Panda Portable Washing Machine Review

When space is tight, it can be hard to find a washing machine to keep your clothes clean. However, the Panda PAN56MGW2 portable washing machine might be just what you need. Find out if it’s the one you’ve been looking for in our review.

Panda portable washing machine

Panda PAN56MGW2 Washing Machine

This Panda compact washer that we are going to discuss in this review is an incredibly sleek, lightweight, durable and crucially, portable appliance.

It has a large 1.6 Cu. ft capacity drum that can hold a total of 11-pounds of clothing and comes with a total of eight different water levels and 10 different washing programs.

The drum is made from stainless steel and has a very easy to use set of controls and is also incredibly easy to install and setup.

Although it won’t offer the same functionality as a full-size machine, an appliance like the Panda washing machine, with its compact dimensions and slick design will get the job done. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Key Features of the Panda Mini Washer

When trying to decide whether an item like the Panda mini-washer is right for you, you need to consider what makes it stand out from the crowd and look at what you actually get for your investment.

We want to help you in that department and look closely at the key features that may or may not make the Panda portable washing machine suitable for you.

Built to Fit Just About Anywhere

Obviously, the main thing you will be interested in when searching for a space-saving solution to doing laundry from the comfort of your own home is the size. This Panda washer is perfect in this department, as its dimensions are just 20-inches by 19-inches by 34-inches.

So even if you only have an incredibly narrow and small galley or bathroom with very little space, or just have an open plan apartment, this Panda washing machine can be set up without making it feel too cramped.

Another aspect of the size that you will be curious about undoubtedly is the weight. At 51-pounds it is a lot heavier than some of the portable washers on the market, such as models from Haier, for example, but it is still not actually that heavy.


Moving this Panda portable washer is also easier thanks to the practical wheels it has on the base.

So, if you want to give your back a rest or are not very good at lifting heavy items, you don’t have to as you can just wheel it from one location to another. Perfect for when you are rearranging the furniture.

There are also recessed ridges along the sides of the appliance that makes it easy to hold firmly while you roll it.

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Setting it Up

Another key feature to look at is how easy it is to set up and install. The great thing about the Panda mini washer is that it is incredibly easy to set up.

It comes with a simple power cord and standard 3-prong 110-volt plug and also features a drain hose. You simply attach the hose to the back of the machine and it is able to hook up with to hang up the hose to let it dry out.

Along with the drain hose, this Panda portable washing machine has just one inlet hose. The inlet connection is placed at a point that is easy to reach without having to turn the appliance.

Panda provides it with an adaptor too that can connect to any sink faucet in just a few seconds. Therefore, if you need to wash some of your clothes specifically in warm water, you can just hook it up to the hot water tap and hey presto!

Electronic Panels

Unlike a full-size washing machine, this Panda mini-washer does not have bulky buttons or even dials. To help give it a slick and space-saving design, it makes use of an electronic touch control panel and an LED display.

This display gives you all the information you need including the hours and minutes remaining during any of your wash cycles, so you know how long you have to wait before your clothes and other garments you are washing are clean.


Underneath the display, you will find four buttons. One button can start and then pause the machine, while the button beside it is to switch the washing machine on and off.

You also have a control that gives you the choice of 10 different spin cycles and eight different water levels, including spin, rinse and quick wash.

The remaining button helps to toggle between delaying cycle starts and programming when to start it. There is even the option to press both the program-delay button and the spin cycle-water level button simultaneously to lock the control panel off to stop accidental changes to the settings.

Durable Stainless-Steel Construction

The Panda mini washer has been made to last. The company used stainless steel in the construction of the drum to make it fully resistant against rust, dings, and dents. It is perfectly designed also to handle a total of 11-pounds of laundry without any problems.


Rather than an agitator, the drum is built with a 310-watt motor and an impeller that creates the friction required to wash your clothes. As it uses an impeller, this means that the Panda portable washing machine is able to save you water.

Due to its design, the impeller does not take up as much space either, enabling the machine to use the entire 1.6 Cu. ft capacity of the drum.

Open Top Loading and Viewing window

You have access to the drum via the top of it, which is very practical and makes it much easier to use, particularly if it is placed on the floor, as you don’t need to bend down to add or take stuff out of it.

However, the top of this Panda washer is anything but just a door. The door has attractive brushed silver accents and a very deep and rich blue tint to it.

As well as being eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing though, the blue window is transparent, allowing you to keep an eye on your laundry without having to interrupt the cycle by opening the door. This means you can always be sure that your clothes and other fabrics are washing properly without any issues.

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What about the Price?

Along with the key features of this Panda washing machine, you should also be interested as to how much it costs and how that price compares to other, similar portable appliances.

The great news is that compared to some of the more sophisticated models, its price is a lot less expensive. however, there are still mini washers available that cost a lot less.

Take the Haier HLP21N for instance. That particular portable washer is a fraction of the price. Does that necessarily mean that it is better to invest in it rather than this Panda washing machine?

Not quite. Although cheaper, the Haier does not have quite as many wash cycle options, nor does it have the viewing window.

You really have to think about what you are getting for your money. Not just from this appliance, but the others you compare it to.

IF you are not looking for a particularly sophisticated washer, then the Haier may suit you better. there is also the fact that the Haier also weighs less than this Panda model.

Are there Downsides?

We all know that it is virtually impossible to find a product, such as an appliance like a washing machine that is completely perfect in every way.

The Panda portable washer, even as good as it is, is not perfect. For one thing, it is mid-priced but even the modest price tag may be too much for your budget.

Particularly if you have only recently moved and are trying to adjust your budget given the costs involved in moving. There is also the fact that while 51-pounds is not actually that heavy, it is still a lot heavier than others on the market.

For people that prefer something a bit more tactile, if that is you, you may not like the fact that the controls are touch panels and not actual buttons that can be pressed in or dials that can be turned. If that is what you are looking for then this Panda mini-washer may not be right for you.


There you have it; the Panda mini washer is definitely worth your attention. It is affordable, considering how much a full-size machine costs and is perfectly sized for even the tightest corner or area of space you have available.

Whether it is right for you, of course, is your own choice and down to your own preferences. We think it offers great value for money through and when compared to many others at similar prices or even lower prices, it outperforms in terms of settings and features.

Work out what you need. If you are just looking for a way to avoid those seemingly endless trips to the local laundromat, particularly before or after a hard shift at work or college, this could be a good solution.

Although the upfront cost is a lot more expensive than the average wash cycle at the laundromat, you need to think about the convenience.

Isn’t it worth a few extra hours in bed or a few extra hours after work, investing in something that means you can wash your clothes from the comfort of your own apartment or home? It is true that it is slightly heavier than a lot of other, less expensive models.

But more often than not, they do not have the same degree of versatility and programmability as this model. The Haier HLP2N that we mentioned earlier, for example, only has vague controls and three measly settings.

Compare that to the 10 wash programs and eight water levels the Panda washer has and based on features alone, we are sure you will agree on which wins out.

Consider also the fact that it has wheels on the bottom. There are a few models that don’t have any wheels or casters to make moving it easier.

So, when you consider the price, the size of the drum, the construction and the level of choice and settings combined with the easy setup and easy to move design, the Panda is a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.

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