The Best Wind Chimes

Add a welcoming musical touch to your porch or create that much-deserved relaxation area with the best wind chimes currently on the market. Want to find out what they are? Read on!

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Wind chimes are a chance-based musical instrument. They’ve been used for centuries and the Romans even believed the jingles created by a wind chime would warn away evil spirits.

They also made them in the shape of male genitals because the phallus was supposed to be a symbol of fortune when taking on those unwelcome spirits.

Thankfully, we’ve moved on from those designs and you can now get them in an array of more tasteful and sophisticated forms to provide sweet sounds as you relax. 

They’re a great gift and can be the perfect touch to a porch, garden or help you create that Zen space you’ve been dreaming up but haven’t got around to making.

There are quite a lot of designs to choose from so we did some research to find the best and most unique ones currently sitting on the digital shelves. We’ve gathered eight fantastic options for wind-chime seekers.

They’re made of different materials, provide different melodies and have different purposes – so there’s something for everyone! Let’s take a look at what we managed to find.

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The Best Wind Chimes

Take a look at our top recommendations. We've listed our favorites in a variety of different categories.

1. Woodstock Coconut Bamboo  *Top Bamboo Chime*   

The first of three in a row Woodstock wind chimes, and one of four overall, is this 39-inch hanging coconut and bamboo wind chime. Woodstock is owned by Garry Kvistad, a well-respected German musician and holder of a Grammy Award that recognizes his musical talents. The company has been making outstanding wind chimes for over 40 years and couldn’t be in better hands to make products that provide soothing tones. 

Bamboo wind chimes use renewable resources and are an environmentally-friendly wind-chime choice. This particular wind chime uses handmade bamboo chimes which are naturally weather resistant – just ask a remote tribe who use them on their huts! These bamboo pieces hang from the top of a polished coconut to complete the exotic feel. If you close your eyes and listen to the mellow relaxing tunes produced by one of these bamboo chimes you could easily mistake yourself as being in a faraway sun-drenched place.

The chime has been carefully crafted to provide listeners with peaceful melodies and be the backing track to a tranquil evening relaxing on the veranda. The whole design is put together with nylon cord. This cord is extremely durable and can be relied upon for years.

Due to being made with bamboo it isn't very heavy. The good news is that this means that you can enjoy the melodies in lighter breezes. The not-so good news means that this product should be taken indoors during more extreme weather, such as colder temperatures and strong winds. How does your wind chime tell you it’s windy outside? It’s not there.

If you do have to bring it inside, it’s important that you store the bamboo wind chime in an unheated area like a garage or a shed. Maintain them regularly and easily by giving them a wipe is important if you want to enjoy these bamboo wind chimes for many years!

We get that you're yet to see the other quality wind chimes blowing in your direction, but it’s never too early to start comparing them to give you an idea of the standards being set, and to help you make the best choice for you.

This bamboo wind chime is definitely one of the most environmentally-friendly and unique wooden wind chimes currently available. Due to not being part of mass-production methods, it’s even more unique because each one will be distinctly different.

Only one other wind chime on our list can match this model in that regards. It’s also priced very reasonably and well below the market average for a wind chime of this quality. Each cent spent on this product will be worth it.

  The Final Verdict: We endorse this wind chime as a great option for those wanting an environmentally-friendly product with some distinctiveness from a reputable company.

2. Woodstock Windsinger  *Best Large Chime*

The next Woodstock wind chime can be purchased in a choice of black or brushed silver. It’s a huge product and probably one of the biggest you'll ever find. It measures in at 74 inches and weighs around 20 pounds.

The reason something so big isn't so heavy is due to it being predominantly made with aluminium. This lightweight but durable materials makes up all six tubes, with the longest tube being 32-inches long. The notes of this wind chime are best described as soothing. After a long day at work you could come home to read a good book on the balcony or sit on your porch with a glass of red, while enjoying the relaxing melodies played out by one of these large wind chimes.

Above the aluminum tubes you'll find an aluminum top. All of these aluminum parts are connected via a durable nylon cord to ensure the wind chime provides you with soft and destressing sounds for a long time.

When measuring this wind chime up against the other seven products it’s significantly bigger. We don’t doubt the quality of this wind chime. It’s far more appealing and less of a novelty design than some of the other wind chimes you see. It’s going to last much longer and be a grand statement to any property. Our only issue is the price. There’s a massive difference between the price of this one and all the others. We know it’s a quality wind chime but we’re not sure it’s going to be worth the money.

  The Final Verdict: This is a bold wind chime to make a big statement with beautiful soothing tunes. We’re just not sure many people will be willing to hand over all that money for it. Are you one of them?

