5 Awesome Portable Washing Machines

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Updated on: January 5, 2022

The best portable washing machines can save you space in a dorm room, small apartment, tiny house or be extremely convenient on road trips in your RV. Find out which models we recommend in today's guide.

Portable washing machines

There are clearly lots of uses and benefits in getting one of these lightweight washing machines, but where do you get them from? Which one do you need? How do you know it’s going to work well?

It’s certainly true that there are some quality machines out there and some machines that you could outperform by waving your wet undies around your head outside – we don’t recommend that.

To help you find the perfect portable washing machine for your home, we have done some extensive research.

Keep on reading to see five awesome options that are perfect for different uses, and don’t forget to check out our buyer guide section at the end to learn a little more and help you narrow down your options!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The Top Models Compared

Take a look at how the top mini washing machines compare in the table below.



Homelabs portable washer


hOmeLabs Portable Washer

- 18.1 L x 17.7 W x 31.5 H (inches)

- 6 lbs capacity

- Quiet & energy efficient

- 44.1 lbs weight

- Easy to operate

panda portable washer

Panda Portable

- 20.5 L x 19.75 W x 37 H (inches)

- 11 lbs capacity

- Quick connect kit

- 77.8 lbs weight

- 6 wash programs

Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine

Giantex Portable

-16.9 L x 16.9 W x 29.5 H (inches)

- 8 lbs capacity

- 37.4lbs weight

- 5 wash programs

Kuppet Portable Washing Machine

Kuppet Portable

- 15.9 L x 25 W x 29.9 H (inches)

- 17 lbs capacity

- Separate wash and dry chambers

- Very shallow design

Costway Mini Washing Machine

Costway Mini

- 14 L x 13.5 W x 20 H (inches)

- 5.5 lbs capacity

- 14 lbs weight

- Tiny footprint

Our Portable Washer Reviews

It's time to take a closer look at the tiny washer machines that made the grade.

In this section, we discuss each model in a bit more detail and explain what makes them special in our eyes.

hOmeLabs Portable Washer     *** Our Top Pick ***

The first of five outstanding tiny house washing machines we want you to know about is this 2022 release from hOmeLabs. It's a great place to start off as it performs extremely well on all fronts.

This is a top-loading washing machine with a rust-resistant stainless steel drum. It's not the smallest portable washing machine on our list of recommendations (see the Costway), but it is the smallest washer with digital controls and display.

If you need a portable washer with all the convenience of modern digital controls then this is the one that represents the best trade-off between functionality and compactness.

It measures just 18.1" (L) x 17.7" (W) x 31.5" (H) which is a pretty tiny footprint for something that offers 5 flexible cycles and 3 water level settings to help save water. The five cycles include gentle, normal, heavy, rapid and soak modes. They are easily selected via the touchpad controls and LED display.

So, how much does it weigh? How many disks are you going to put out trying to get it up the apartment block stairs? Well, probably none at all. It’s a pretty light construction weighing in at just 44.1 pounds. It also has two roller wheels on the back so that you don't have to carry it at all when moving it small distances.

It will hold up to 6 pounds of your clothes so will be perfect to keep your smaller items clean and fresh, or work as a secondary machine for your growing family.

If you’re concerned about the noise of the machine and wondering if it’s going to disturb your downtime, then fear not. It’s a super quiet design – a bit like the shy kid in the corner that doesn’t make a sound and tries to go unseen. If you want to keep tabs on how your load is doing, you can check the machine’s cycle-status indicators and you'll be notified when your clothes are clean by an end-of-cycle alert.

Comparing this tiny washing machine with what’s to follow – not too many spoilers, we promise – this one is arguably the most sophisticated in term of functions. User capabilities such as being able to choose the water level and the type of spin are reminiscent of a full-sized machine. Even some full-sized ones don't have the features here.

Its only shortcoming compared with what is to follow is that it will only hold six pounds of washing which is pretty small compared to some of the others. However, this machine also has one of the smallest footprints on this list.

But, is it good value for money? Yes, we think it is. It's by no means the cheapest offering on this list but it's a great combination of size and technology. It's also really energy efficient and quiet. It uses just 200 watts of power which is very low power consumption when compared to your average washer.


