5 Best Kerosene Heaters

Written by: Paul Cathro

Updated on: February 16, 2022

Find out which of these five units is the top kerosene heater for indoor or outdoor spaces like construction sites, workshops, barns, or even homes.

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A portable kerosene heater is an inexpensive and effective weapon against the cold. Don't let the winter chill affect the quality of your work any longer!


In today's guide, we've uncovered the 5 top kerosene powered heaters on the market right now. We've reviewed each one in detail and we've found the one that we recommend over all others.

If you're in the market for a new kerosene forced air heater then you're in the right place!

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The Top Models Compared

See how the leading kerosene indoor/outdoor heaters compare in the table below.



Dyna-Glo 50,000 BTU Heating Unit


Dyna-Glo 50,000 BTU Heating Unit

Price: $$

- Heats up to 1,200 ft² 

- 5 gallon fuel capacity

- 14 hour heating time

- Multiple safety features

Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU Heating Unit

Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU

Price: $$

- Heats up to 1,875 ft² 

- 6 gallon fuel capacity

- 11 hour heating time

- Multiple safety features

Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU Heating Unit

Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU

Price: $$$

- Heats up to 3,125 ft² 

- 8.5 gallon fuel capacity

- 9 hour heating time

- Multiple safety features

Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Heating Unit

Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU

Price: $$

- Heats up to 1,125 ft² 

- 5 gallon fuel capacity

- 14 hour heating time

- Multiple safety features

Sengoku 10,000 BTU Heating Unit

Sengoku 10,000 BTU

Price: $

- Heats up to 380 ft² 

- 1.2 gallon fuel capacity

- 14 hour heating time

- Multiple safety features

Our Kerosene Heater Reviews

In this section, you can find out all the details on our recommended kerosene garage heaters. Find out which model is best for you.

Dyna-Glo 50,000 BTU   *** Our Top Pick ***

The first heater that we will be reviewing is the Dyna-Glo 50,000 BTU model. There are two other units by this company at 80,000 BTU and 135,000 BTU in case you have a need to heat larger areas. However, we will focus on the smaller unit for this review and comparison with the other heaters.

The manufacturing company which makes this heater is GHP Group, Inc. located in the state of Illinois. In addition to the Dyna-Glo product line, the company makes electric fireplaces and accessories.


This heater is rated to heat 1200 sq. ft., in both indoor and outdoor settings. To better help you visualize this area, this is the square footage of an average 2 to 3-bedroom townhome. This is a forced air heater, meaning that it will provide more complete warmth throughout the space and will spread that heat faster.

Note - when using any kerosene or other fuel heater, be sure to have proper ventilation to avoid dangers from carbon monoxide buildup. See the buyer guide below for more on safety considerations.

Fuel & Run-time

The fuel tank capacity is only 5 gallons. However, this unit will still operate for 14 hours on that fuel amount, which is second only to Mr. Heater’s 125K BTU unit at 15 hours of operation per tank. As for the fuel, this unit is CSA certified. This means that it can use other fuel types: Diesel, Fuel Oil, Jet A and JP-8. The manufacturer does still recommend Kerosene for its cleaner burning and the longest product life.


One really nice feature is the fuel gauge with the run-time listed on it. It’s nice to know how much longer the unit will run with just a quick glance. The on/off switch has an LED error light indicator. There is also a piggyback cord to the auxiliary power source.

One of the best features of this model is its sturdy and rugged construction. You can be certain that this heater will last a long time thanks to its quality materials. You can also benefit from the convenient carrying handle which makes it easier to move this unit between spaces without too much difficulty.


This unit is equipped with a flame-out sensor, automatic fuel shutoff protection, and an overheat shutoff mechanism to prevent accidents. This gives you complete peace of mind when operating this heater.

This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This includes coverage for product or parts replacement. It does not include service costs. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, or due to misuse or mistreatment.


  • This product receives very good online reviews from previous purchasers of this unit.
  • It's pretty light at only 27 pounds, making it a good portable kerosene heater and thanks to its integrated carrying handle, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to move it between rooms.
  • There are some excellent safety features integrated into this model.
  • Excellent run-time of 14 hours


  • The price of this unit is slightly higher than Mr. Heater’s 75,000 BTU unit with less output.
  • The available thermostat is only available as an option at an additional cost.
  • This unit requires access to electrical power to provide ignition spark.

  Final Thought: A really dependable performer that combines a powerful heat output with excellent safety features. It also has one of the best run-times, that will last throughout the working day.

Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU   ** Excellent Value for Money **

The next heater that we are reviewing is Mr. Heater’s 75,000 BTU unit. If you need a bit more "oomph" there is another kerosene heating unit in our guide that is made by this company that pushes 125,000 BTU of heating power.

Possible uses are construction worksites, well ventilated workshops, and industrial workspaces. This product is manufactured for ease of maintenance. The fully enclosed motor helps protect it which adds to the long life of the heater.

The manufacturing company which makes this heater is Enerco, in Cleveland, Ohio. The Mr. Heater brand was created in 1984. The company works hard to deliver innovative products and world class customer service.

If you’re looking for a kerosene powered heater which is simple to operate, affordable to run and also highly efficient, the Mr. Heater F270270 is the ideal model for you. Capable of warming the space immediately, there’ll be no waiting around for your room to warm up. This makes it especially beneficial for anyone who is in a cold working environment.


This unit is will heat approximately 1875 sq. ft., which is second only to the larger unit by Mr. Heater in this review. For a visual picture of the heating capacity of this unit, the average 3 to 4-bedroom ranch style homes have up to 1500 square feet of space. Offering the space a heat output fixed at about 75,000 BTUs, this is super powerful heater which is ideal for heating fairly large spaces.

Fuel & Run-time

The fuel tank capacity is 6 gallons and when the tank is full, this unit has the least amount of operating time per tank at 11 hours.  The heater can use other fuel types although the manufacturer recommends using K1 kerosene for cleaner burning and longest product life.


Provides instant heat. Lighted on/off switch with continuous ignition. Six-function LED diagnostics. Controlled by a factory installed thermostat. Weight is 38.5 pounds making this unit the least portable unit with the exception of the Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU unit since there are no integrated wheels and only a carrying handle fitted into its top. If you’re looking for a unit which you can take between different spaces, you may want to look elsewhere.


To protect the user, this model features an overheating safety automatic shut off function, so you won’t need to worry about any accidental fires. As an added advantage, the continuous ignition facility ensures a very easy start first time every time. You can also rely on the CSA certification for safety, giving you complete peace of mind.

This product from Mr. Heater includes a 1-year limited warranty. This includes coverage for product or parts replacement. It does not include service costs. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, or due to misuse or mistreatment.


  • This heater has the second lowest price per unit heating capability than any other unit in this review.
  • It features continuous ignition for easier starting and it is also CSA certified.


  • This unit provides the least amount of operating time per tank.
  • Also, it has no integrated wheels, so it can be tricky to move around due to its weight.

  Final Thought: While this is an excellent heater, it is not the best kerosene forced air heater for those concerned with operating time. On the upside, though, it produces a good amount of heat instantly, has some solid safety features built-in, and has the second lowest fuel costs.

Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU    * Most Powerful *

The third heater that we are reviewing is Mr. Heater’s 125,000 BTU unit. We just finished with this unit’s little brother in the previous review. This product is manufactured for ease of maintenance. The fully enclosed motor helps protect it which adds to the long life of the heater.


This unit is the most powerful in this review at around 3125 sq. ft. of space warmed by this heater.

How big is the area this unit will warm? For you sports fans, that is the size of a junior high basketball court or is nearly the size of the goal zone on the pitch in soccer. Thanks to the fan which forces the heat around your space, you can expect high performance from this unit. In fact, you’d find it extremely difficult to find another heater which uses alternative fuels which would be capable of heating a space this large.

The fan also ensures the heat will be evenly and rapidly distributed around the room, so you’ll have no unwanted cold spots in your space. As there’s also a power indicator light, you won’t have any difficult in spotting at a glance whether the unit is powered on or switched off for your own safety.

Fuel & Run-time

The fuel tank capacity is 8.5 gallons. This unit has the longest operating time per tank at 15 hours. The heater can use other fuel types although the manufacturer recommends using K1 kerosene for its cleaner burning and the longest product life. One of the best things about this kerosene heater is that you won’t need to constantly refuel its tank every few hours. You should have enough fuel in a single tank to last for the entire evening and then some spare.


With its pneumatic rubber tires, this unit becomes more portable at 60 pounds than the smaller unit from Mr. Heater. You’ll have no difficulty at all moving this heater from room to room, when its tank is completely full. This makes it a versatile solution for any room. Even more conveniently, there is integrated power cord storage, so you’ll be able to store away the cables without having to worry about tripping over them between uses. Thanks to the thermostatic controls, it’s very simple to select the perfect temperature for the weather conditions on any given day.


Not only is there a power indicator light which will let you know when the unit is switched on, there are also integrated sensors which will detect if the flame goes out. These sensors also detect overheating and switch the unit off automatically in the event of either of these things happening to keep you completely safe during use.

