13 Best Tiny House Resorts & Hotels in 2023 [Updated]

Written by: Paul Cathro

Updated on: January 4, 2023

Perfect for the weekend getaway, a tiny house experience gets you far away from your usual routine and close to nature. In today's guide, we recommend our favorite tiny house resorts and hotels.

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Tiny home hotels and resorts are more popular than ever.

Consisting of top of the range tiny houses with amazing amenities, situated in gorgeous countryside, they offer a glimpse into tiny house life and a fun 'alternative' weekend away.

We recommend the best tiny house resorts, hotels, and rentals down below.

Our Recommended Tiny House Hotels and Resorts

In our opinion, these are the standout tiny home vacation retreats in 2023.

There are resorts that are perfect for complete relaxation and those that are more fitting for the outdoor enthusiast. But, they all provide amazing accommodation and a great way to experience life in a tiny house.

13. A Tiny House Resort - Catskill Mountains, NY

tiny house resort picture

Just 2 hours drive from New York City is A Tiny House Resort. One of the least imaginative names you'll come across but at least you know what it does!

It's actually a really impressive place that impresses on all fronts. The huge range of tiny home rentals, gorgeous setting, and high quality amenities make it the standout tiny home resort in 2023.

Set on a 40 acre plot, complete with its own creek and waterfall, the location is truly beautiful. Its proximity to NYC means it's easily reached too. 

With 15 tiny house rentals in total, split into four categories, there's quite a lot on offer when it comes to accommodation too. 

  • Waterfront - these are the premium larger homes that are perched looking over the creek. Sleeping 4-6, they each have huge decking areas with comfortable seating and amazing river views.
  • Waterview - sleeping 2-6, the waterview properties are situated a bit further from the creek but in beautiful forest. They too have decks like the waterfront properties with outdoor cooking equipment and furniture.
  • Partial Waterviews - sleeping 2-6, these properties are close to the central amenities. 
  • Woodsview - sleeping 2-4, some of these properties have fenced decking and are more suitable for young children.

The properties are all dog friendly (one is even cat friendly!) and are kitted out with AC, heating, fully equipped kitchens, BBQ grills, fire-pits, and outdoor seating.

Price-wise you're looking at around $299 - $799 per night depending on the time of year and the specific tiny home rental in question.

With various water-sports, a spa service, a heated swimming pool, hiking, yoga, electric bicycles, games, animals, a food truck, a gym and a whole lot more, there's never a shortage of things to do either. You can actually fish in the creek too with a locally purchased permit (from the local Walmart).

12. WeeCasa - Lyons, Colorado

WeeCasa houses

Proudly advertised as "The World's Largest Tiny House Resort", WeeCasa has 24 high-end tiny houses available to rent in gorgeous woodland scenery close to the Rocky Mountains.

The 10-acre private park has a river running through it and makes for a tranquil and relaxing getaway. It's near to a small town called Lyons which has some excellent places to eat and drink. It's an excellent base for outdoor activities, with mountain biking, river sports, and skiing being particularly good in the area.

They operate very much as a tiny house hotel with each house kitted out with all you should need. They're very accommodating to special requests too.

Nightly rates range from $149-299 with a two night minimum stay required between May and October.

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11. Canoe Bay Escape Village - Wisconsin

Perched on the edge of beautiful Mallard Lake in the middle of 100 acres of mixed hardwood forrest is Canoe Bay tiny home resort.

It's the midwest's first tiny house retreat and it's really quite something!

The grounds are really quite spectacular and if you're looking to escape 'real life' for a few days then we can't think of somewhere better to be.

It features both tiny houses and small wood cabins. The build quality and design is really high quality and has been overseen by a team of award winning architects and experienced builders.

Prices range from $325 to $999 with a two night minimum stay required. Bookings can be made on the official website or through Airbnb. Just be warned that Airbnb bookings don't come complete with access to all of the village's facilities.

10. Fireside Resort - Wyoming

Featuring a range of beautiful small homes from Wheelhaus, Fireside Resort in Wilson, Wyoming is a great place to get close to nature while enjoying a really comfortable cabin residence.

Situated just a few kilometers from Grand Teton National Park, it's the perfect base for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and a whole lot more!

It's also in prime location for winter sports fans, with ski resorts nearby. Jackson Hole Ski Resort is world famous and it's just a short drive away.

If you don't fancy cooking for yourself the local restaurant scene is amazing too. There's all sorts of variety on offer from Japanese to French to Italian to Thai. Despite being in the mountains, you're certainly never far from city-style comforts.

9. Tiny House Village at Sunshine Key - Florida

An extension of the Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina is the tiny house village. It features a choice of five tiny houses ranging in price from $250-$300 per night. The largest of which can sleep 6 and has a full bathroom complete with tub and shower.

It's the perfect location for those keen on water activities or if you just want to be close to the ocean. The sunrises and sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico are pretty amazing too!

8. Tiny Home Vacations Resort - Texas

With 14 tiny homes, 4 forrest huts, and 3 glamping tents this resort near Lake Texoma is the perfect retreat for those that enjoy the adventure of the great outdoors and the comforts of home.

