5 Best Small Infrared Heaters

Written by: Paul Cathro

Updated on: January 6, 2023

We recommend the best infrared space heaters on the market right now. See which make the grade in our ultimate guide.

infrared heating devices

Infrared (IR) space heaters are innovative devices that provide warmth and comfort in even the coldest of temperatures and, most importantly, they heat up instantly, so you don’t have to wait around shivering while it warms up.

In recent years, the popularity of infrared heating solutions for use in the home has soared, with more and more customers choosing infrared over the traditional boiler and radiator heating combination.

In today's guide, we recommend the best infrared heating options on the market right now. Read on to see which IR heaters we'd choose over all others.

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5 Best Small Infrared Heaters Compared

See how the top infrared models compare in the table below.



Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater


Dr Infrared Heater

Price: $$ 

 - Heats up to 1,000 ft2

3 year warranty

- Multiple safety features

- Digital thermostat

- Remote control

- Low noise blower

Duraflame 5HM8000-O142 Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Oscillating Tower Heater

Duraflame Tower Heater

Price: $$

- Heats up to 1,000 ft2

- 3 year warranty

- Digital thermostat

- Remote control

- Tip-over safety

EdenPURE A5095 Gen2 Pure Infrared Heater

EdenPURE A5095 Gen2 

Price: $$$

- Heats up to 1,000 ft2

- 2 year warranty

- Overheat protection

- Digital thermostat

- Remote control

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect

Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Price: $$

- Heats up to 1,000 ft2

- 3 year warranty

- Digital thermostat

- Overheat protection

- 3D flame effect

- Remote control

iLIVING Infrared Portable Space Heater with Dual Heating System

iLIVING Infrared Space Heater

Price: $$

- Heats up to 1,000 ft2

- 1 year warranty

- Multiple safety features

- Digital thermostat

- Remote control

- Low noise

Our Small Infrared Heater Reviews

In this section we take a closer look at each of our recommendations. Find out why each model deserves a place on this list.

Dr Infrared Portable Heater   *Our Top Pick*


In our opinion this is the best infrared heater you can buy. It's generously priced and packs a lot of features into such a small box.

The clever heat exchange technology generates an impressively high level of warmth that is ideal for heating a bedroom or living space.

The stylish design matches almost any decor - either contemporary and classic - and it's one of the most affordable infrared enabled heaters currently available.

    Key Features

  • Innovative Auto Energy Saving heat transfer technology to maximise output without using lots of electricity
  • High power, high efficiency blower
  • No dry heat - infrared technology retains the air’s moisture
  • Low noise technology.
  • 12 hr automatic turn-off timer for safety and convenience
  • Electronic thermostat for fully adjustable heat level - ranging from 50°F to 80°F
  • Handy IR remote control
  • Caster wheels for mobility and stability
  • Safety approved by official Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA and Canada

In comparison with similar products, this Dr Infrared Heater takes the prize for being one of the most affordable on the market.

Its focus on an efficient energy transfer is also an important thing to note if cost is important to you.

Infrared heating systems are intrinsically more energy-efficient than traditional convection heaters, so this isn’t unique to this particular product, but this particular model’s state-of-the-art high-efficiency blower means you’ll definitely save money on your energy bill - and it’s a great buy for customers who want to do their bit for the environment.

The adjustable thermostat combined with the handy IP remote control makes it quick and easy to change the heat when you like, and there are plenty of safety features to keep you, your family and (if applicable) your customers safe.

As it says in the name of the product, it is portable, so you can move it from room to room with relative ease, and the wheels make it that little bit easier to transport without having to lift it.

The low noise feature is good for providing discreet warmth in a room without drowning out other sounds such as the television or conversation.

Being one of the more affordable infrared space heaters on the market does have a few small downsides, however, that spending a little more would help smooth out.

First of all, the cord is a rather inconvenient length, measuring in at just 72 inches, which, in a larger space, may mean you’ll need to use an extension cord - especially if wishing to use outdoors on a patio for instance.

