The Best Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes

Bring instant calmness and serenity to your home in mere moments. Read our reviews and discover the top Music of the Spheres wind chimes on the market.

Music of the spheres wind chimes

Bring a touch of musical serenity to your home with the inimitable sound of Music of the Spheres wind chimes. The universal popularity of wind chimes is combined here with the music of the spheres philosophical concept: the result is a product marketed as having the power to relax and harmonize.

The brand name ‘Music of the Spheres’ refers to the harmonization of the celestial world: the sun, the moon and the planets all have their own tune that the human ear cannot process.

The idea connects the physical elements of the mathematical concepts with music, and was devised by the great Greek philosopher, Pythagoras.

Today, the theory inspires, among other things, handcrafted wind chimes that are designed to fill your home with calmness and tranquility.

You’ll find a wide selection of these wind chimes available to buy online. In this article, we’ve chosen to review three of the best, providing an overview of the types of chimes available, their pros and cons and some creative ideas for where they can be placed in your home.

If you’re looking for some awesome Music of the Spheres wind chimes, you’ve come to the right place!

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Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes Reviews

Take a look at the wind chimes that we recommend over all others for their calming tones and attractive finishes.

Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Soprano   * Our Top Pick *

The Pentatonic Soprano Wind Chime is an affordable option if you’re looking for a high quality, durable wind chime, making it a tempting investment for those giving their home a revamp and it works just as well as a special gift for those who love music.

This set of chimes from Music of the Spheres is more than a piece of decoration to hang on your porch. Crafted from a deep understanding of music, the chime’s promotional material says that they are inspired by symphonies and tuned to a ‘standard orchestral pitch’.

This means that, rather than a dully clashing array of notes, you get a tunefully inspiring symphony of tones every time the wind blows.

So, what are the main features that make this wind chime special?

    Key Features

  • Handmade in the United States
  • Weather-resistant and UV-stabilized
  • High grade aluminum and stainless steel
  • Musically tuned to a soprano octave
  • Windcatcher is detachable


Of the entire Music of the Spheres wind chime collection, this is one of the most affordable. Not to say that it’s cheap, but if you want to make an investment in a wind chime for your interior or garden space, you can be sure you’re getting quality with one from Music of the Spheres. The care with which it is made means that not only is it built to last, but that each one is unique.

For those who want more musicality from their wind chimes, this is the brand for you. There are several different sizes and tunings available: this is the soprano size with Pentatonic tuning - five notes per scale. It creates a satisfying and comforting tunefulness that adds a new dynamic to both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Each piece of this black-toned wind chime is made from weather-resistant materials, so you can hang it outside, come rain or shine and not worry about rust or sun damage.

Depending on the weather and the speed of the wind, you may want to have control over the movement of your wind chime. Conveniently, the windcatcher at the bottom is detachable, allowing you to adjust the movement of the chime.

As mentioned before, this is one of the more affordable chimes in the Music of the Spheres product range. It is also one of the more compact chimes in the collection.

Of course, this price band might seem high to those who are looking for a cheap wind chime, but if you’re looking for something a bit more special, perhaps as a gift or treat for yourself, these chimes are some of the most musical and well-made on the market.

  Bottom Line: In our opinion, the price of this compact wind chime is reflected in its quality. Durable and built from a credible knowledge of music, it’s a great purchase for both a home and garden makeover, or as a gift.

Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Mezzo 40-Inch

This majestic wind chime measures at 40-inches in length - the ideal statement piece for hanging in a garden tree, or for adorning a porch space. Whatever the reason, this handmade wind chime in mezzo size offers a tuneful array of notes for calming and relaxing your ears and mind.

Music of the Spheres are specialists in high quality, weather-resistant wind chimes and this item is no different from the rest of their collection. Built with both durability and musicality at the forefront of the design process, the result is an impressive wind chime that’s great as a home improvement purchase, or a gift.

    Key Features

  • Rust- and weather-resistant aluminum and stainless steel
  • Handmade in the United States
  • UV stabilized threads to resist sun damage
  • Mezzo octave size
  • Expertly musically tuned
  • Detachable windcatcher


The Pentatonic Mezzo 40-Inch Wind Chime is definitely not a cheap wind chime, but you get what you pay for in quality and durability.

While it can be tempting to spend as little as possible, cheaper wind chimes are not equipped to deal with different weathers and can often become tangled and damaged if the wind becomes too strong. This item from Music of the Spheres, on the other hand, is handcrafted with care to make sure it can withstand the seasons.

Music of the Spheres is a company that specialize in creating chimes based on an understanding of music. Due to its size, this piece produces notes in the mezzo range, which offers a pleasant medium scope of notes that create a balanced ambience, whatever the season.

