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Downsizing to a tiny house can seem a daunting prospect. Thankfully, by renting you can test out the waters before you jump in. In today’s post, we list our favorite tiny house rentals and hotels.

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Tiny houses are a quirky alternative to traditional homes. The Tiny House Movement has recently boomed with many states relaxing their laws regarding the minimum size of houses.

Think you’re into the idea but not sure if you’d want to live full time in a tiny house? Or simply want to take a vacation with a difference?

Then why not try out a tiny house hotel. While the name “hotel” is a bit misleading— there are no individual rooms for guests, just an entire tiny house rented to you overnight—this is the perfect opportunity to see what all the fuss is about and see if tiny house living is right for you.

Some hotels also feature such amenities as you’d find in a normal hotel, such as room and maid service.

For those of you who just want the tiny house experience but maybe want to try out the tiny house living for a longer period of time, then renting a tiny house might be for you.

In today’s article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best tiny house “hotels” or places where you can rent the tiny house of your dreams.

Flat Rock, North Carolina – The Village of Wildflowers

This is an array of tiny houses across 26 acres which are available to be bought, rented, or stayed in overnight.

The tiny houses have quirky name codes like “Artsy Abode” and “Tardis”, which adds to the overall fun mood of life in the tiny house community.


Twelve of their tiny houses are available for rent and generally are equipped with two bedrooms for up to five persons.

Prices range, depending on size, from $95-$159 per night. Pets are allowed generally only in the smaller-sized tiny houses.

You can take a look at their website here.

New York/Boston – Getaway Tiny Homes

Run by a startup company renowned for its focus on building aesthetically pleasing photogenic tiny homes, three tiny houses are on offer to be rented just outside of Boston, in the forests of New Hampshire, but they also have an additional four tiny houses just outside of New York.

Their tiny houses sleep two to four people. They’re incredibly well represented in terms of amenities; they have built-in toilets, showers, a kitchen cooktop, and a sink.

They also provide a provisions box for guests in order to improve the experience: instant coffee, pasta etc.

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Getaway says that a stay in their tiny homes, ideally positioned just outside major cities, allows you to “recharge in nature, reconnect with people you love, and rekindle an interest in life unplanned.”

So, take a spontaneous trip to a tiny house hotel with your loved ones (whether they be human or animal (these tiny houses are pet-friendly), disconnect from urban life, and let nature make you feel better.

Click here to find out more.

Portland, Oregon – Tiny Digs Hotel

Custom-built tiny houses with a difference, their 13 tiny houses are spread around a central communal area gathering space with seats, tables, fire pit, and interesting works of art.

Each individual tiny house is completely furnished with areas for sitting, a kitchen, a small fridge, a shower, a flush toilet, and a luxurious queen bed.

The tiny houses are air-conditioned, allowing you to enjoy your stay at any time of the year.

This array of tiny houses really shows off the possibilities for tiny houses to be fully featured and a pleasure to stay in.

You can get more information here.

Portland, Oregon – Caravan the Tiny House Hotel

This self-claimed tiny house hotel comprises a number of 120-170 square feet tiny houses, each with flush toilets, electric heating, showers, an area for sitting, a kitchen, and works of art.


They had to have a couple of works of art really because the Caravan Tiny House Hotel is situated in Portland’s Alberta Arts District.

The tiny houses themselves reflect this artistic sensibility, with designs that really serve to arrest the eye and make you wonder about the design process itself.

Click here to learn more.

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Maryland – Blue Moon Rising

This company’s focus is on the ecotourism experience, and with its fantastic views overlooking Deep Creek Lake, the rolling hillsides, and expansive woods, this tiny house rental community’s location is unmatched.

Each of their tiny houses is built with a different design personality in mind, and consequently, each one has distinct characteristics with differing floor layouts.

With the environment at the center of their attention, the Hobbitat builders constructed the tiny houses out of reclaimed recycled or recyclable materials, adhering to the idea of sustainability.

You can check out their website here.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Fireside Resort

With two different models, both measuring 400 square feet, the Fireside Resort is offering a taste of tiny house living with its 23 “Wedge” or” Caboose” tiny homes. They’re all luxuriously fully loaded with flat-screen TVs, kitchens, fireplaces etc.

These tiny houses are only fifteen minutes away from Jackson, meaning that you’re never too far away from rejoining the rest of the non-tiny house world.

jackson hole

Fireside Resort offers a hybrid between the comforts of a top-end hotel suite, a rustic rural campsite, and the tiny house experience.

They provide you with the chance of getting back to nature, while at the same time reveling in the easy-going relaxation of a cozy hotel stay-over.

You can learn more about Fireside here.

Texas – Austin’s Original Tiny Home Hotel

Proving that a tiny home hotel need not be devoid of the modern facilities and utilities, this offering in Austin, Texas, gives you an LCD TV, Wi-Fi, showers, kitchen, and, that evergreen signifier of luxury, a coffeemaker.

They also all have air conditioning so you can begin your tiny home journey at any time of year.

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Austin’s Original really want to prove that it is perfectly possible to live comfortably in homes or less than 260 square feet.

To this end, every one of their tiny houses demonstrate how livable such small dimension habitation can be.

Lyons, Colorado – WeeCasa

The only tiny home hotel, this company has really cornered the (albeit very niche) market in tiny homes.

They have 17 tiny homes from 135 to 250 square feet, providing you a wide range of different tiny houses to choose between for your stay, some of them with luxurious queen-size beds and all of them with private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, bedding, and kitchen essentials.

If you want to know more then visit their website.

Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania – Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Tiny Homes

Offering tiny houses which provide visitors either a sleepy, very private hideaway or a social gathering spot, this collaboration between the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Camp Resorts is offering tiny homes for rental across three states.

All of their rental tiny homes comprise a bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, TV, bedding, and a porch.

Follow this link to view their website.

We’d love to hear about any awesome tiny house “hotels” that we missed. Drop us a comment down below if you know something that we don’t.

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