5 Best Bathroom Heaters

Written by: Paul Cathro

Updated on: December 23, 2022

Take the post-shower shivers out of your winter morning routine and replace them with a quality bathroom space heater to get your day off on the right foot!

bathroom heaters for home

Bathroom heaters offer a more efficient way to quickly heat what can be a really cold room in the home.

In today's guide, we have five incredible bathroom heaters that show you what the best part of the market is currently stocked with.

Keep reading past our bathroom-heater product reviews to get even more purchasing advice - and don’t forget to take a look at our buyer guide so you don’t make fundamental consumer mistakes.

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The Top Models Compared

Take a look at how the top heating devices compare in the table below.



Panasonic Ceiling Mounted Fan

Best Ceiling Mount

Panasonic Ceiling Mounted Fan

Price: $$$

Type: Heater + Exhaust Fan

Heating Power: 1400 W

Thermostat: No

Warranty: 3 years

Stiebel Eltron Wall-Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Best Wall-Mount

Stiebel Eltron Electric Fan Heater

Price:  $$

Type: Dedicated Heater

Heating Power: 1500 W

Thermostat: Yes

Warranty: 3 years

Broan Heater Bath Fan

Broan 655 Heater & Fan

Price:  $$

Type: Heater + Exhaust Fan

Heating Power: 1300 W

Thermostat: No

Warranty: 1 year

Broan Wall Heater

Broan Wall Heater

Price:  $$

Type: Heater

Heating Power: 750/1500 W

Thermostat: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan

Best Standalone

Holmes Digital Heater

Price:  $

Type: Heater

Heating Power: 1500 W

Thermostat: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

Bathroom Heater Reviews

Check out each model in more detail as we discuss the pros and cons and give our own opinion on each.

1. Panasonic Ceiling Mounted Fan  *** Best Ceiling-Mount ***

The first model challenging for the title of best bathroom heater comes from Panasonic. Panasonic is a well-known and respected brand. Their products are owned by people all over the world and usually well built to last for many years. They have now taken their talented hands to a 1400-watt bathroom ceiling heater and offer the item in two options. One comes with a light and the other does not. They have also made their design relatively small and easy to install.

This bathroom exhaust fan with heater has a tubular design which is sleek and seamless ready to be incorporated into any modern decor or new build. The main body of the product is made from galvanized zinc steel and then painted to make it resistant to rust. This is especially important in a bathroom where moisture can quickly accumulate. All of the relevant components of the electric heater have been lubricated too. A permanently lubricated motor makes for a long-lasting heating device.

That’s the bathroom ceiling heater’s aesthetics and materials covered, but what about its functions and capabilities? One of the most important parts of the product’s design is its steel-sheathed heating aspect. This part provides nichrome wires and magnesium oxide to create an optimal transfer of heat. This is a combination which is hard to find on other models.

It also includes a damper and a blower wheel. The purpose of the damper is to stop any outside air traveling through the fan and thus, preventing a backdraft; while the blower makes for a more efficient heating system. Specifically, it will draw in air from both sides of the product to gather more air into its wheel.

This quiet machine has controls for the vent, the light, a night light and the heating element. This makes it a multifunctional product that isn't just for the winter. Its other key features can come in useful all year around. One of the other awesome things about this bathroom space heater is that it only takes around one minute for users to start feeling its effects. Once you're halfway through your bottom set of teeth you'll be warm for the rest of your morning bathroom routine. To add peace of mind to quality, Panasonic sells these heaters with a complimentary three-year warranty.

While many of the other heaters could be mounted to a ceiling, this is one of the only ones featuring here which has been specifically designed to be placed on a ceiling. This has an advantage over the others because it will remain unseen to most guests – especially guests who use the restroom accompanied by their smartphone.

If you already have your bathroom décor arranged to the finest detail, adding a heater to a ceiling rather than a wall is much more convenient. This is also the only model on our shortlist with a damper included. This is a beneficial inclusion in any electrical appliance with a heating function – and probably somewhat justifies its price tag.

We say this because it’s the most expensive option on our list, and we say “somewhat” because we are unsure of the other reasons that this one is double, and even triple in some cases, the price of many of the others. It may come down to the fact that this is from one of the most renowned brands and trusted manufacturers in the world. With this model, you are guaranteed quality and if something goes wrong, their customer service teams are probably easier to find than your car keys in the morning.