Other issues associated with this heater include a limited heat flow, due to its compact size (it measures at just 13 x 11 x 16 inches), which means that it may not provide adequate heat for particularly big spaces.


  • Efficient for saving energy and doing your bit for the planet
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to operate manually or using the remote
  • Multiple safety features
  • Affordable - one of the most inexpensive items of its kind
  • Built-in air filter


  • Short cord - may need an extension
  • Limited heat flow due to size

  Bottom Line: Overall, this is a great first IR heater for those who want to reduce their use of conventional heating at home. It’s a solid and cost-effective solution that’s ideal for smaller properties and first time buyers who want to see if infrared heating can save them money.

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Duraflame Tower Heater


This impressive and stylish heater is ideal for heating larger areas of space, in both a residential and commercial setting. In terms of price, this heater is towards the lower-end of what you can expect to pay for infrared heating these days, and it is packed with great features too.

Besides the impressive numbers (and they are impressive - the heater proclaims that it can heat the surrounding area up to 1000 square feet - or 10 x 100 feet if that helps you visualize it better), this Duraflame IR heater boasts a number of safety features that make it child and pet-friendly, and the elegant design means that it fits in well as a piece of furniture in its own right.

    Key Features

  • Powerful - heats up to 1000 square feet
  • Stress-saving safety switch - if it gets knocked over, it switches itself off
  • Integrated filter cleans the air of dust and other impurities
  • Fully adjustable heat dispensing - can oscillate and allow alternating flow of heat from both sides, or simply flow from one side alone
  • Naturally produces heat that isn’t dry - retains moisture in the air for more comfortable and natural warmth
  • Noise control for quiet, unintrusive warmth
  • Available in a range of colors: light oak, dark oak and cherry

A premium product that is an investment for the home, many customers may enjoy the slightly vintage feel to this wood-effect heater, and enjoy the selection of different colors to match your home or personal taste as well.

At the same time, this Duraflame tower heater has got quite a sophisticated and modern look for a heater, and having the choice between standard and oscillating heat makes it a versatile item that is as good for cosy evenings in as for social gatherings.

Being tall and slender in design it's a great fit for rooms with limited floor space. But, that doesn't mean it's dangerous by design as it has an automatic shut-off system if it gets knocked over.

Measuring at 8 x 10.9 x 22.8 inches, and with the claim that this heater can reach up to 1000 square feet, it’s an impressive amount of heat for its size.


  • Efficient - an environmentally conscious choice of heater
  • Powerful conversion rate
  • Customisation - available in different colors
  • Quiet and discreet


  • Some reviews highlight the 1000 square feet claim may be an exaggeration
  • Limited temperature setting function

  Bottom Line: To summarize, this is a very reasonable IR heater that is pretty versatile in its many uses. A great purchase for those who don't want to compromise on already limited floor space.

EdenPURE A5095 Gen2 Infrared Heater


A compact and powerful IR space heater that is great for those wanting to heat a bedroom or living area, the EdenPURE A5095 professes to heat up to 1000 square feet.

The design features a gentle red glow to conjure the image of a gentle fire, and is completed with a simple wood effect and black finish.

Weighing just 15 pounds, this heater is easily moved around the home, and the power consumption is good for the heat output.

It has a clean and minimalist design that is great for those who want a no-fuss heating solution, and it has all the benefits you’d expect from an infrared heater: it produces plenty of warmth without drying out the air in your property.

    Key Features

  • Safety regulated - it never gets too hot, and helps to filter the air at the same time
  • Stable and safe - great for homes with children and pets
  • Energy-efficient - saves you money on your energy bill
  • ‘QUIET’ setting option
  • Simple design makes it easy to operate
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Remote control
  • Two year warranty

If you’re looking for a single heater for a small space, this is one of the most solid options available on the market.

