11 Ultimate Tiny House Communities in 2023

Written by: Paul Cathro

Updated on: February 12, 2023

Looking for a place to stay in your new tiny home? Check out our awesome list of the top 11 tiny house communities in America in 2023.

tiny house in trees

Due to their convenience and low running costs, tiny house communities are growing in popularity all across the US.

A tiny home provides a great option for downsizing or even an affordable starting point for those people trying to buy their first home.

In the past, the tiny house movement was limited by state zoning laws which generally prohibited really small residential buildings.

But now the movement is flourishing with communities springing up all over America. 

To give you the low-down on this emerging trend, we’ve listed 10 of the best tiny house communities nationwide.

How to Find the Perfect Tiny Home Community

Before even building or buying a tiny house, you should have a stable location for it to sit.

They may have wheels but they're not the easiest things to move around!

There are a few key points to consider when finding the best tiny home community for you to stay in.

1. The Local State Laws

Some state zoning laws are just a pure pain in the behind. Some municipalities don't even allow tiny homes.

Knowing your state's zoning rules is therefore an essential first step when scouting potential small home communities.

Zoning regulations determine the size requirements of your home based on its location.

Some counties and cities have a rule where a new home must be at least 1000 square feet in size when constructed on its own land.

Your local planning department can give you any answers you might need.

When scouting tiny home communities you should ask questions like:

  • Are tiny homes treated as permanent residences or as mobile homes (RVs)?
  • Does the community have the necessary legal clearances at state level?
  • Do I require a permit? If so, what kind?

Illegal communities do exist so be sure that you're on the right side of the law.

Tiny house rendering

2. Ownership or Rental?

There are lots of options available when it comes to how you structure your stay. Rent the 'pitch' and using your own house, and renting the house are the two most common options.

If you're still very much in the planning stage then the best thing to do is to book a couple of nights away in a tiny house to see if its right for you. Many communities offer short breaks like this. You can also try specialist websites like AirBnB.com and Getaway.House.

If you try it and love it then by you know it's for you. Don't get caught with an expensive mistake as downsizing isn't for everyone, no matter how much they think it's the right choice.

3. Permanent Residence?

Previously, due to strict zoning laws, tiny homes on wheels tended to be the only option.

This semi-permanent residence can be moved, if need to be, to another location.

However, these days traditional homes built with foundations are available in communities.

They keep all the benefits of tiny houses but they can't be moved.

This removes the headache of parking but it might not be for everyone. I know I enjoy the sense of freedom that being mobile brings.

So the choice to make is permanent tiny house or tiny house parking spot?

Our 11 Favorite Tiny House Communities

These are the tiny house communities that we think deserve your attention in 2023.

11. Oregon - Tiny Tranquility

Tiny Tranquility tiny house community

Tiny Tranquility is one of the newer tiny house villages and also one of our favorites.

Situated on the Oregon coast just outside the town of Waldport, it has 43 sites for tiny homes and vintage RVs.

This village has a real community vibe and great facilities too. And did I mention it's just a stones throw from a truly beautiful sandy beach?

The Doug Fir Lodge serves as the community base and provides a comfortable setting for events and just general conversation.

This 2,400 square foot building contains a lounge, large TV, pool tables, ping pong, and an outdoor fire pit and grill.

Further facilities include a dog park, a nature walk through six acre grounds, fitness areas (equipped with commercial grade equipment), community garden, a 12,000 square foot green house, 

Tiny Tranquility focuses on longer stays but there are also 10 tiny homes available for shorter stays.

There's one car parking spot for each site. Plus standard water, power (50 AMP), and sewer hookups. There's also free village-wide WiFi.

At the time of writing (April, 2023), long-term rental rates are $650-$700/month (plus electricity). Personal nursery space in the massive greenhouse is also available for $65 – $150/month.

Get in contact here.

10. California - Lemon Cove Village

lemon cove tiny house pitches

Lemon Cove Village is a tiny house community based in the Sierra Nevada (near Sequoia National Park), officially accommodating RVs but providing sites for tiny houses (as well as utilities) with monthly rates.

They’ve also thought about the logistics of the construction process, and kindly offer a reduction in the cost of rent while your home is being built.

Their amenities are impressive for a rural location such as this one: a community garden, dog-walking park, laundromat, swimming pool, high speed internet, and even community events.

Also, as for the tiny homes themselves, if construction’s not your bag, they also have a number of prefabricated small houses for sale.

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9. Texas - Spur

The sleepy town of Spur in West Texas was the very first in the whole of the US to permit tiny houses.

Its city council was first in passing a resolution (in July, 2014) permitting homes smaller than 500 square feet, finally saying “howdy” to the tiny house dream, proclaiming Spur the “nations’ first tiny house-friendly town.”

They do have some rules though for prospective tiny house developers:

  • They say no to earth homes, straw-bale homes, or anything made with clay or mud.
  • They don't allow tiny homes on wheels either. That means each house must be built on traditional concrete foundations. So no “yurts” or “natural” homes in Texas then.
  • All the houses are also required to have a flushing toilet connected to the state utilities.

Still interested in Spur? They have a handy step by step guide on their website detailing how to move there.

8. Florida - Orlando Lakefront

The Orlando Lakefront in Florida was built in the 1950s and had been in decline up until recently, when it was merely an old RV park.

But with the zoning laws and insurance requiring tiny houses to match up to RV classifications, this place has found a new lease of life, hosting a flourishing tiny house community.

At present, around 13 tiny homes are situated at the Orlando Lakefront, but there’s more than enough space for more.