  • Quiet operation
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Optimal heat-transferring design
  • Heats up in just one minute


  • Requires a minimum 20-amp circuit
  • Expensive

  Our Final Thoughts: A ceiling heater for the bathroom doesn’t come in many better packages than a Panasonic one. If you want guaranteed quality without taking chances on lesser-known brands, then consider this one but be prepared to hand over some more dollar bills.

Stiebel Eltron Electric Fan Heater  ** Best Wall-Mounted **

Stiebel Eltron has come up with a phenomenal design, but, we aren't really surprised given they are from the land of great engineering and manufacturing. We’re talking about Germany of course! One of the ways in which you can tell this compact product oozes intelligent design is in the way it transfers air. It will draw in any cold air from above the small wall-mounted bathroom heater and will release warm air in a downward motion. This is a more efficient and effective way of spreading the heat around the room, especially considering heat rises.

The air is fed out the bottom of the device by squirrel-cage-type blowers made from galvanized steel. These blowers are super quiet and won't disrupt you if you like to wake up gradually as you confront the bedhead in the mirror. And, they wouldn’t dream of disturbing your morning rock out to the bathroom radio. In fact, they operate at just 49.7 decibels! That’s about the noise of some distant bird calls. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like birds.

Bathroom heaters

It almost goes without saying that this German heater is going to go the distance due to meticulous planning and innovative and reliable manufacturing. What doesn’t go without saying is all the cool features attached to the product. So, we better tell you about them.

This product doesn’t just throw out heat in any way it likes. You can control the exact heat coming from the heater with a simple twist of its accompanying thermostat. This is like any other thermostat you see on heating appliances and is an absolute breeze to use. Within a second you can be reconfiguring this heater to provide you with a different temperature.

For those colder mornings when you can see your own breath and fear the moment you switch off the hot shower, there is another solution. The heater can be set to it’s at its most powerful for a maximum of one hour. After the one hour is up, it will revert back to its current thermostat settings. This is beneficial because if you forget to turn it off and head out to work, or to dinner, it will prevent your bathroom from becoming a sauna and save you from significantly increasing your bills.

This product has a frost-protecting system where the thermostat does not go below freezing. This is to protect your bathroom wall heater from significant damage in the event of extremely cold weather. The heater does come with an on and off switch for when you jet off to get some warmth by lying on the beach instead, but note, switching the machine off will deactivate the frost protection feature. If you’re going away to escape the cold, it may be better to leave it on.

Again, just like the Panasonic model, this one also comes with a three-year warranty that the remaining three do not offer – or do not offer so extensively. But, how else does this one size up to the rest of the pack in other ways? Honestly, we love this design because it has really thought about the direction of airflow to maximize heating efficiency. This scores big points with us but is not the only model to have come up with this innovation. The Germans have been rivaled by a well-known American company further down our list who have also added the same type of airflow design.

Where this one does go beyond the others is in some of its features and capabilities. The thermostat has two capabilities that none of the rest can brag about. If you leave this one on at its hottest temperature and head out the door without turning it down, it will revert to its original temperature setting so you don’t come home to the family dog wearing sunglasses and sipping a cocktail. It also means you don’t come home one day to unexpected expensive bills. The other capability you don’t find elsewhere is its ability to prevent the room from going below one degree and simultaneously protecting itself from damage – even if you're not home.

This model is significantly cheaper than the previous one but still remains the second most expensive option in our buyer guide. This gives you a good idea of how much more expensive that the Panasonic one really is. Nevertheless, this one is not so much more expensive than the other three models left to come. It has been cleverly made and offers many functions that none of the others have. For this reason, we still think it’s a challenger for both the best overall heater and the one which is the best value for your hard-earned dollars.


  • Innovative airflow design
  • Clever thermostat settings
  • Super silent operation
  • Self-protecting from frost


  • The heater must be wired

  Our Final Thoughts: This could well be the overall best space heater for bathrooms. But, definitely the top wall-mounted heater for bathrooms.It has some outstanding features that are all made even better when incorporated into quality German engineering. It's actually very competitively priced for what's an impressive piece of kit.