However, don’t be fooled by the seemingly impressive claims that the heat can extend to 1000 square feet, as this is a bit of an overstatement.

In a small room it will work well, but don’t expect miracles if you put in in a larger area, such as an entrance hall or open plan living space.

Another factor to consider when buying this product is its simple, clean design - for many users, this is part of the heater’s appeal as it makes it look classic and means that you don’t have to spend hours fiddling with buttons and knobs, and a lot can be achieved using the remote control anyway.

However, for some, the absence of extensive controls on the device itself makes it frustrating if you want complete control of the heater, and it can be a fiddle to get used to the temperature control settings initially.

However, this is a device from a renowned heater company, and they have a large base of loyal, happy customers. If you’re looking for a straightforward heater this is a good bet, although you might want to invest in more than one if you need heat in a larger space.

The two year warranty is a generous offering and one of the longest guarantees available on this type of heater. If you’re not happy with the product, or if something goes wrong within the first two years, EdenPURE will issue you with a replacement or refund.


  • Clean design in classic style
  • Saves you money on your heating bill
  • Compact and easy to move around
  • In the affordable price range
  • Great for smaller spaces
  • Two year warranty


  • Thermometer control isn’t intuitive
  • Basic control settings - not ideal for those who want more manipulation
  • Limited reach of heat

  Bottom Line: Overall, this is a decent heater, especially for those who are just trying out infrared heating options for the first time. It’s simple and straightforward - the only drawback being that it’s not 100% obvious how to make adjustments manually. However, the two year warranty should give you peace of mind and makes it worth giving it a try.

Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace


It’s impressive just how much you get for your cash with this Duraflame fireplace flame effect heater. If you want the benefits of infrared heating with the added appeal of something close to a real fire, this is one of the most affordable (and relatively convincing) options available.

Available in two different colors, it’s not a heater you hide in the corner: it’s more of a statement piece that can be made into a central statement in an entrance hallway, living space or dining room.

If aesthetics is one of your priorities, there are plenty of features about this particular infrared speaker that you’ll love, and all with the added benefits of innovative infrared technology.

    Key Features

  • 3D flame effect for a realistically cosy winter feel
  • Powerful heating technology reaches up to 1000 square feet
  • Infrared quartz technology produces natural, non-dry heat
  • Safety regulations - automatic turn-off feature to prevent it getting too hot
  • Fully adjustable settings to get the exact temperature you want
  • Digital thermostat for easy control
  • Safer plug technology - prevents plug from overheating
  • 3 year limited warranty

This product is one of the best mid-range flame-effect infrared models we’ve seen available, and DuraFlame are one of the most popular and well-known brands of this type of technology, having been creating firelog heating options for over 50 years.

Forget the hassle and expense of having to use combustible fuel while still enjoying the eternal appeal of a classic fire.

The realistic 3D flames and glowing embers have a lovely orange color to them, and the nature of infrared heat means that the warmth you experience is not dissimilar from a real fire either.

Enjoy all the perks of a genuine wood fire burner, but without any of the mess of having to clean up ash, refill and purchase logs, or worry about dangerous sparks or heat damaging your home.

The safety features and solid design make this IR heater a great option for both a large family home and a cosy apartment.


  • Charming appeal of realistic flames
  • Innovative technology for non-dry heat
  • Impressive safety features, including automatic switch-off and Safer Plug (TM) technology
  • Safer and less hassle than a real fire
  • Acts as a focal point for the home
  • Saves money and better for the environment than standard log burner
  • Reliable brand with 50 years of experience


  • No noise-reduction system - some customers complain it’s a tad noisy
  • Controls are not intuitive

  Bottom Line: For the price, this really is one of the best flame-effect heaters on the market. The DuraFlame brand is one you can trust, and, if you want your heater to add a certain ambience to your home as well as keep it warm, it’s a great choice. There are a few negative aspects to consider, but, overall, the hassle you save yourself from avoiding a genuine wood burner make them negligible.

iLIVING Infrared Space Heater


This compact infrared heating device combines traditional aesthetics with modern technology: the result is a reliable and stylish heater that does exactly what it says it will.

iLIVING are a leading brand in this type of heater and a wide range of other innovative environmentally conscious products - so, they do know what they’re talking about.