With monthly rates ranging from $350 to $550, it’s a wonder why the 40 tiny house shaped spaces simply haven’t been snapped up yet.

Just minutes from Orlando, it boasts some truly excellent facilities.

The only drawback we can see is the long waiting list. But, with such good facilities and being just a stones throw from downtown Orlando, it's to be expected.

7. Nevada - Llamalopolis (Airstream Village)

This one’s for the alpaca-lovers. Airstream Village, situated in Las Vegas and boasting the unique pioneering credentials of being Nevada’s first tiny community, is home to the internet entrepreneur and CEO of the Zappos online shoe and clothing shop, Tony Hsieh.

Tony’s alpacas, named Marley and Triton, can often be found wandering around the locale, mingling with residents of the other 30 dwellings.

The homes are a combination of Airstream trailers and Tumbleweed Houses by the eponymous Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

The monthly rent includes community Wi-Fi and essential utilities.

6. Colorado - Salida

Salida Colorado

Right at the “heart of the Rockies” is Salida’s rental tiny home community.

On offer, right in the center of Chaffee County, are over 200 dwellings, making it the largest tiny house community in the US.

Not every house is really that tiny either, as their homes vary widely in dimensions from 260-760 square feet.

Monthly rents range from $700 to $1450 (utilities included) which seems high but the average rental price in the neighborhood is $1,400.

Another small home community project is situated in Walsenburg, where micro homes are sold at figures starting from $60,000.

Their 33 tiny houses range in size, not quite as widely as in Salida, but still with some remarkable variance, from 260-670 square feet.

This community is located right next to the national landmark of the Spanish Peaks, one of Colorado’s Seven Wonders.

There’s also the 9-hole Walsenburg Golf Course which is open all year.

The two disparate Colorado projects are being managed by a company based in La Junta: Sprout Tiny Homes.

Both of the tiny home communities feature a pleasing amount of green areas, as well as space for retail outlets and amenities such as a fitness center for residents.

5. Colorado - Whispering Aspen Village

whispering aspen village tiny homes

Less than an hour away from the Breckenridge ski resort, this tiny house community comprises EcoCabins designed to be either a first home or a second home for dedicated skiers.

A tiny house, and accompanying land, can be purchased from $100,000. Just the lot itself costs around $30,000 at the time of writing.

You can find out more on their Facebook page.

4. Michigan - Cass Community

The social services of Cass Community are currently building 25 tiny homes ranging from 250-400 square feet in size.

Each home is built on foundations and includes its own 30 x 100 feet plot of land. Most homes include an awesome rear deck or front porch too.

All residents qualify as low income citizens and include a mixture of senior citizens, the formerly homeless, students, and some staff members.

The homes are to be rented at first but then after 7 years of good tenancy they will be made available to buy by the tenant.

3. Minnesota - The Sanctuary

Offering both rental space for your tiny house and tiny houses to rent, The Sanctuary is a tiny house village in beautiful Minnesota countryside.

Prices range from $350-$450 per month for spaces to park.

It consists of 80 acres of privately owned woods and trails. There are regular events on site like yoga and wellness retreats. These are a great way to get to know your neighbors.

There are strict rules on pets though with only indoor cats being allowed (unless cleared with the owners Bill and Brenda Campbell).

Also, as it’s adults-only, so there’ll be no noise or fuss from kids playing outside. This makes it perfect as a retirement spot. 

A limited number of houses are available to be rented if you happen to not have your own tiny house.

If you're looking for a peaceful tiny home community then this could be the one for you. Just make sure you're ready for those Minnesota winters! 

2. Minnesota - Avivo Village

Avivo Village is something a little bit different but we thought it deserved a mention for the good work they're doing there.

It's an indoor community of 100 "tiny houses" located in North Loop, Minneapolis. Its aim is to provide safe shelter for those experiencing homelessness.

Besides offering comfortable, safe homes it also offers various services aimed at helping getting people back on their feet. Services like mental health therapy, disorder treatment, and medical care are all available on site.

It offers dignity and essential services, like substance use disorder treatment, mental health therapy, medical care, and pathways to overall well-being.

Individuals are referred by community street outreach teams and local shelters with the ultimate aim to get people in a position to move onto permanent housing.

1. Arizona - LuxTiny

The homebuilder, LuxTiny, has constructed a pioneering tiny house community within the picturesque White Mountains of Arizona, alongside the Colorado Plateau which also runs along Utah and New Mexico. These beautiful homes are surrounded by unmatched scenery.

Prices for the plots are $400 at most, and homes can be rented from $800 per month or bought outright from $64,900. The average lot size is over 3,500 sq ft!

The first phase of development of 41 plots is already full but they are working hard on getting the second phase ready now.

There's a wonderful garden that covers the whole 6-acres length of the community. Fruit and vegetables are grown and animals reared in what is a community that has the environment firmly at its core. Solar panels, greenhouses, and chicken coops are all encouraged.

Final Word

Residing in a tiny house community has a great number of advantages— a much lower cost of living and the ability to exist in a more sustainable and eco friendly fashion are the big ones. 

These communities are perfect for those pining for a picturesque retreat in the countryside or for new retirees looking for somewhere quiet to spend their autumn years in relative comfort and in a sociable community environment.

Many of these communities have communally shared facilities and host regular events which helps to create a camaraderie and companionship with your neighbors that can be hard to find in regular city life.

Shared gardens allow you to grow your own produce and attain self-sufficiency and carbon neutrality in a way that is just not possible in the typical home.

In a small house community, you’ll be situated alongside like-minded people who have a similar interest in living a simpler life in a social setting.

We'd love to hear about your favorites too. Tell the world down in the comments section!

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