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Broan 655 Heater & Fan

Next up for inspection was this 1300-watt bathroom ceiling heater from Broan. It’s not the only Broan model you will see here because they have managed to win over our researchers twice. More on that later – for now let’s concentrate on this exceptional design.

The polymeric white grilles are a fantastic addition because the neutrality of the colors and the shape of the product allow the heater to naturally fit into most decors. There is no need to start cleaning the paintbrushes ready for a new lick of paint when installing this heater. It’s so small that many guests may not even know it is there – if it’s switched off, of course.

The heater’s quick working time is one of its most lucrative features. It will heat your bathroom right away so there is no need to stand there shivering in your underwear waiting for it to work. This means you can forget about running to put your more-expensive central heating system on and hiding under the bed covers while you wait for the house to warm up.

The product does have three key functions. It has the heating system, a fan to increase the efficiency of the product and also a light. The light comes in useful all year, so this is a product you don’t have to neglect in the summer when the heating function is not needed. Although, the product requires you to source your own lightbulb because it’s not included with the original purchase.

The other slight concern with this heater is that it’s not going to be overly useful for people with larger bathrooms. It has been designed to keep bathrooms nice and warm that are 65 square feet in size or less. Many people will own bigger bathrooms and this may not cater to them too well. On more positive notes, the plug-in motor has been permanently lubricated to improve the product’s longevity and to keep delivering an effective performance when needed the most.

When we compare our shortlist to one another, we are comparing the cream of the crop. So even though we are about to say some negative things about this model, it is still an exceptional design for a lot of people and much better than some of the junk you find elsewhere.

However, we don’t think this one measures up to the rest because it doesn’t bring anything new or innovative to the table. It provides a light which is a welcome addition, but you need to get your own bulb. On top of that, it’s only made for small bathrooms so a lot of the market won't even be considering it.

As you may expect, this ceiling heater for the bathroom is one of the cheapest from our quality five. Yet, it’s a fraction of a cost above the cheapest which even rules it out for the award for the heater which is the best value for money. Sorry, Broan – but you can still come to our award show later because your other model is in the mix for some prizes.


  • The design fits with most décor
  • Quick-action startup
  • Includes a light for convenience
  • Lubricated motor for durability


  • Light bulb not included
  • For small bathrooms only

  Our Final Thoughts: Don’t get us wrong, this is an exceptional heater that is one of the better product on the market. It will be a great buy for people who own a small bathroom and want a simple design from a reliable manufacturer. Yet, it isn't as good or as good value for money as our other four.

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Broan Wall Mounted Heater

Just like subway trains, you may have waited for one Broan model and you now get two in a row. Seen as though we’re showing you two of their products, you should really know a little more about Broan. Since 1932, they have been manufacturing products to help with ventilation and products specifically designed for properties. They are a US company employing and manufacturing excellent products in a number of states. If you like local US craftsmanship and are looking for a reputable company – the name is Broan and their game is bathroom wall heaters.

This design is similar to the one thought up in Germany at Stiebel Eltron’s headquarters because it also fires the heated air downwards for more efficient heating over time. The front of the device has an adjustable thermostat so users can find their desired temperature. One of the coolest things about this thermostat is that it doesn’t just display temperature readings, it’s also color coordinated. This may come in useful if you’re eyes aren’t what they used to be or if you’re getting a heater for an elderly relative. Colors may be better for older people with poor eyesight than smaller numbers.

The motor, as you may be coming to expect by now, is permanently lubricated to make it more durable and give you value for your money. One of the other ways this model has made it a long-term investment is by making it extremely easy to maintain. The whole assembly can be removed from its housing effortlessly and without the risk of damage. This makes cleaning or attending to its parts easier than ever.

But, these aren’t the only reasons why your Broan wall mounted heater for bathrooms is going to last long. It’s also packing a manual-reset-overload thermal protector. Other cool features include an efficient blower wheel and an alloy heating element to make the speed of heating even faster – so your knees aren’t knocking together as you dry off after a hot shower first thing after a winter dawn.

Broan can be more than proud of their work when we pit this model up against the other great models. They match the Germans by making an innovative design that sends heated air downwards for optimal heating efficiency. But, this isn't the only thing they can be proud of.