The heater is nice because it has that balance between being a high quality item that exudes warmth and cosiness just to look at it, but with the added benefit of being highly effective at heating - and it’s easy to control.

The dark walnut surface also makes it an attractive and timeless addition to both classic and contemporary decor, and they’ve thought about the main things that you would want from such a heater - it’s quiet and has an built-in humidifier, which can be used with the heating on, or on its own.

    Key Features

  • Noise reduction technology means no loud blasting noise, but plenty of warmth
  • Oscillation feature for further spread of warmth
  • Safety features include automatic switch-off when knocked over and when it reaches a certain temperature to prevent overheating
  • Auto Energy Saving mode - saves you money on your energy bill
  • Remote control makes it easy and quick to choose the setting
  • Electronic thermostat - gives a range of 50 to 80 degrees to choose from
  • Registered product - listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA & Canada
  • Lightweight for portability (weighs 12 lbs)

This is one of the most affordable infrared enabled heaters available today, and it has a host of technology backing its functions. It seems that iLIVING have really thought about the customer with the many features. One slight drawback is the inclusion of just a one year warranty. This lags behind the competition which offer at least two but usually three years.

As with many of these heaters, the claim is that it can heat areas of up to 1000 square feet, which, arguably, is rather a large exaggeration - but the same can be said of pretty much all competitors within this price bracket, although some customers may find this disappointing.

Ideally, this heater will be used in a smaller space; alternatively customers can buy more than one, and enjoy more heat all round.


  • Affordable - one of the top infrared models available within this price bracket
  • State-of-the-art technology for improving warmth without drying out the air
  • Remote control allows greater flexibility and control
  • Compact and lightweight, and it has wheels - easy to move around if you want to change rooms


  • Only really works effectively in smaller spaces
  • One year warranty

  Bottom Line: Overall, this sturdy little heater is a great investment for both traditional and modern homes who want to cut down on their classic heating. However, with just a 12-month warranty you're probably better off with one of our other recommended infrared space heaters.

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The availability alone of so many different styles and sizes of infrared enabled heaters indicates how this market niche has expanded dramatically in recent years.

Infrared heating technology is always evolving in order to accommodate new habits in terms of how consumers view energy usage.

Not only is it becoming less and less cost-effective to use traditional types of fuel, but increased awareness of their environmental impact has created an attitude shift.

In a world where comfort and convenience are our main goals, infrared heaters are a small step towards to a more energy-efficient way of life, without compromising on staying warm and content in our homes.

Infrared spaces heaters’ energy efficiency allow users to save money on their energy bill, as they are effective at heating the surrounding area without the waste you get from convection heaters.

Saving money on an energy bill means less fossil fuels are needed to power your home, which reduces your carbon footprint.

Infrared heating is therefore a win-win all round, and is well worth the investment - both for your wallet and your bank account.

We’ve given a brief insight into the market with our collection of infrared space heater reviews, highlighting what, in our opinion, are some the best infrared space heater options you can buy today. 

house energy efficiency costs

Buyer’s Guide

Are you a first time buyer interested in infrared? Join the gang!

With more and more people interested in the many benefits of infrared heating, both for use in residential and commercial environments, the industry has responded with a host of different options - many of which are packed with exciting and innovative features.

Whether you’re living in a swish apartment and you want to inject a little eco-friendly feel to your space, or you want to save money on heating a large period house (they can get so drafty!), infrared heating may be the best investment you make for your lifestyle and for the planet.

If you’re new to the tiny infrared heater scene, read on to learn everything you need to know from our experts before making the decision.


How Does IR Technology Work?