  • Stainless steel drum
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extensive settings
  • Quiet & energy efficient


  • Digital controls increase price
  • Small loading capacity

  Our Final Verdict: If you need a solid and reliable washing machine to save space then this model from hOmeLabs deserves your attention! As far as we're aware it's the smallest washer with digital controls on the market. If functionality is just as important to you as portability then this is the one for you.

Panda Portable

The next mini washing machine on our list, which is perfect as a dorm washing machine, camping washing machine or an RV washer is this cool design from the guys and gals over at Panda.

This 11-pound capacity model is much bigger than the one we just saw but that also makes it a little heavier too. If you want something a bit smaller from Panda then they have a tiny 6.6 lbs model too.

It has been built using a timeless design we have come accustomed to in at-home laundry rooms and in small cupboards under the stairs. It’s your typical top-loading machine built in a conventional style with stainless steel and straight lines. Just plug it in and watch your clothes through the transparent lid – or you could just watch Netflix, you choose.

It has a user-friendly control panel that offers you four different washing programmes. The machine will adapt to different loads, including standard loads, heavier loads, your delicates and even quick washes for when you get food down your favorite tee one-hour before heading down the bar.

What else has it got going for it? We’re glad you asked! It also has a pulsator to provide strong and weak water flows. And, it comes with a temperature gauge that you can adjust to your preferred setting and a one-year warranty for purchasing peace of mind.

It is supplied with an adapter kit and quality hoses. These supplements make setting up your portable washing machine easier so there’s no need to start cursing or to start a domestic with your partner over confusing instructions!

Comparing this mini washing machine to the others on this list is a good contest. It has features not always found on other models, such as temperature controls. Overall, it's probably got the most going for it in terms of functionality. With 6 wash modes plus a pretty intuitive control system, usability certainly hasn't been sacrificed for size.

With regards to value for money, this works out as being the most expensive of our selections. However, it's very well put together and certainly worth a look if wash options are important to you.

You can see our full review here.


  • Manufactured with sturdy materials
  • Multiple wash settings
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Transparent lid for laundry monitoring


  • Not as compact as others

  Our Final Verdict: This machine offers different capabilities to what has been seen and will attract people with different requirements. It offers amazing value for people who won't use it as often and can become an even better investment for those wanting a product they can use frequently.

Giantex Portable

The Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine is slightly smaller than our last recommendation in both size and capacity. It can accommodate up to eight pounds of your questionably-smelling clothes in its honeycomb-designed cylinder; whereas the previous one claimed 11 pounds.

It’s perfect for those that need to save some space in their home by making their appliances more compact. It weighs less than 40 pounds too, so you’ll be able to move it around your home without breaking too much of a sweat and can even keep it stored away while not in use.

The machine offers owners the choice of washing their garments at five different settings. You can choose from a wash-rinse spin, a soak-was-rinse spin and other types of washes that would have you nodding at your computer screen in approval.

This isn't the only choice you get with this awesome portable clothes washer. You also get the chance to choose the height of your water during a cycle. It has three different settings. The low setting will fill up to 16 liters, the medium one will rise to 23 liters and the highest water level possible will be holding 30 liters of water.

Another feature you should know about is that it includes an aluminum pump and comes with a drainage tube. Together, these parts enable the compact washer to get rid of dirty water much more effectively and in a quicker time than other models. There’s no need to hang the pipe over a sink here. So how does it fair against the other four washing machines…

This washer challenges for the best value for money title because it has merged excellent features with a wallet-friendly price. It's also incredibly small! Despite having a pretty sizeable capacity (for its size) it takes up very little floor space with dimensions of just 16.9" x 16.9". That constitutes a very tiny washer!


  • Three water level settings
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Five cycle options
  • Removes dirty water fast and easily


  • Accompanying hoses are a little short
  • Controls aren't the most intuitive

  Our Final Verdict: We’re super impressed with this awesome portable and compact laundry machine. It offers many lucrative features in a price that can't be argued to be anything other than fantastic value for your hard-earned cash.

Kuppet Portable Washing Machine

The Kuppet Portable Washing Machine is next up and comes in a choice of blue, purple, white or silver. Whatever color you choose, you'll be able to do laundry in compact spaces without any issues.

If you’re going on a vacation by planning a road trip in the RV or getting an extended vacation by watching the kids fly the nest, this could be the perfect acquisition for you or them. It will fit in campers, dorm rooms and small apartments easily and is perfect for you to save space.