The tiny homes can sleep as many as eight and come complete with all modern conveniences like smart TVs, AC, and fully equipped kitchens. They are situated in the trees which surround the swimming pool and jacuzzi facilities.

Just a few minutes walk from the resort you can find Lake Texoma, boat rentals (and awesome fishing), horseback riding, and Eisenhower State Park. It's a great location for outdoor activities and only an hour north of Dallas.

7. Live a Little Chatt- Tennessee

This tiny house experience is situated atop Lookout Mountain just outside Chattanooga.

With just four tiny homes on offer it's definitely on the smaller side of the tiny house resorts and hotels we've looked at but in our opinion that just adds to its charm and desirability.

Live a Little Chatt night view

With prices starting at $139 per night, it offers some of the best value for money to be had when it comes to tiny house hotel resorts.

However, the experience on offer here is just the tiny house. There aren't further resort facilities available. To be honest, that view at night looking out from the top of the mountain down onto the valley below more than makes up for it!

If you're looking for a 'back to basics' nature retreat then this is it!

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6. Leavenworth Tiny House Village - Washington

This is probably the most unique of our tiny home resort recommendations. The nearby village of Leavenworth is Bavarian styled so the owners decided to make the tiny houses Bavarian themed too.

There are five tiny houses on offer here ranging from 180 – 300 square feet in size. With prices ranging from $129 - $145 per night, it's one of the more affordable resorts too.

Situated in the Cascade Mountains, the location is pretty stunning. You've got big mountains nearby offering the opportunity for great skiing and hiking. There's also really good fishing to be had too at the on-site lakes or at nearby Lake Wenatchee.

Oh there's the Bavarian themed village of Leavenworth too! It attracts over 2 million visitors a year to its German styled bars, restaurants, and festivals.

You can learn more at their website.

5. Mount Hood Tiny House Village - Oregon

Less than an hour outside of beautiful Portland is the Mount Hood Village Campground.

It features a choice of seven different Tumbleweed built tiny houses situated in beautiful forrest.

The houses range in size from 175 to 260 square feet and cost anything from $139 - $165 per night.

It's a great location for outdoor pursuits like hiking and biking but you're also close to breweries, wineries, and great places to eat.

4. Lake Simtustus Resort - Oregon

With eleven high-end tiny homes on offer, Lake Simtustus Resort is one of our favorite getaways. It's definitely on the pricier and more luxury end of things with facilities like private hot tubs on offer.

The tiny homes can sleep up to six guests and some even allow pets too. Most have lovely decking and outdoor grills and they're all finished to a really high standard.

Not far from Portland and close to Mount Hood, it's in a really amazing location too. Most of the tiny houses are perched on a hill looking out on a marina and amazing mountain views.

It makes for a really relaxing nature retreat but it's also great for outdoor activities. Hiking, fishing, lake activities, and of course, skiing can all be done nearby.

3. Tuxbury Pond Tiny Home Village - New Hampshire

Tuxbury Pond tiny house resort is a part of the larger RV park. There are five different tiny houses available to rent here ranging in price from $135 - $145 per night.

You'll find all the typical campground amenities here with the two good sized swimming pools being highlights. The pond itself is a great attraction, complete with elegant swans.

It's located in South Hampton, which just so happens to be home to two awesome vineyards and wineries. Salisbury-Hampton beaches are only 30 minutes away and good golfing can be had at any of the numerous golf courses nearby.

2. Blue Moon Rising - Maryland

Peaceful, beautiful, and sustainable are all the first words that come to mind when describing the cabins at Deep Creek Lake.

The wood cabins here were built according to the founders vision, using sustainable construction practices and techniques.

The cabins are cozy and really comfortable. There are a variety of different designs to choose from with the biggest sleeping 4 people. They come with full bathrooms and cooking facilities.

1. Tiny Digs - Oregon

Oregon really is a hotspot for tiny home resorts these days. Tiny Digs is situated on the east side of Portland and makes for an exciting base to explore the city.

The twelve fully furnished tiny houses on offer sleep 2-5 people and all come with a small deck, kitchen area, mini fridge, queen sized bed (with luxury pillows and linen), and a full bathroom (shower and flush toilet).

Portland is a vibrant city with a great bar, coffee shop, and restaurant scene. This sure makes for a unique way to experience it!


In our opinion, this guide represents the full spectrum of tiny house hotels and resorts.

From mountain tops to tropical island vibes there's a huge variety of locations, each with amazing tiny home accommodation.

These tiny house rentals offer an amazing opportunity to 'test-drive' life in a tiny house. If you're considering buying or building your own tiny house then we'd thoroughly recommend trying one out first at one of these locations.

If you're just looking to get away for a weekend and get close to nature then these resorts are perfect for that too.

With new tiny house hotels and resorts popping up all the time (and also some we might have missed) we'd love to hear about recommendations from you!

Let us know about a place we've missed and why it's so good and we'll update this guide every few months. Happy holidays!

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