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Updated on: January 5, 2022

Pack your bags because we’re going to prepare you for an exciting life full of road trips by showing you the best teardrop trailer plans to help you experience the nomadic life!

teardrop trailer plans

If you like to take to the road and go on unplanned adventures and spontaneous trips out of town, then you'll probably have already considered a teardrop trailer.

Teardrops are a type of traveling trailer that is compact and light, making them perfect to capture a glimpse of the nomadic life.

Teardrops are a luxury traveling companion that will allow you to bring some home comforts on the road. Many models have double mattresses, lights, windows, storage and nearly all have a kitchen where you can cook up the catch of the day. They get their name from their teardrop aesthetics and are sometimes referred to as teardrop camper trailers.

This buyer's guide will be a little different from what you may have come to expect from us. Instead of showing you a list of products to choose from, we are going to show you the different ways of making your own teardrop trailer.

We’ll show you some free DIY camper plans along with some informative how-to guides. We’ll also show you a plan you have to pay for which even has the option of buying hardware in the process.

So, let’s start the engine and show you what plans are on offer to help you build your own teardrop trailer!

teardop trailer beside the beach

Free Teardrop Trailer Plans

The first option at your disposal is to source teardrop camper plans free of charge. After doing some research, we found four DIY camper trailer plans free that’s are good quality and aren’t going to have you opening your wallet and parting with your plastic…

1. Trailer For Two Plan

Teardrop trailers were introduced to the world via a magazine. The first pit stop on our journey is to go back nearly 100 years and take a look at that exact magazine and how we were originally exposed to these wonderful trailers. If you're looking for a historic teardrop trailer which is authentic to the original, you can't get any closer than following the plan here!

This teardrop trailer designed to accommodate two happy campers would be ten feet in length. If you chose to follow the plans here, you would be afforded plenty of home-away-from-home luxuries.

It will have a pull-out stove so you can cook dinner in the fresh evening air and an ice box so you can store leftovers and the fish that never escaped your rod - or just a couple of beers to enjoy the sunset with? We’ll leave that entirely up to you.

Other amenities would include a water tank, a cupboard to keep your vacation wardrobe and a mattress space so you can sleep in comfort. You will even have panels to let the nighttime breeze pass through as you wind down and a light to catch up on some reading before you turn in.

The teardrop trailer plan here is extremely detailed. The blueprints take a look at all the crucial areas of what would become your best traveling accessory. They specifically look at how to construct the ice box, the water tank, the fender, the side door and the all-important kitchen. If you want authentic detail and you want it for free then you get it here!

Check it out here.

teardrop campers at day and night

2. Wyoming Woody Teardrop Plans

The next free teardrop trailer plan can be found here and is known as the Wyoming Woody Teardrop Plan.

These plans are just as detailed as those from yesteryear but are modernized and go into much more detail. You get the plan in a PDF but you also have access to a slideshow which will pass through the extensive pages within the PDF document.

Every corner and millimeter is accounted for in this plan so you'll not be left scratching your head when choosing to follow this guide.

One subtle difference between this document and the previous one is that the former looks at specific built-in aspects whereas this one focuses more on the shell of the teardrop trailer. Thus, giving you a little more freedom to manage your own contents.

Check out the plans here.

teardrop camper in a carpark

3. Tiny Travel Trailer Plans

The third and final teardrop trailer plans that aren’t going to cost you a dime are the Tiny Travel Trailer Plans found here.

You can see that this actually puts you in contact with over 30 different plans – including the original plan which features first on our list here.

We're not going to be able to tell you about all of them - unless you've got a spare two years? We thought not. All you need to know is that if you're looking for choice then this is the reliable place to go.

You can see plans for a host of different travel trailer plans at no cost at all. There are more orthodox designs and some quirkier models to emulate. Looking for inspiration? Get it here!

Find the plans here.

4. The $500 Teardrop Trailer Build

The next resource we want you budding teardrop trailer owners to know about is the 500-dollar build.

This isn’t a plan that costs you 500 big ones to get a hold of. It’s a free plan-come-how-to-guide which claims that if you follow their steps and advice that you can be the proud owner of one of these trailers by spending just 500 dollars.

They do say to achieve this you'll need to be savvy and very cautious but it’s not at all impossible Just don’t cut the wrong material or get your measurement wrong or you'll be shopping for replacements.

t’s definitely not as detailed as some of the other resources but the claims will certainly have you taking a peep at least!

Follow this link to see the plans.

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campfire beside teardrop camper

The Best How-To Guides

To complement these free travel trailer plans, we have also sourced some how-to guides to make your teardrop camper plans come to life.

If you’re becoming more and more serious about the idea of taking off and leaving your stress in the urban jungle, then these may just get your wheels in motion.

1. WikiBooks: How To Build A Teardrop Trailer

With those robot-sounding plans, you need some more human-sounding advice to accompany your build and reassure you on your decisions and progress.

WikiBooks' collection of books on how to build a teardrop trailer are a go-to resource for just that.

Each book will let you know how to complete a certain part of your teardrop trailer - from the hatch to the joints.

These can be just as detailed as the plans and be extremely helpful. However, some chapters are missing and may need updating by anonymous experts.

Read all about it here


2. Step-By-Step DIY Teardrop Trailer 

The second how-to guide that may be of exceptional value on your road to manufacturing your own teardrop trailer is here. We really like this one because it follows chronological steps from the base to the shell, to insulation and adding the skin and so on.

It couldn’t be easier to follow. We also like that there is no tedious document of over 100-pages but is simply a continuing web page that includes pictures, YouTube videos and easy-to-follow language.

Once you get through to stage 16, you'll be pretty much the owner of a phenomenal teardrop trailer. Then you can enjoy the discussion forum and swap tips and help each other out on trickier stages and maintenance tasks.

See more here.

Paid Travel Trailer Plans

Sometimes paying for a teardrop trailer plan can be even more beneficial. If you aren’t on a tight budget and want a plan that you know is going to be of significant help and easy to use then you may want to consider paying for a teardrop trailer plan.

These guys claim that those free ones found on the internet can be riddled with problems and issues, which can cost you down the line. They're not wrong and there are certainly free plans you should avoid. Yet, this is incorrect as a blanket statement because we've already evidenced some top-notch free plans.

Nevertheless, here you will find teardrop trailer plans that cost money and have excellent advice. Prices can vary depending on the format you request your plan in.

Downloadable PDF plans and posted CDs are the cheapest options. There is also an advanced option where you can get Big Woody’s kit, including hardware with the plans for considerably more money.

Learn more here.


So that’s that! We’ve managed to show you some free teardrop trailer plans to put you into first gear when starting your project.

We even managed to introduce you to the original plan which launched these trailers as much desired commodities.

Combine one of these quality blueprints with a how-to guide so you have the tools to succeed. Or, go for a paid option and even get the hardware you need from a specialist provider.

Whichever route you take, we wish you well and happy travels!

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