It could hardly be any easier to operate – all you have to do is adjust the knobs to your desired settings then kick back while the machine takes care of the rest. But, its ease of use is by no means its best and most-talked-about feature. This compact washing machine actually has a dual function that can work separately at the same time! 

It has two load holders. One of the containers is used to wash your clothes and the other is used as a spin cycle to help speed up the drying process. Note, the second tub isn’t actually a drier but more of a rinsing tub. Together the tubs can hold a whopping 17 pounds of clothes. The washing tub can hold up to loads weighing 10 pounds while the rinsing tub will make room for 7 pounds of clothes.

The main benefit of the dual tub is that it allows you to get more washing done in less time. Instead of waiting for a cycle to complete its rinsing function before popping in another load, you just move the clean-but-wet clothes to the rinsing tub and start your new load of washing simultaneously. That’s pretty innovative, right?

Due to their being two loaders, the control panel has controls for the separate tubs. Each tub has its own settings and operational capabilities. The set washing timer differs from the set rinsing timer. Washes are quick and last for 15 minutes. Rinsing takes even less time at just five minutes. However, you’re always free to do multiple washes and rinses if needed.

Many of the previous models have been hard to separate because they offered similar features. This design undoubtedly offers something a bit different. Adding two tubs not only makes laundry evenings go much faster, but it gives you more time to sit around the campfire or put your feet up after dinner. It might not have all the glitz and glamor with in-depth settings, but it certainly boasts something the others cannot.

This is one of the cheapest options here, and on the market in general. Anyone needing a washing machine for infrequent use that doesn't need too many specialized programmes and settings should choose this one. If you're not particular about the ways you wash your clothes then this could also be a great option to complement a full-sized machine in a family home.


  • Selection of color options
  • Innovative design
  • Large loading capacity
  • Saves time!


  • Not many cycle settings
  • Shallow but wide design

  Our Final Verdict: Just when it looked like we’d found the best machine with unbeatable value for money, Kuppet has thrown a spanner into the works and produced an impressive small washing machine that could come in useful in a lot of situations.

Costway Mini Washing Machine

Now we’ve made it to the final small washing machine on our shortlist for the best portable washer on the market at the moment.

This model by Costway comes in many different colors to complement your RV, condo or apartment’s current décor. It saves space because of how compact it is, but it also saves a backache when moving it around because it’s very light. In fact, the machine weighs just over 12 pounds and can be easily carried with one hand using a well-thought-out handle placed on top!

Using it is a breeze! Just simply fill up the tub with your clothes, set the water level, choose your duration of wash and then leave it to do its magic. When you’re done you can get rid of the dirty water without hanging tubes over sinks because it comes accompanied with a convenient drain tube.

It has a smaller drum than many other compact washing machines and will hold five-and-a-half pounds of clothes on each cycle. This is half of its overall empty weight but does mean it's only going to be useful for small washes. You can forget about once weekly washes with this one as it just isn't big enough. However, it'll squeeze into the tightest of spaces and makes owning a washing machine a possibility in even the tiniest of apartments.

This portable washing machine has more than color options in common with the Kuppet model you just saw. It also has the dual feature of letting you wash and then rinse your clothes. Although, not simultaneously. There is just one tub but it comes with a spinning basket which aids rinsing. To rinse properly you will have to empty the water and set it away again. Many customers have been at odds over how effective this aspect is so don’t get your up hopes too high. It's certainly not going to help you avoid having to hang your clothes up afterwards.

This model is one of the smallest on the market (14" x 13.5" footprint) which also makes it one of the most eco-friendly. This is because it uses the least amount of water and doesn’t require much power to run. It also makes it one of the most portable. If you’re looking for one of these machines to just do a couple of items every so often then this will be the best choice for your bank balance and for the environment. Other key features include a transparent lid so you can check up on the progress of your laundry.

Though every washer here in this guide is portable, some can definitely be considered more portable than others. This model certainly isn't any hassle to move around for just one person. A possible drawback here is that the machine might get a bit "jumpy" when on maximum settings due to its light weight. However, this can easily be remedied by weighing it down by placing something on top.

As may be expected, it’s the cheapest here in our buyer's guide. Just don't expect sophistication because you won't get it! It's very small, pretty cheap, and does a basic wash pretty well.


