How to Practice Sustainable Living

Written by: Jamie

Updated on: June 12, 2020

We all need to do our bit to protect the planet. Find out how you can live a “greener” life with our sustainable living ideas.

How-to-Practice-Sustainable-LivingWe all know our planet is in trouble. Global warming, climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer are realities that our generation and those to come must face.

It isn’t fair, but we can’t dwell on that. We actively need to become part of the solution.

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is living in a way to reduce your demand on natural resources and giving back everything that you use as best you can.

This can be done in small ways like choosing not to buy a product that isn’t sustainable, or actively changing your routine to become more sustainable.

We’ve compiled a list of a few ways in which you can practice self-sustainable living.

Adopt a minimalist lifestyle

Minimalism does not mean doing without; it means using everything you have to their maximum ability.

Especially with waste products—you’ll be recycling more and coming up with ways to use what you have without buying more things.

plastic-bagsDon’t use plastic

Plastic is probably the single most harmful product that we throw away. Plastic strangles sea animals and poisons our ground.

It also never goes away, plastic does not degrade and is not sustainable in any way, shape or form.

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Instead of buying plastic bags at the supermarket, use reusable bags for your errands. Don’t use plastic water bottles that you’ll only need once.

By reducing your use of plastic, you are reducing the number of plastic products that end up choking our environment.

Use renewable energy

Install solar lights wherever possible, and switch to solar heating. This can be done by installing solar panels in your home.

Granted, this will take some research and a little more effort, but does our home planet not deserve this extra bit of consideration?

Do you really need that much packaging?

Products come with way too much packaging these days. Everything is wrapped in plastic or encased in polystyrene.

Is this truly necessary? No, it isn’t. The next time you go to the store, try and choose products with minimal packaging.

That packaging that you remove and throw in the bin ends up in garbage landfills and will pose serious dangers to animals and humans alike. You don’t need that much packaging anyway.

You’re washing too much

No, this is not a call to become promote being dirty and refrain from washing yourself, it is just a fact. We tend to over wash ourselves. This is actually more than an environmental problem, it is a health problem too.

Scientists agree, that our tendency to over wash has weakened our immune systems. Our immune systems need a certain number of bacteria to become, well, immune. But we kill off all that bacteria and now our immune systems are weak.

We can take shorter showers, take a shower instead of a bath and wash your dishes in a sink of water, then rinse them when you’re done instead of rinsing them under a running tap.

This may call for some adjustment in your routine, but these little changes are doing a whole lot of good.

grass-plugsBudget for less energy

Our use of electricity and energy is basically the cause of all our problems. We need to reduce how much energy we’re using.

One way to do that is by committing to use less energy. See where you can shave off costs and be more energy efficient and budget for less.

When you know that you only have a certain amount of money for electricity will motivate you to use less, and this will also promote sustainable habits. This can be done in simple ways such as scheduling your washing and shower times. Switch off the lights behind you and unplug your gadgets.

Use less space

Do you really need a big house? Chances are, like most people, your house is much too big for you. This might seem luxurious, but it is costing you a whole lot more in the long run. If you switch to a smaller house, then you’ll be using less energy and saving a whole lot of money.

Simplifying is key to living sustainably. A smaller house can be just as luxurious as a big house, but it could save you a lot of money and reduce your carbon footprint. Try it out, you’ll be surprised by the results.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Never throw away what can be reused, and reduce your need to throw things away.

This means cutting costs and taking a good look at your lifestyle. Recycle! It isn’t hard at all; in fact, modern society makes it incredibly easy to recycle now.

There are an innumerable amount of ways for you to practice the three R’s. Look around you, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Enforce good sleeping habits

The more you sleep, the less energy you use. Not only is this a sustainable way of living, but if you sleep according to the natural light cycle, you’ll be living in a much healthier way and getting the right amount of sleep that is needed.

The benefits will be immediate and astounding. You’ll feel refreshed and happier, you’ll also feel proud that you’re doing your part to live sustainably.

Use natural cleaners

The chemicals in our cleaning products are hazardous to us, and to our environment. Before these products were developed, people got by for centuries and got better results. Why not do some research and try and find homemade alternatives to your traditional cleaning brand?


Sustainable living is not a passing fad; it is a way of life that many more people need to adopt.

It isn’t difficult, in fact, it could save you a lot of effort and money. But it does mean a readjustment in thinking, and once we have done that, then the rest will come easily.

We hope you’ve found some helpful advice on how to practice sustainable living.

If you’ve got any more sustainable living ideas then we’d love to hear them!

Check back soon for more ideas on how to live a more environmentally friendly life.

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