Separett Villa Composting Toilet Review

Written by: Jamie

Updated on: September 25, 2021

Compost toilets like the Separett Villa toilet are an excellent idea for anyone that wants to install an easy to use, eco-friendly system. Check out our review below.

Separett Villa Composting Toilet

Separett Villa Composting Toilet Review

The Separett Villa is a true breakthrough in composting toilet design.


Composting toilets have evolved tremendously over the last ten years, and you are now able to get hold of a composting toilet that works efficiently without leaving foul smells behind.

The Separett Villa Composting toilet is a market leader that can work on either AC or DC power. 

The great thing about this toilet is that it looks just like a traditional toilet and can be used in a range of locations; tiny homes, houses, and cabins all make great places to install a composting toilet.

To make it easier for you, we have reviewed the toilet in great detail, so you know exactly what you are getting your hands on.


The toilet comes in one box for ease of delivery and movement to the room of your choice. The dimensions of the toilet are as follows:

Height – 541mm

Length – 672mm

Width – 456mm

Fan & Vent size – 75mm

Weight – 48lbs

Urine Outlet – 32mm

Key Features

There are a range of Separett toilet reviews available online, and the majority point out the great quality of this toilet. Some of the key features include: 

  • A five-year guarantee for manufacturing defects and a three-year guarantee on the fan. This guarantee offers a lot of reassurance about the quality of the product and means that you are covered for any defects that may arise over time.
  • A fan vent that runs further than 20ft, and it comes with three height choices so that you can decide where you want the vent to go. This is particularly useful when you are fitting it in a pre-existing bathroom and want minimal disruption to the room. 
  • The AC unit has a 2-speed fan for ventilation, meaning that there will be no lingering smells after use or in between uses. 
  • A weight-activated door that is sealed tight when the toilet is not in use, but that slides open when you sit down, keeping all the smells inside the toilet at all times.
  • There is also an optional child seat that can be purchased with the toilet to ensure that children can use the toilet correctly, keeping the urine separate from the composting storage.

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Energy Consumption

The toilet is 120V US electric and uses on average 0.350 – 0.453 kWh/24 hrs, making it not only waterless and compostable but also low energy and cheap to run.

The cord to connect the toilet to power is 4ft long, and the toilet is connected to the power source via an earthed plug.

This model also comes with connection cords for DC and AC power so that it can fit with whatever system you have in your home with ease.

How to Empty

When it is time to empty your toilet, then it really could not be more straightforward because there is a removable composting bin, lined with a bag that sits inside the toilet and is easily removed.

The average household will fill the bin over two months, and the toilet comes with three containers so that you have over six months of supply ready to be used.

When your bin is full, you open up the toilet and seal the composting bag that is inside. After you have closed the bag, you side out the bin and place a lid on it. Before you take the container outside, you will need to install a new bin and liner directly into the toilet.

The full bin can be left outside to compost, and after approximately six months, the contents will be ready to be used on your plants.

It’s worth remembering that you can get hold of extra bins if your usage is higher than average as you cannot use the compost for at least six months after you remove it from the toilet.

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Installation Procedure

The Separett Composting toilet reviews all state how easy it is to install and that the process can be completed within two to three hours if two people are working together.

Check out our simple instructions for an idea of what is involved:

  1. Firstly, you will need to gather your tools; a hacksaw, measuring tape, electric drill, spirit level, screwdriver, pencil, and drill bits.
  2. Remove all the packaging and the inner bin and then check you have all the parts needed.
  3. Measure where all your drilling needs to be done and mark each spot with a pencil before then drilling each hole.
  4. When all the holes have been drilled successfully, install the silicone cord to the base of the toilet to stop it from slipping and then attach the toilet and vent to the wall as per the instructions. It is imperative that all the screws are correctly fastened to stop the toilet from moving from its position.
  5. Next, you need to seal the toilet and vent components and then connect the unit to the outside hose and drains for the urine separator. When this is done, and the sealant has dried, you can prepare the toilet for its first use.
  6. Place the composting bin on the floor and put the liner in, then place them both into the toilet and put the lid down. Press on the toilet seat to check that the toilet cover moves with pressure, and then your toilet is ready to use. 
  7. If a child is using the toilet, then you will first need to clip the child seat to the toilet before use and remember to remove it after use.

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  • Three-year guarantee on the fan
  • Five-year guarantee for manufacturing defects
  • Looks of a traditional toilet
  • Optional child seat


  • Plastic material
  • Potential inconvenience to clean

Bottom Line

In short, the Separett Composting toilet is a revelation for those people that want to introduce sustainable living without losing traditional style and comfort.

It’s a low energy and waterless model that looks great in any type of bathroom.

The toilet is easy to install, comes with a range of installation options, and is guaranteed so that you can use it with real peace of mind that any defects can be resolved quickly and easily. 

The great thing is that this toilet is suitable for all users, and the optional children’s seat means that even small children can use it without a problem.

It’s a great way to teach about the environment and sustainability while making a difference.

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