  • It's tiny
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Transparent top
  • Easy-to-carry handle


  • Only a 5.5lbs load
  • Basic settings

  Our Final Verdict: We recommend this compact washer to someone who just needs a portable machine to wash small loads when on trips with the RV - or as a machine to help a student out in their dorm room. If size or budget are priorities for you then this is worth a close look.


Now it’s time to tell you our thoughts and decide what we think is the best mini washing machine and the one we think is the worthiest of you handing over your plastic.

Deciding on the best machine is a little tricky with these machines because together their target audience is diverse. The best one is subjective to your intentions with it. Nevertheless, and generically speaking, we believe the h0meLabs model offers the most quality and bang for the buck.

We pick this machine because it will come in useful for a lot of people and offers a lot of excellent in-depth cycle features. It's the best mix of small size and features that we've come across. It's also pretty reasonably priced. We chose this model over the impressive Panda washer because it offers better value for money. The Panda model is definitely worth considering if you don't mind paying a bit more.

We have a tie when choosing the machine that is the best value for money. The Kuppet, Costway,  and Giantex compact laundry machines are impressive and dangle price tags in front of your eyes that cannot be argued with.

The innovation of the Kuppet design offers a time-saving convenience like no other at an affordable price, while the features and the bigger load capacity on the Giantex product will likely not be found anywhere else for such a low figure.

However, the Costway machine costs well under $100 and is absolutely tiny!

Top loading portable washing machine

Buyer's Guide

Now you’ve seen some awesome options and heard our opinion, it’s time to really start considering what machine to choose.

To help you do just that, here is some additional information and food for thought before turning your screen shopping into actual shopping.

How to Set Up Your Portable Washing Machine

During our review section, there was some talk of pipes and hoses. Not everyone has set up a washing machine before but most of these machines follow the same logic as a full-sized machine.

To help you first-timers out, here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a portable washing machine…

Step 1– screw the hose connections to the water valves on the washing machine. These hoses come with the product. Some machines will have two valves. One valve is for cold water and one will is for hot water. Make sure you connect the correct hoses to the correct valve. Some machines will have a singular valve to connect one hose to.

Step 2 – now you have to connect the opposite end of the hoses to the water supply valves on your walls. Again, there may be a hot and cold valve here that you have to attach the hose to.

Step 3 – place the draining hose into a fitted standpipe. If you don't have a standpipe then you can rest it into a sink or a bathtub. Just remember to wash the bathtub before your partner next goes for a hot soak.

Step 4 – turn on the water supply and inspect for potential leaks. It’s much better to find out now rather than halfway through a cycle when you've flooded the area and the family cat has learned to swim. 

Portable washing machine against wall

Key Considerations When Buying a Portable Washing Machine

Dimensions – unless you want furniture like Joey and Chandler in Friends, the first thing you should do before anything else (Yes, step away from the computer and come back after) is to go and measure the place you wish to permanently keep it, or just the place you wish to store it when not in use.

These machines are supposed to make your home or RV function better and you don’t want to have a closet door which can no longer be closed - or have to redesign your other furniture to make it fit because you forgot to measure up.

We've included dimensions in the comparison table for each model on our list. However, be sure to leave a bit more space at the back for the hose.

Machine weight – if you live on the 21st floor of an apartment building with a temperamental lift, it’s best you consider how you are going to get it into your place. You also may want to consider the weight if you'll be moving it from a storage place to a place where you run it from. Some may require you to get a dolly and some you can just carry using the handle. Take a moment to consider your needs.

A portable washer

Power consumption – many people put little thought into the consumption of these machines. Instead of getting a shock on your next electricity bill, why don't you do some research and find out estimated costs? Thankfully, most don't cost a lot to run but it's always best to be safe and do some research.

Load capacity – power consumption can easily start to increase if you buy a machine with too little of a load capacity. Instead of doing a single cycle to get your clothes clean you may end up doing three cycles in an evening and spending money you didn't account for when pricing up the bills. It's also much more convenient to get everything done the first time rather than having to do your laundry in stages and eat up a whole evening.

A Final Word

Thanks for joining us on our buyer guide. We hope all this laundry-machine talk hasn’t left your head spinning and you're now in a better position to choose a portable washing machine for you and your family’s needs.

If you have any recommendations that you think deserve a place in this guide then we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a comment down below or send us a message over on our contact page.

Likewise, if you have any experience with any of these washers then please let us know!

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