Infrared is a particular frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum, beginning with red light (the lowest frequency) through to ultraviolet (the highest).

To be specific it describes the part of the spectrum where wavelengths range from 700 nanometers to 1 milimeter.

It is the simplest form of heat that we experience in our daily lives, and is completely natural.

Infrared heat is radiated and absorbed in our bodies every moment of every day, and it is often used as a safe form of heating in technology such as incubators.

Infrared small space heaters work differently from traditional convection heaters, as they heat the bodies and objects around them, rather than the air. This means you don't get the same "dry" heat that dries out skin.

So, what are the main benefits of using infrared heating?

Benefits of Infrared Technology

  • Efficiency - unlike traditional heaters, they do not add heat to the surrounding air, which saves you money on your energy bill, and it’s better for environment.
  • Safety - one of the main benefits that is often lauded by fans of infrared devices is that they are very safe to use because their core temperature is never the extreme heat of a conventional heater.
  • Quality - the quality of the heat produced by infrared is much more consistent and comfortable than classic heating.
  • Immediate Heat  - infrared produces instant heat, even if it’s just been turned off then on again, so you don’t have to wait for it to heat up to feel immediate warmth.
  • No Dry Heat - infrared heating won’t dry out your skin or eyes, as its warmth isn’t derived from a reduction in the air’s moisture.

With so many benefits to enjoy, it’s understandable that you might well want to buy an infrared model for your home or for a commercial space you own - so how do you know which is the perfect IR heater for the job?

We’ve assembled a list of some of the best models available on the market today, and compiled our own infrared heater reviews to make the decision easier for you.

What Makes Infrared Different?

Infrared space heaters have long been used as an alternative heating method to classic electric or gas-powered units. While they do run off electricity, the way they produce the heat differs from traditional systems.

Infrared is the most basic form of warmth that we as humans have evolved with: infrared radiation makes up the majority of the sun’s heat.

Unlike traditional heaters, which emulate heat by warming up the air, infrared works on solid objects. This means that these heaters do not dry out the air in an enclosed space.

By retaining the air’s moisture but heating the objects in the environment, infrared heating keeps you warm and snug without the dry eyes, throat and skin some will find uncomfortable. Infrared is, essentially, a more ‘natural’ way of staying warm, and so our bodies respond better to it.

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How Infrared Heaters Work

Infrared heating has been used for a while in commercial and office environments, as well as in incubators for babies and baby animals.

In recent years, the use of infrared heating in homes has seen a surge in popularity, and infrared panels are now commonly installed inside areas of the home.

Infrared is a color on the electromagnetic spectrum: if you split the sun’s rays into its different frequencies, you will see the full range of colors ranging from red through to violet.

Infrared, like all the different coors, has its own wavelength, which is what makes it appear red to the human eye. As well as having its own color, infrared has its own type of energy.

There are several different uses for infrared energy, and it can be manipulated to serve multiple purposes - from heating a single room in the house to providing much higher heats in industrial settings.

Regular infrared heaters are now popular as a greener option that benefits both the user’s bank balance and the health of the planet.

Generally, the heater you have in your home works by using a tungsten coil inside which, when heated up, emits infrared heat. The heater then projects light into the space to heat it up.

Alternatively, they use specially designed infrared bulbs, incorporated with a heat exchanger, and a fan which blows the heat into the room.

There are three categories of infrared: Near (Shortwave), middlewave and Far IR. Near Infrared creates the highest heat and are most commonly used in outdoor patio heaters; Far IR is used in infrared panels in homes as an alternative to traditional radiators.

infrared heating devices

Key Features of IR Heaters

There is a diverse selection of these type of space heaters available on the market today, although there are a few things that the majority of home infrared heating devices will have in common.