This product from Mr. Heater includes a 1-year limited warranty. This includes coverage for product or parts replacement. It does not include service costs. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, or due to misuse or mistreatment.


  • This is the most powerful heater among those that we have reviewed.
  • The unit has the longest run-time.
  • While the price is the highest among the heaters being reviewed, the actual cost per unit of heating capability is the lowest.
  • Comes with some excellent safety features so you’ll be well protected during use.


  • The price for this heater is the highest of the reviewed units.

  Final Thought: This is an excellent heater. If you’re looking for best kerosene forced air heater this could be the ideal model for you. With its high performance and long run time, you can expect plenty of bang for your buck from this unit.

Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU

The next heater that we will be reviewing is the Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU unit. There are three other units by this company at 80,000 BTU, 175,000 BTU and 215,000 BTU for heating larger areas. Again, we will focus on the smallest unit for this review and comparison with the other heaters.


This unit will warm about 1125 sq. ft., which is slightly less than the first heater we reviewed. To better help you visualize this area, this is the square footage of an average 2-bedroom apartment. Thanks to the large square footage that this heater can warm, you can easily use it in a wide range of spaces including barns, garages and shops.

You can also use it in well-ventilated outdoor spaces for even more flexibility of use, so if you’re trying to warm a chilly construction site, you’ll have no problems. This would also be an excellent kerosene garage heater.

Fuel & Run-time

The fuel tank holds 5 gallons, which at 14 hours of operating time, is second only to the 125K BTU unit by Mr. Heater. You won’t need to refuel too often, which means extra convenience for you. If you wish, you can use it with other types of jet fuel, although the best performance can be achieved with K-1 kerosene.


Convenience and ease of use are two factors which anyone will be considering when purchasing a new heater. When you choose this model, you can be sure you’ll have no steep learning curve when it comes to operation. All you need to do is flip a switch to turn this model on – it couldn’t be easier and the cold start system has been rigorously tested!

The durable fuel cap and convenient fuel gauge make it very simple to monitor your fuel usage so you can tell at a glance when you need to refuel the unit. There is also a useful carrying handle, which lets you easily transport this unit between different spaces when required. There is also an integrated power cord wrap, so you can store the cables out of the way when the unit isn’t in use.


There are plenty of inbuilt safety features with this model, so you won’t need to worry about being protected during use. There is an automatic switch-off if the model overheats.

This product also includes the standard 1-year limited warranty. This includes coverage for product or parts replacement. It does not include service costs. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, or due to misuse or mistreatment.


  • Easy to transport thanks to the carrying handle
  • Great features like the automatic shut-off and the cold start system ensure excellent performance in all conditions.


  • It doesn’t heat quite as much space as than the Dyna-Glo model.

  Final Thought: If you’re looking for the best kerosene heater for a garage this could be the ideal model for you. It’s powerful, capable of warming a large space and suitable for use in outdoor environments. This makes it a winner whether you’re heating a construction site or a barn.

Sengoku 10,000 BTU   * Best for Indoors *

The last heater that we will be reviewing is the Sengoku 10,000 BTU unit. There is one other unit by this company at 23,500 BTU.


This heater is rated at a very diminutive 380 sq. ft. This is clearly the smallest unit of the five being reviewed and is certainly no more than a large living room or a small two car garage heater.

However, thanks to its smaller output and size, it is a strong contender for the title of top kerosene heater for indoor use.  This model represents an affordable way to heat your home, and it is also an ideal backup heating solution in the event of a power cut during the winter months.

Its 10,000 BTUs ensure that, despite its small size, it is surprisingly powerful and will keep your rooms cozy warm even on the coldest days of winter.

Fuel & Run-time

The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.2 gallons, delivering 14 hours of operating time. This is pretty impressive, considering that this is only a small kerosene heater. Also, thanks to its long operating time, you won’t have to constantly refuel the heater, ensuring greater convenience.

It also comes supplied with a siphon pump so it’s possible to easily and quickly empty its tanks whenever you need to store or move the heater. Although the pump requires 4C batteries to operate, these come with the heater, so you won’t need to worry about going out to buy some straight away.


This is an impressively portable kerosene home heater, and, even though it is one of the most compact models it still boasts some excellent features. These include a flame adjuster and automatic ignition which ensure the heater is simple to operate and easy to control.


You can benefit from a number of integrated safety features when you buy this model. These include an auto shut-off switch which guarantees the heater will immediately be switched off it is starts to overheat or is accidentally tipped over. The heater also features a protection guard over its front for added safety so you won’t be accidentally burned.