3. Woodstock Memorial   *Top Amazing Grace/Memorial Chime*

Now that we’re coming on to the hat-trick of Woodstock wind chimes, and we’ll be showing you a final model soon, we though it’s best to give you another Woodstock fact. Did you know Gary Kvistad created the first ever Woodstock wind chime from an old aluminum abandoned lawn chair? You do now! These amazing grace wind chimes are a fantastic way to celebrate the passing of a loved one and make a thoughtful condolence gift to someone going through a difficult period.

Woodstock do a full collection of amazing grace wind chimes. You can get: an original model, a model where the chimes have been bronzed, a stained-glass edition where the windcatcher at the bottom is a stained-glass depiction of The Holy Cross, and an urn wind chime – sometimes referred to as memorial wind chimes.

The urn wind chime has a space above the chimes to secure a memory of the deceased person such as ashes, a poem, a hair clipping or other sentimental and personal items. All of these editions are available in small, medium and large sizes with hanging lengths of 16 inches, 24 inches and 40 inches, respectively.

But, why are they called amazing grace wind chimes? If you’ve heard of the namesake American hymn you'll already be able to give a good guess. That’s right! These chimes play to the tune of Amazing Grace – one of the most beloved and popular hymns of all time.

The wind chime has a cherry-finish ash wood top that holds six aluminum tubes responsible for providing the recognized hymn. The windcatcher dangling below can be removed to allow you to customize your wind chime just the way you want it.

It might be a good opportunity to make it more personal and add something dear to you or a loved one. The product has been weather finished so it can withstand the elements. Place this windchime on your porch, in the garden or even indoors and enjoy it for many more years!

When we look at the line of wind chimes in our top picks our eyes keep being drawn to this model. It looks sophisticated and the fact it’s been tuned to play a specific hymn is more than impressive. It’s the perfect addition to such a special product. We’re fans of its size and especially impressed with its customizable aspect. When comparing the price of this one with others, we believe you get a lot more for your money here. This is a top wind chime and top value for money. Who’s in?

  The Final Verdict: If you love Amazing Grace and want the music without having to download it then this wind chime would be perfect for you. We have no complaints about this durable and intriguing product.

4. Japanese Cherry Blossom   *Top Japanese Chime*

A change of wind direction now - we’ll take a look at something quite different by another manufacturer. This Japanese wind chime is predominantly hand crafted. The product is one of the smallest wind chimes you'll see at around 3.5 inches at every dimension.

It’s also exceptionally light at just 2.4 ounces. It’s not the usual design we’re used to seeing in the western world. Instead of long tubes banging together to make sweet music, this chime has a wind bell.

The glass bell has been hand painted with typical Japanese patterns and style. The style on these Japanese wind chimes is that of Sakura. Sakura is a symbol for peace and happiness which is exactly what this elegant-sounding wind chime will bring to your doorstep.

At the bottom of the product hangs a piece of pendant paper. On each side of the paper is a message. One side has Sakura and on the other side has the words “light of the rising sun” (translated).

This is an ideal gift and would work in an entrance way or even inside an Asian restaurant. Naturally, the pendant paper isn't waterproof meaning it’s not the best wind chime for outdoor use. Although this aspect of the design can be changed so you could add something more waterproof.

Or, you could change the pendant paper in general for something more to your taste such as a ribbon or an item more personal. You can add something in keeping with the Japanese theme or create a wind chime infusion to make it more unique.

This wind chime is certainly different to the others featured here and provides something different. We feel it may be slightly gimmicky compared to the Woodstock creations. But, when you get a look at its wallet-friendly price tag we can't complain. It might not be the most elegant design but it’s certainly great value for money.

  The Final Verdict: If you're looking for a cheap way to inject some Asian culture into your home then look no further than this Japanese Cherry Blossom Wind Chime.

5. Woodstock Gregorian Baritone   *Best Deep Tone Chime*

The wind must have changed direction again because we’ve got another Woodstock wind chime to show you. It’s a real testament to their craft that four of their designs make our VIP list. Yet, it’s the last that you'll see from us today.

This is a baritone wind chime that plays medieval-type chimes that’ll swirl your imagination back to Gregorian chants and Gothic churches. These deep tone wind chimes have been inspired by Gregorian monks delivering medieval masses. For that reason, they have a spiritual undertone to their chimes. Add this wind chime to a Zen space and appreciate its sturdy but deep tones!

The eight tubes will create rich and pleasant notes accurately tuned to the classical scale. The tubes are silver in color and made from light but reliable aluminum. The rest of the wind chime is made from cherry wood, including the top, the windcatcher and the clapper. All of this exceptional craftsmanship is woven together with durable nylon cording. If you haven’t noticed already, this robust nylon inclusion is a staple of most Woodstock wind chimes.