The essential features you can expect to see (and should look for) when buying these types of heater are:

  • Thermostat that is built in
  • Temperature controls that are easy to navigate and have a wide range (50 to 80 degrees as standard)
  • User-friendly control panel (ideally including a remote)
  • Built-in fan for keeping the temperature consistent
  • Long-life quartz infrared bulb (these can be expensive to replace, so it’s best to find a heater that takes an efficient one or, even better, has spares included in the purchase)
  • No-heat external layer - you can’t burn yourself by touching it
  • Tip-resistant design - or, even better, a safety feature that means the heater automatically turns off if it gets tipped over (great for homes with small children or pets)
  • Sufficient heating power for your area size
  • Lightweight and portable - ideally with swivel wheels
  • A decent warranty / return scheme if you’re not happy

Choosing an Infrared Heater

Choosing the perfect heater depends on a range of factors that are unique to you. The questions to ask before making a purchase include:

  • How big is the space you want to heat?
  • What are your reasons for choosing infrared heating?
  • Will your infrared heating be your main source of heat, or a supplement to an existing system?
  • How do you want your heater to look?
  • Do you live in a traditional or a modern home?

If aesthetics are important to you when choosing a heater, you can find plenty of products decorated with real or imitation wood finish or, if you prefer, you can find sleek and ultra modern units with a digital display - or there are those with both features combined.

Or perhaps you want an evocative device that imitates real fire, to give you and your family a cosy focal point that you can gather around.

Other factors to consider are whether you want a remote control system or not (all of our reviewed heaters featured remotes of various types and levels of complexity) - remember that this gives you easier, quicker control of the temperature and other settings without even having to get up.

One of the most common complaints about some heaters is that they produce a lot of noise, although some of the products we mentioned above in our recommended infrared heater list are specifically designed to be quieter, so if reduced noise is a deal-breaker for you, one of these is probably a good bet.

Overall, one of the most important things to consider is that one unit can heat a small space, but it is limited in comparison to traditional central heating when it comes to warming up a larger area, or an entire property.

If you’re looking to depend solely or largely on infrared heating, you should factor in the cost of buying (and running) multiple heaters throughout your property, as one alone is unlikely to do the job effectively.

Warranties - What to Expect

The majority of heater vendors will offer some sort of guarantee or warranty, so you shouldn’t settle for anything less when making a purchase.

With so many heaters to choose from, it’s important that you get the right one for you and your space, and this may involve trying out a few different brands and models before you make the final decision.

Warranties for IR heaters can vary anywhere between one and two years - just make sure you get one that is under warranty, and that you understand the conditions.

Some users might find they need a different size, or that some models are noisy to the point of distracting, so it’s a good idea to keep hold of the receipt and original packaging until you’re sure you want to keep it, or until the warranty is up in case of any faults.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your heating device is pretty straightforward. Simply follow our expert advice on heater care and you’ll ensure the health and longevity - as well as the effectiveness - of your heater.

First thing’s first, you need to make sure your device is plugged into the right level of power source for the amount of wattage it takes. A 1500 watt unit needs to be plugged into a 20 amp outlet. If in doubt, check your heater’s manual.

Secondly, make sure that there is plenty of space around your heater.

Although every one of the IRheaters we have recommended, and indeed, any model worth buying, is designed to be cool to the touch so you never get scalded or have to deal with a fire hazard, it’s still best to leave the surrounding area clear. 

Avoid placing your heater close to decor and furniture, and never drape clothes or blankets over it. Keep anything lightweight and flammable (such as magazines, paper, dried flowers or pot plants) well away from your heater.

Thirdly, and finally, don’t run your heater at all times. This is true of all electrical appliances, and although it can be tempting to rely on your space heater instead of your main heating source, it’s always best to give your unit(s) a break every now and then.

We hope you’ve found our comprehensive overview of the top current infrared heater options useful in making your decision.

Whether you’re a first time buyer, a current customer of infrared technology, or you’re new to the idea and simply curious about this innovative technology, there are plenty of reasons to admire this contemporary form of heating.

Save money, protect the planet, and enjoy a natural feeling heat like no other with an infrared space heater today.

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