This product, as with all the heaters in this review, includes the standard 1-year limited warranty for the purchaser’s peace of mind.


  • If you’re on the lookout for an affordable small kerosene heater for smaller spaces or for your home, this could be the ideal product.
  • Despite its compact size, it is deceptively powerful, producing plenty of heat for your room.
  •  It is also light and small enough to move between rooms with ease.
  • Plenty of integrated safety features and the long run time makes refueling less of a chore.


  • This heater isn’t large or powerful enough for bigger spaces such as workshops.  

  Final Thought: Overall, this is one of the best options for people looking for a home kerosene heater. Affordable, portable and easy to use, this is also a model which is safe enough to use in any space of your home without having to worry about accidents.  


Now to decide which of these products is the greatest kerosene heater. The title has to go to the Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU unit. It is not the largest or most powerful unit, but it provides a considerable amount of heating capacity. What separates it from all the other heaters for sale, is that it offers the best heating capacity for the money.

There are heating units that put out more heat than this one. If you have a very large space to heat, you will have to bite the bullet and pay for the capacity. Most uses for a large kerosene space heater will probably be served quite will with this size of unit. I have been in houses that have smaller square foot areas than this unit will warm.

It is true that the run-time of this heater is the shortest of the five units being reviewed. However, if you are using this for a job site, it will still provide warmth throughout the entire workday if you fill the tank before the start of the shift.

Safety appears to be a priority with the makers of this equipment. Excellent safety features have been engineered into this unit’s design.

Buying a heater that is difficult to start in a cold environment doesn’t make much sense. Fortunately, the Mr. Heater unit here has excellent cold weather starting capabilities so you can start heating your environment up.

After all, isn’t that what these forced air heating units are all about?

On the fence about kerosene fuel? See what we think about the top propane powered heaters.

forced air heater

Buyer’s Guide

The first question that must be considered is whether the heater will warm the space adequately? How frustrating is it when you buy something and then discover it doesn't work?  You feel like you've totally wasted your money. The first measure is to find the space that you require to be heated.

All heating units list the heating capacity in square feet. But, that's not quite an adequate measurement. It can be very helpful in comparing units. However, when it comes to the product’s overall effectiveness, you should also consider distance between the floor and the ceiling.

A 10 ft. by 20 ft. room is 200 sq. ft. This considers the ceiling to be around 8-10 ft. high. If your shop’s ceiling is 20 ft. high, you have twice as much air to heat. And don’t forget that warm air rises, leaving it that much harder to warm the air where you will be working.

With that in mind, there are several things to consider when answering the question how much is a kerosene heater?

Types of Kerosene Powered Heaters

Another question is whether to choose convection versus radiant heat?

If you are considering whether to place a kerosene heater indoor, this is the type you would typically select for apartments and smaller areas. Some radiant heaters have electric fans to increase the air flow.

Having a fan that blows the heated air into the room will fill the entire space more effectively. If you place a radiant heater in the corner of a room, the opposite corner is not going to feel the heat nearly as well. A heater with a blower will fill the room more completely, more evenly and faster.

Safety precautions

Safety Precautions

Burning fuels does give off fumes that could potentially be dangerous. These fumes include carbon monoxide, albeit in low levels. Do not use these heaters in enclosed areas for prolonged periods without adequate ventilation such as leaving a window or door slightly open in the area of the heater. Also, be sure to properly maintain your heating unit according to the owner’s manual.

Another precaution to take is to ensure there are no flammable materials in the area where the heater is being operated. The heater produces an open flame that could ignite those materials resulting tragic losses. Re-fueling should be handled carefully. Follow proper procedures for this process as set in the user manual.

What Should Features I Look For?

If you’re buying your first kerosene home heater, it can be hard to know what to look out for. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind so that you can make an informed purchasing decision and have the best chance of finding the perfect model to suit your unique needs.

Convective Or Radiant?

The first question is whether you want to buy a radiant kerosene home heater or a convective model.

Convective heaters feature a rounded shape which enables the heat to be effectively dispersed in a full 360 degrees allowing the whole room to be thoroughly warmed through

Usually, a convection heater’s fuel tank will be hidden below the wick so all of the fuel will be absorbed and burned within the combustion chamber located above.

If you need to warm a larger area or multiple rooms at once, a convective kerosene garage heater could be the right model to suit your needs. They can easily be positioned centrally so they’re able to circulate up and out in every direction. As a word of caution, however, convective heaters should never be used in very enclosed spaces.

A radiant kerosene heater will generally have a rectangular shape. It will be more suited for use in a smaller space as instead of emitting the heat in every direction, a radiant heater will direct the warmth towards objects or people which are close by.