The wind chime is of considerable length. As an overall product, it will hang down 56 inches from where it’s secured and the longest tube measures in at 33.5 inches. If you’ve got a friend who has a keen interest in medieval history or a spiritual family member then why not get them this quality wind chime from a recognized brand?

This Woodstock wind chime offers a look back to the past in a way the others don’t. It has combined history with contemporary materials to preserve those Gothic sounds. While the materials aren’t pulling up any trees in terms of uniqueness – not literally or metaphorically – the attempt to capture a part of history outshines the other wind chimes.

Is the higher price worth it? To some people it definitely will be but if these sounds are not your immediate desire then you'll probably save money on a different wind chime, including other Woodstock models.

  The Final Verdict: These deep tone wind chimes have a niche market due to their price but for the right person they are going to combine desired quality with a unique sound you won't find in many other products.

6. Blue Handworks Glass Waterfall   *Top Glass Chime*

Glass wind chimes can be extremely eye-catching and provide a unique sound to your garden. This particular model has a relaxing nature aesthetic to it. They’ve combined the themes of earth and water.

The glass leaves are handmade and sandblasted in Indonesia and come in various imperfectly-perfect sizes – just like nature. They’ve been hand painted in aquatic colors such as surf white, ocean blue and a seaweed green. All of these glass leaves are then knitted together with a durable nylon thread.

The leaves are hung from fallen branches or recovered driftwood, making this a nature-themed product with additional green benefits. As these pieces of wood are recycled, there’s no way of stating the size or thickness. What they do guarantee is they’ll create a unique aspect to this already-outstanding wind chime.

This wind chime is stated to be applicable for indoor and outdoor use, but any outdoor use should be under shelter. This is likely to be due to the product’s weight. It weighs just one pound and will not withstand medium to heavy gusts of wind well. If you want to hear this wind chime sing and enjoy its aesthetics, it’ll probably be better to keep it under a porch or veranda. Or, use it indoors as a purely decorative feature?

We absolutely love this wind chime because it’s handmade to create a unique product but also because its aesthetics are envious. Other wind chimes may be more orthodox, but we question whether they’re as lucrative.

The only area it fails in is its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you’re buying a wind chime to go on a porch or indoors we strongly recommend this one. We recommend it even more when you see its cheaper price tag.

  The Final Verdict: This is a unique wind chime that goes against the design grain. As long as you don’t want to leave it in an open-air space then there’s no reason not to pick it – just our two cents!

7. Chinese Feng Shui Ornament   *Top Feng Shui Chime*

Returning to Asian-inspired wind chimes we’ll take a look at this Chinese Feng Shui Wind Chime Ornament. We’re taking a look at the Elephant edition today, but you can also get it in a fish, frog or buddha model.

Feng Shui wind chimes are rich with symbolism and are a fantastic way to decorate a home – inside or out. This model is made of resin, metals and plastic to provide a durable wind chime but not the most environmentally friendly. It comes in a brass color and from the top of the product to the hanging fish windclapper it measures in at 40 centimeters.

The hanging fish that dangles from the elephant ornament at the top of the wind chime is detailed. There’s a ball clapper in between to bounce off three bells and provide delicate relaxing sounds. This is a truly unique design and you’ll be unlikely to find anything else like it – without going to China at least. It’s rich in culture and provides the perfect gift for someone who enjoys Asian culture – including yourself!

This wind chime is certainly more decorative than the others we’ve featured and has many more intricate details. If you like these aesthetics there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be your favorite on our list.

However, it’s much smaller than the other wind chimes and won't be a grand statement like the Woodstock Apollo Wind Chime. If you have an ongoing sleek theme with straight lines and modern touches this may also look out of place. You’d be better off choosing one not influenced by Asian culture. However, for this unbelievably cheap price, you can't really go wrong!

  The Final Verdict: This is a much smaller wind chime and would make a subtle but decorative addition to any property. This isn't going to immediately turn heads, but it'll certainly hold people’s gazes when they do notice it.

8. Carson Always-Near Sonnet  *Our Favorite Bereavement Chime*

Just like Woodstock, Carson have also been manufacturing quality wind chimes for over 40 years and know exactly what they're doing. This wind chime is one of their bereavement wind chimes.

A bereavement wind chime is a wind chime that is dedicated to a person or fond memories shared. It’s somewhat similar to a memorial wind chime and is a great idea for a gift to someone who has recently lost a partner, family member, pet or dear friend.

