  Final Verdict: The TriBunk Triple Trundle Bed is easy to assemble, sturdy and sleeps four in one room.

Furniture of America Triple Bunk Bed

There are many negative aspects to a cramped room and it doesn’t just end with a constant look of clutter and limited range of motion – it takes over the mind. If you squeeze too much stuff into a tight space, soon your head will feel just as disorderly. It’s amazing what opening up some space can do for your room and your mental health!

Rental prices are forever on the rise, and with many families finding themselves in tight living quarters and shared rooms, it is not always easy to find simple, stylish and economical space-saving hacks. Furniture of America believes we should never have to jeopardize our comfort and, most importantly, our sleep due to a lack of budget or square footage. The company’s goal is to deliver furniture that will bring happiness, and their Turner Modern Triple Twin Bunk Bed can do just that for families in small living spaces.

Made of a sturdy, sand black metal frame and silver metal-slatted guard rails, it is designed in a clever L-Shape made up of three single bed bunks, the two top parts of which are reachable via ladder. Its unique shape makes for a cozy and attractive sleeping arrangement that is mattress ready and requires no box spring. Its full metal construction is built for lasting endurance that will accompany your children through childhood and their teens safely and comfortably.

Furniture of America’s business model is focused on bringing joy to the homes of families through quality furniture available to all budget, styles and needs. The company believes that the right style and can elevate any living quarter no matter how small. The Turner Modern Triple Twin Bunk Bed is solid proof of just how much a great, functional design can do to create more space and improve a room’s overall look and feel.

  Final Verdict: The Turner Modern Triple Twin Bunk Bed is a great, stylish L-shaped triple bunk bed that works for children’s bedrooms as well as dorm rooms due to easy assembly and a modern look suitable for all ages.

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Cass County Triple Bunk Bed

If you want to bring a natural feel into your kids’ bedroom, boarding school or summer camp establishment, you can never go wrong with wood. Regardless of which wood type you go for, it has a way of adding that special kind of warmth to your living quarters and, on top of that, it offers sturdiness and durability. These solid pine, mahogany colored triple bed bunk beds from Sleep & Play USA will bring that soothing, homey feel to your children’s bedroom or public establishment.

Children may squabble throughout the day but there’s something bonding about sharing a sleeping space with your siblings, school or camp-mates. Kids like their nighttime rituals and this sleeping arrangement is a beautiful way for them to establish special bonds by reading or singing to one another, discussing their days, listening to audio books, or simply feeling safe in each other’s company as they drift off to sleep.

The Cass County Twin Triple Bunk Bed has been approved by (grand)children, boarding school kids and adventurous camp attendees the world over, not just because of its maximum comfort level but its warm, rustic look. The unvarnished solid, mahogany-colored pine frame will make a beautiful addition to any home, hostel or school and guarantees a solid’s night sleep.

  Final Verdict: The Cass County Twin Triple Bunk Bed makes for an attractive, space-efficient and durable feature for sleeping arrangements in homes and public establishments.

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For home purposes and unforgettable summer-camp nights – the classic 3 bunk bed set is here to stay.

They fit great into our modern lifestyles where we are always looking to find ultimate comfort even in small spaces. They make for clever design solutions that open up floor space and maximize sleeping arrangements and are thus ideal for large families, hostels and dorm rooms. 

Our clear winner is the Dorel Living Sierra triple bunk bed with its stylish, wooden frame and incredible adaptability.

Giving you the option to use it as a 3-way bunk bed or three separate singles – who would have thought the transition from childhood home to college could be that simple?

triple bunk bed

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re still unsure as to which 3 level bunk bed is the right one for you, here are a few helpful pointers to nudge you in the right direction.

Easy Assembly

No one likes spending an entire day trying to work out confusing instruction manuals and unnecessarily complicated designs. It takes the fun out of what is supposed to be a fun day – new bed day!

Make sure that the bed you are purchasing won’t leave you feeling frustrated and grumpy by the time you’re finished with it. The whole process should be a positive experience – from build up to finally laying down in it.

Customers were very pleased with the easy assembly process of the Furniture of America Turner Modern Triple Twin Bunk Bed and the Dorel Living Sierra Triple Win Wood Bunk Bed, which are delivered neatly packaged and with simple instructions.


When making a big purchase, it’s always good to look out for any extras you might get just to give you that little nudge to make your final decision. The Dorel Living Sierra Triple Win Wood Bunk Bed is of course a great example here, with its option to separate the bunks into three singles.

So is the Triple Bundle Bed with Trundle which sleeps not only three but four people! This is a great buy for big families in tiny houses, regular sleepover parties and lucky guests. Keep it like a regular 3-bed bunk bed during the day and turn it into a 4-person sleeping arrangement at night!


When we think of bunk beds, we usually think of the typical stacked style but there are plenty of other design options to choose from that can elevate the look of your room immensely. This is where Furniture of America’s triple bunk bed really stands out from our selection. With its L-shaped design in a modern, sand black metal frame, this will look great in a dorm room and make for a fun sleeping arrangement in the kid’s room.

For a clean, minimalist look, the Dorel Living Sierra bed has definitely proven to be a customer favorite. It looks great in a room with strong, contrasting colors such as a deep, turquoise blue or elegant black features. Made from quality pine wood, the Dorel Living Sierra also offers functional design features by offering two different set-up options.


We spend up to eight hours of our day sleeping – an activity that is vital to our physical and mental well-being.

Therefore, it is important that we invest in quality beds for ourselves, our kids and guests. Rested people are happy people, and this happiness should be affordable for all budgets.

A good nights’ sleep should not be a luxury but a basic human right, which is why we have included top quality beds for a range of budgets on this list.

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