Some radiant heaters have a removable fuel tank which means you can leave the heater in place when you refuel – a much safer and more convenient solution.

Kerosene heater on building site
Lighting The Device

When choosing a heater, it’s always sensible to look for a model which comes complete with a battery-operated ignition or automatic ignition. This saves you from having to use a match to ignite the kerosene which can be extremely dangerous with a high risk of being burned.

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When using heaters that use kerosene inside the home, it’s important to find a model which doesn’t produce a strong odor of the fuel. When there is an unpleasant smell or if smoke is produced, this indicates a poor-quality heater.

In order to avoid unwanted odors, you’ll need to keep on top of the fuel situation. If the heater runs out of fuel, it will start to emit an unpleasantly strong odor. This means that choosing a model which has a simple to see fuel gauge or indicator light is a good idea to prevent this eventuality from occurring.

Safety Features

When choosing a heating device, it’s important to check out the safety features which are integrated into the unit. You need to ensure that you’re completely safe when you choose any kind of heater, so you should be looking for overheating protection which will turn off the heater should it become too hot. Not only will this keep you safe but it’ll also ensure the heater lasts longer.

Safety first

Another feature to look out for is an anti-tip switch. A heating device may easily be knocked over, and if you accidentally do this, you don’t want to worry about setting fire to anything around the heater. This is especially important to consider if you have small children or pets.

A removable fuel tank is another excellent feature which you should look out for. This will enable you to leave the heater in situ when it isn’t in use, and to take the fuel tank to a safer location for refueling or storage. Models with a fixed fuel tank mean you need to find a way to empty the fuel tanks before moving or storing them. Removable tanks are therefore safer.

How Long Will the Fuel Last?

Fueling can be a real pain. You don’t want to have to spend ages messing around with something so potentially dangerous, so choosing a model which is quick and easy to fuel is paramount. You should also think about choosing a unit which allows a single tank of fuel to last a long time.

Some models can operate for around 15 hours on a single tank of fuel, which is excellent. Bear in mind that the capacity of the tank may not necessarily impact on the amount of time the heater can run for – some models with smaller tanks are so efficient that they can run for the same amount of time as a model with a larger tank.

Storing & Moving

You’re usually going to have to find somewhere to store the heater when it’s not in use. Some models are much larger and more awkwardly shaped than others, and this could impact on your choice of which unit to buy, especially if you only have limited room for storage in your space. Don’t forget you’ll need somewhere to store the fuel containers too, and this will need to be a suitably safe location so that they don’t represent a fire hazard.

If you’re going to need to move your heater between different spaces, or to a separate storage location, you’re going to need to ensure your chosen model is either light enough to pick up and carry or features wheels for easier movement.

Many models have integrated carry handles, but they may still be heavy to carry, so pay attention to the overall weight of the unit as well as whether it has a handle. If you’re choosing a larger or heavier unit, check to see whether it has fitted wheels to make it simpler to move about.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Kerosene Powered Heater?

These heaters can be excellent appliances if you need portable warmth in any space. Here are some of the benefits that they can provide:

  • Save money – they provide extra heat so you can cut costs on your energy bills by simply switching off your central heating and using the heater in a single room.
  • Power cuts – if there is an emergency power outage, a kerosene powered space heater can easily provide some essential heat on cold days.
  • Outdoor use – working on outdoor construction sites or in workshops can be very cold during the winter months. A forced air heater allows workers to be more productive as they can be warm and comfortable during their work day.
  • Portability – they are portable and can be moved between rooms and spaces.
  • Instant – they supply heat instantly, so there’s no need to wait around for heat to be produced.
  • Large space heating – they can often heat a larger space, they are perfect for use in warehouses or at events.

Is a Kerosene Heater Dangerous?

Although many people are worried that these heaters are dangerous, this isn’t the case as long as they are used properly. While it’s important to remember that kerosene is combustible and therefore could be a fire hazard, the leading kerosene powered heaters today have a number of integrated safety features so you won’t need to worry about accidental overheating or fires due to the unit tipping over.

You should always ensure that your device is kept away from any flammable items, furniture and curtains during use and that you always use the right fuel for your chosen model. It’s also important to ensure that the fuel is stored safely in a suitable location when it isn’t in use.

Before refilling the heater, it’s important to ensure you’ve allowed it to cool completely since flare-ups can occur when you add fuel to an already hot heater, causing accidental burns.

You should also ensure that no pets or children are allowed to play near your heater.

We hope you've found our guide useful and we'd love to hear about your experiences with any of these models. Just leave a comment down below.

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