Reliance Portable Toilet Review

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Updated on: January 17, 2022

Getting a Reliance Hassock portable toilet has never been easier, and it comes with everything you need to take with you on all of life’s exciting adventures.

Reliance Portable Toilet

Reliance Portable Toilet

The Hassock Portable Toilet is lightweight and self-contained, making it a must-have for campers, boaters, hunters and travelers.


When you need a portable toilet, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying the first one you find, but it’s far better to take the time to research what you need before making an expensive purchase that you will later regret.

We’ve taken the time to research the Reliance portable toilet to save you time.

You’ll notice that the toilet is easy to set up and use as well as empty and clean, which allows you more time to enjoy your time away from home.

It is a great budget toilet and will serve you for many camping trips to come.


The Reliance camping toilet is made with occasional use in mind, and the bucket style toilet can be used with an inner bag that collects waste ready for you to safely dispose of.

The toilet capacity is up to 5 gallons, but we would recommend emptying it more frequently in case of spills.

Average Uses

This portable toilet can be used up to 30 times before requiring emptying; the downside to leaving it this long is the smells that it starts to give off.

You will need to store it in a well-ventilated area and be willing to empty it more than you may expect if you are using it for both solid and liquid waste.


This portable toilet is 14 inches in total height and 14.7 inches wide, meaning that it is a sturdy toilet that is raised high enough off the ground but is also small enough to move around for all your trips.

It can be used by people of all ages and provides a home away from home feel in terms of height and seat, meaning that you can go to the toilet without having to use a bush.

It will fit easily in the trunk of a car, and the waste bags take up no extra room as they can be stored inside the toilet can, along with toilet paper and the seat that comes as standard.

It’s a great addition when you are taking off on a weekend camping trip and need an emergency toilet for night time use.

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The toilet weighs 2.27 kg when empty, and It comes in a parcel that weighs 2.8 kg so that it is easy to transport and will not need more than one person to move it.

The bucket toilet takes a maximum weight of 275 lbs, and this makes it an excellent choice for hunters and campers that want a simple solution or an emergency toilet for those moments when there are no other options available.

When the bag is full, it does get heavy, and you are advised to only full the toilet to a comfortable weight depending on how much you can carry in one go.


When it comes to emptying the Reliance Hassock portable toilet, reviews all state how simple the process is. The toilet comes with an inner bucket that has a handle to help you remove the waste efficiently.

If you have opted to buy the waste bag liners, it will be an easier process then if you are collecting waste directly into the bucket.

The handle means that you can move the waste without getting any on you; you take it to the waste disposal area and pour the waste away safely, rinsing, and cleaning the bucket before using it again.

The whole process is as simple as it can be, and the only issue can be if you have overfilled the toilet or are trying to carry too much weight.

Maintenance Ease

Of all the portable toilets on the market the Reliance products, Hassock portable lightweight self-contained toilet is probably the easiest to maintain.

The internal bucket is made from durable plastic and can be hosed and cleaned without ever needing to touch where the waste has been collected physically.  

You can purchase a range of waste bags and cleaning products directly from the Reliance catalog to be certain that you have the right materials for your chosen toilet.

Keeping the toilet clean will help to eliminate nasty odors that will build up over time.


The Reliance portable toilet may be from a budget range, but they have tried to design it with comfort in mind.

The toilet seat is contoured to ensure that you are comfy when you are sat down, and the toilet comes with a splash cover and toilet roll holder for your convenience.

If the toilet is not emptied after each use, it can begin to smell, and Reliance has tried to plan for this by installing two lids in a bid to reduce the smell for anyone that cannot empty the toilet after each use.

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Some of the main highlights for owners of this portable toilet include the fact that is can take a huge weight load before it needs to be emptied, it is comfy to sit on and has an inbuilt toilet roll holder.

The toilet is also very budget-friendly and is perfect for an emergency toilet on road trips or camping trips if you aren’t sure about what facilities are at the campsite. 

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There are not many disadvantages to buying this budget-friendly toilet, but it is important to note that this toilet can smell really bad if it is not emptied after each and every use.

Also, leaving it too long can mean it will attract insects, but this can be avoided by installing the waste bags that you can purchase to use with it. 


  • Portable, lightweight and self-contained
  • Contoured seat
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Five-year warranty


  • Thin plastic material
  • Sharp plastic edges

Bottom Line

It’s more than clear that the Reliance Hassock portable toilet reviews are accurate; this is a great budget toilet that can travel with you on all your trips and maintain its original quality as it is made from excellent materials that are built to last.

It’s simple to clean and empty and can service the needs of a small family.

When it comes to emptying, the process is straightforward, meaning that you will be able to enjoy a toilet that can be used at all times without any worries.

It's a fantastic product for all budgets, and we highly recommend that you add it to your list of toilets for consideration.

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