Shinco Portable AC Review

Written by: Paul Cathro

Updated on: December 23, 2022

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home can be difficult, but with this Shinco portable AC review the search might be over.

Shinco portable AC

Shinco Portable AC

Cool comfort is always within your reach with a Shinco Portable Air Conditioner.


If you’re looking for a more effective air conditioning solution for your home that saves you energy and money, it can be hard to choose from the different models on the market today.

There are lots of brands out there, selling a wide variety of products, so how do you know which is the right one for you?

The Shinco Portable AC unit could be the ideal choice for your home. Designed to the highest standards, it has a lot of great features that could make Shinco portable AC the best option for cooling your rooms and for improving your comfort.

Read this review to find out all that you need to know to make an informed choice. 

Faster, More Effective Cooling

The Compact Shinco 8000 BTU air conditioner delivers effective and speedy cooling for all spaces in your home measuring between 200 and 350 square feet.

This makes it a perfect choice for your bedroom, your office, or even a camper van. You’ll enjoy optimal comfort at any time of the day or night and with the maintenance mode, you’ll be able to keep your room at the ideal temperature for as long as you like. 

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A Multi-Functional Unit

This model from the Shinco brand is designed to offer three different functions all in a single machine.

The air condition will cool the room rapidly while a two-speed fan will ensure you get the perfect level of breeze to ensure optimal comfort. Meanwhile, this model also offers dehumidifying capacity. 

Capable of removing up to 60 pints of water vapor from the air in a single day, this unit will help to prevent mold and bacteria from growing and thriving in humid and hot environments, so your room will be drier and cooler, and you’ll breathe more easily.

Quiet Enough For Use While Sleeping

Although at the higher speed level, this aircon unit can be noisy, when it is on its lower level, it only produces a noise level of under 52 decibels.

This means that, once the room has reached the perfect temperature, you can switch to the first speed maintenance mode and maintain the perfect cooling all night long at a noise level that won’t disturb your rest. 

Low Maintenance For Absolute Convenience

Unlike many other models that require a lot of ongoing maintenance, this Shinco unit features a self-evaporative system.

This means that it has incorporated self-evaporative cooling technology to cool the condenser’s coils using water derived from the air.

Not only does this boost the cooling efficiency of the appliance, but it also cuts down the amount of water collecting in the water tank so you’ll only need to empty it infrequently.

Simple To Use

This unit features a simple selection control panel with an easy to read LED display, so you can see at a glance which setting you’re using.

It also comes complete with a fully featured remote control, so you can adjust the settings in an instant from the comfort of your bed or sofa without needing to get up!

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There is also an integrated 24 hour timer on this model, so you can save energy and money by setting the appliance to switch on and off at pre-programmed times.

You’ll therefore be able to enjoy complete cool comfort from the moment you step into the house after work, and you won’t waste energy or raise your energy bills by having to run your cooling all day long.

Since more of us are keen to reduce our carbon footprint and slash our electricity costs at the same time, this unit could be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Easy To Move

Unlike some other air conditioners that are difficult to move around your home, this model from Shinco has been designed for maximum portability.

Thanks to the integrated four castor wheels, it couldn’t be easier to choose which space in your home you want to cool.

You can also easily store it away when no longer needed as, thanks to its portability and its compact design, it can fit into a spare room or storage space with ease.

Speedy Installation

One of the best things about this air conditioner is that it couldn’t be quicker or easier to install.

Unlike many rival models that are complex to install, this model comes with everything that you require to get the job done including a window kit and an exhaust hose, and you’ll need no additional tools to assemble the unit.

The instructions are easy to read and follow, so anyone – even someone with no experience – can fit this unit in their home in as little as five to ten minutes.

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Excellent Customer Service

When you buy any air conditioning unit, you want to be confident that you’ll be well-protected by the manufacturer in the event that you experience a problem or a fault shortly after purchase.

When you buy this model from Shinco, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and the customer service team is available to take your calls and resolve your problems in the event of an issue arising. 


  • 60 pint dehumidifying daily capacity
  • Quiet-running (under 52 decibels)
  • Self-evaporative system
  • Speedy installation


  • Small window kit
  • Low quality hose

Bottom Line

When you need a reliable air conditioning unit that comes from a reputable manufacturer and that has been built to last from robust and durable components, this model from Shinco is a great choice.

Designed to be portable and to cool spaces of up to 350 square feet, it’s an ideal choice for any room of your home, or even for use in a camper van. 

Affordable and well-designed, this sleek unit is quick and easy to install and use, and can easily be moved between spaces thanks to its integrated castors, so wherever you need effective cooling, you can rest assured that this model will get the job done and be great value for money. 

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