There is a detachable windcatcher, which you can take off if the wind gets too strong. Music of the Spheres advertise these wind chimes as being functional in wind speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.

Within the Music of the Spheres wind chime collection, this product is in the middle of their price range. It isn’t exactly a cheap item, but if you want a wind chime that is low maintenance and will give you years of use, it’s arguably one of the best options available on the market.

Whether as a gift or an investment for your own home, this musical item serves two functions: being a statement piece of outdoor decor and a nature-powered musical instrument that adds another dynamic to your living environment.

  Bottom Line: In short, this wind chime is a high-quality product that has the edge over similar items for its musicality and durability. If you want to invest in a premium wind chime without going for the most expensive product, this is a great option.

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Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Alto 50-Inch

One of the most impressive items in the Music of the Spheres collection, this 50-inch aluminum and stainless-steel wind chime is a surefire way to make a statement, wherever you choose to hang it.

As one of the largest wind chimes available in their collection, this piece has an alto range of notes. The Pentatonic design is just one of a wide choice of different tuning sizes; this is arguably one of the most accessible of the bunch.

The alto pitch creates a serene, calming chime that is great for hanging on a porch or garden space, as well as in a window or doorway during the cooler months.

    Key Features

  • Tuned with care to be musically soothing
  • Handmade in the United States
  • High quality weather-resistant design
  • Made with aluminum, stainless steel and UV-stabilized materials
  • Detachable windcatcher


One of the larger pieces in the Music of the Spheres wind chimes range, this wind chime measures at an impressive 50 inches long. This is great if you want to make a statement in your garden, porch, or wherever else you want to hang it. However, it is not a small item, so may not be well suited to smaller spaces.

This item is also in the higher price bracket of all pieces from this brand of chimes, which may be off-putting for some. However, the wind chime is highly durable and built to last throughout the seasons.

The is crafted by hand, and is made primarily from aluminum and stainless steel, which makes it totally rust-proof and weather-resistant. The threads used to connect the chimes and the polyethylene coating are made from UV-stabilized materials, which means that they will not get damaged even when left out in the sun for months on end.

Another feature that makes this chime set one of the best on the market is its unmatchable musicality. It is clear that every item has been carefully designed to create a pleasant tune that changes - literally - with the wind.

Unlike the clashing jingle of sounds you might expect from a cheaper wind chime, the Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Alto 50-Inch Wind Chime offers a delightful lilt that will lull you into a relaxed and tranquil state, whatever the season.

So, while it’s a pretty high price to pay for a wind chime, this really is an investment if you want to add some extra ambience to your outdoor space. It also makes a great gift for music and outdoor lovers.

  Bottom Line: While it is rather expensive, we feel that this wind chime is built to last and provides unmatchable musicality that you won’t get from cheaper products.

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In Summary

We hope that these reviews have given you a clear overview of some of the types of wind chimes offered by Music of the Spheres.

This company specializes in creating wind chimes that are more than just decorations for your garden: they are designed to bring music and serenity into your daily life, while at the same time being durable and strong.

The only aspect that might put a buyer off these products is their slightly higher-than-average price tag. However, when you look at the materials and technologies used - high grade aluminum, stainless steel and the UV-stabilized threads - as well as the fact that each item is crafted by hand in the United States, it’s easy to see exactly where your extra cash is going.

Woodstock wind chime diagram

If you’re looking for a high-quality wind chime that offers an accessible note range, the Music of the Spheres Pentatonic Mezzo 40-Inch Wind Chime is a crowd-pleaser that is great as both a treat for yourself and a gift for someone else. This is around the mid-range price mark for Music of the Spheres chimes: it’s not, by any means, a cheap product, but it is a worthy investment if you love wind chimes and want a set that will last.

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Music of the Spheres is a brand like no other when it comes to wind chimes: they build them by hand and design them to withstand all weathers. And who would think that such heavy-duty chimes could produce such a captivating sound? It just goes to show, when music and technology meet, beautiful things can happen. Surely Pythagoras would approve?

Buyer’s Guide

Wind chimes from Music of the Spheres incorporate several clever bits of technology that help make them more durable and weather-resistant.

Each chime is built using high quality aluminum and stainless-steel, which means you can leave them out in the rain without worrying about rust.

The synthetic threads used to connect the individual pieces of metal, and the coating of each chime, are designed using UV-stabilizing technology. This means that they absorb some of the sun’s UV radiation and are resistant to damage from light exposure.

The windcatcher part at the bottom of each chime is detachable - great for controlling the movement of the chime, especially on windy days.

Music of Spheres chimes are built to withstand wind speeds of up to 10 miles per hour, so if the wind picks up more than this, it’s advisable that you bring your chime set inside.

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