What makes this a bereavement wind chime is that it’s got some thoughtful words taken from a poem written down the tubes. It reads: “Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day…unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear”. These words will be appreciated each day to anyone who gets to own this caring and thoughtful wind chime.

The specifications of this product offer excellent functionality and durability. The product has a total length of 30 inches, meaning your neighbours can get a good view to be envious of such a beautiful item. It includes five center-pinned tubes made from lightweight but strong aluminum and has an adjustable striker for a personal fit. Maybe this is a good opportunity to attach something of value to the deceased?

This is certainly a wind chime made to withstand the test of time because the aluminum parts have been powder coated to resist corrosion and been topped off with an anodized finish. Aside from all the mundane – but important – stuff, this wind chime plays with a musical tone to incite fond memories of the enjoyable times you spent with your loved one.

The bereavement wind chime is hard to beat for the purpose it was made for. They offer a sentimental aura that’s not achieved by the others - possibly with the exception of Woodstock’s Amazing Grace Wind Chime. It’s priced around the same as its competitor and overall, it’s not expensive. We think this is a top wind chime at exceedingly good value.

  The Final Verdict: Picking between this and the Amazing Grace Wind Chime is something we don’t want to have to do. This is more than a great wind chime at a more-than reasonable price.

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Now that we’ve seen some of the best wind chimes, it’s time to pick a winner. Comparing these products is difficult because we’re not just comparing one product made eight times. We’re comparing vastly different designs of one product aimed at very different markets for different purposes. We never thought we’d be saying that about something like wind chimes.

Anyway, the best wind chime in our eyes is the Woodstock Amazing Grace design. The technique and clever craftsmanship needed to be able to make a wind chime of such quality, but also be able to play a specific tune that will be recognized far and wide is what won us over. When you see the reasonable price tag there’s no reason it shouldn’t be wearing our crown.

In terms of value for money, we prefer the Blue Handworks Glass Waterfall Wind Chime. This model is very unique and a truly beautiful piece. The fact it’s handmade at such a very low cost is why we believe it’s fantastic value for money. Real effort has gone into making it and they’re not asking for much in return.

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Woodstock chime

Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve looked through the products and still can't decide, it’s time to get our help to narrow down your options. To help you do just that, we’re picking out the most important considerations you need to think about – listen up and get decisive!

  • Most Britney Fans Don’t Go To Metallica Gigs

It’s important to choose a wind chime on the sounds it will make. To novice wind-chime buyers it may not be apparent that these products are very cleverly designed in a way to give different notes. You’ve already seen examples above.

One person might love the historic tones from the Woodstock Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime and someone may not. Similarly, someone might be a fan favorite of Amazing Graces and others might prefer to hear a foghorn. Remember that these products are actually musical instrument and we should choose the instrument that sings to our tune.

  • Size Matters

No Roman wind chime reference intended but size does matter. Consider whether you want a wind chime that’s going to be the focus of attention or if you want one that’ll be a subtle addition to be appreciated but not to overpower your home’s entrance.

  • Positioning 

That’s if you even want to put it on your porch? We’re jumping to conclusions about where you intend to place your wind chime. But this is a decision you’ll have to make before anything else. Some wind chimes can remain outdoors all year round while others are seasonal due to their weight or their materials.

Check the facts before handing over your plastic to make sure you buy a wind chime that’s appropriate for your needs and wants.

  • The Environment

You may also want to consider the materials used to make the wind chime for other reasons. If you're considerate of the environment and are doing your best to reduce your carbon footprint, then you should look for renewable or recycled materials.

You should also keep your eyes and ears peeled for handmade wind chimes that haven’t been made via mass-production methods. Sometimes, mass production can also leave resins and other substances on the product which continue to emit harmful gasses long after the product has been finalized.

  • Uniqueness

You may also want to consider the uniqueness of the product. We all love IKEA’s menu but littering our home with standardized stuff doesn’t make our homes feel as special as they should. If you get a handmade wind chime you will not find another one like it.

Not because they wouldn’t make more than one – they certainly will – but because they can't replicate the exact same thing by hand every time – it’s almost impossible.  Another great reason not to choose mass-produced wind chimes? Not for you? That’s okay too.

You don’t have to get a handmade wind chime to get a unique wind chime. You can find them designed in unorthodox ways to intrigue guests. You can also personalize wind chimes with detachable wind chime parts and add personal items to them. This is even more relevant in urn wind chimes and memorial wind chimes.

Thanks for sticking around to discuss these awesome and soothing wind chimes. We’ve shown you some quality options using various materials made by renowned brands.

We’ve also managed to include wind chimes to cater for different purposes; from simple relaxation to commemorations and everything in between. We hope you managed to find the perfect gift or the perfect way to treat you and your ears!

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