The simple inclusion of a color-coordinated thermostat makes their product appeal to a wider market that the other four may miss out on. People with poor eyesight and elderly people may prefer this colored system over numbers that can be harder to see. This wall-mounted bathroom heater is the easiest to clean as its parts can be withdrawn from its main assembly. We think innovation and thinking outside of the box should be acknowledged, and this product does just that.

With all this quality, it could be expected that the product is going to have you recalculating your monthly budget. Well, that’s unlikely because this is the cheapest model on our buyer guide and proves you can even get a bargain with the most established brands.


  • Renowned manufacturers
  • Efficient airflow design
  • Color-coded thermostat
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning


  • The surface mounting kit is sold separately.

  Our Final Thoughts: This model is one way of getting a cost-effective and efficient heater for a bargain price. It will specifically cater for elderly people or people with poor eyesight. You might not believe your eyes either when you see the price.

Holmes Digital Heater   * Best Standalone *

The final product on our list of the five best electric bathroom wall heaters currently on the market is this digital option from the clever bunch at Holmes. Whereas all the others have had traditional thermostats and control displays, this one brings us right up with the times by using a sleek and sophisticated digital display.

On this cool-looking digital display, users will find a variety of functions to make using the portable bathroom heater more convenient and to its full potential. You can adjust the heating system to start it functioning at a set time just before you have to get up. This is thanks to the preheating timer and the accompanying digital clock. This means you can go straight from your pillow to the bathtub without having to wake up earlier to start the heating system. Simply set it to your routine and never feel the morning chill while at home.

The digital clock will also help you in other ways. You can time yourself as you clean your teeth; you can keep track of time so you aren’t late for work, or, it can help you decide if you have time to redo your fro before your hot date arrives. The digital controls also let owners programme their thermostat to different settings so you can get ready in the perfect temperature for you.

Unlike the other four models above, this model does not need to be hard wired into your property’s current electrical circuits. There are a lot of positives to this which we will get to a bit later. For now, we will get to answering the biggest question that such a portable product may throw up…

How can a non-hardwired electrical appliance be so safe in a wet bathroom? Well, really good question, Safety Steve! These products by Holmes are fitted with an ALCI plug to avoid accidents. They are capable of ceasing an electrical current to avoid significant injury and electric shocks. This plug will keep you and the whole family safe, as well as warm. To make it even safer, this isn't just a standalone heater but can be easily fitted to a wall without too much know-how or past experience.

If we lined all of our five fantastic recommendations up, this one would be the odd one out – but for the right reasons. The design of this one is much more modern than the units we already had the pleasure of looking at. Anyone with a modern home or modern décor may be swaying to this one for that reason alone. But, there are other reasons why you may favor this one.

This one has a clock which may sound like the simplest inclusion - but it’s an effective and convenient perk. Not many people go to the trouble of putting a clock in the bathroom, even though it will be a convenient addition to get your boss off your back for being late. The other benefit to some people (not all) will be that this isn't a hardwired heater. This makes it less of a permanent decision and increases its portability. It also means installation time and effort are avoided.

The benefit of not having to hardwire it also has a knock-on effect in terms of value for money. For people who would seek professional help to hardwire their small electric heater for the bathroom, they are going to have to pay more than the price for the product. That’s not the case with this one! What you see is the final price for everyone and makes it outstanding value for money, despite it not being the cheapest product here. Don’t let this mislead you though. It’s certainly not an expensive model in the first place and sits at a standard price for these products.


  • No hardwiring required
  • Cool digital display
  • Pre-set heating timers
  • Convenient digital clock
  • Impeccable safety design and features


  • Clock needs resetting after being repowered on

  Our Final Thoughts: Holmes have thrown a modern-looking spanner into the works by offering this awesome device. Using impeccable safety features, they have managed to avoid hardwiring fees and issues which will definitely attract a lot of buyers.

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Review Conclusions

Now we’ve had the chance to go through the best bathroom ceiling heaters, wall-mounted models, and standalone devices, it’s time for us to take off our monocle and put on our judge’s hat, as well as putting our neck on the line. We like all the models on our list or they wouldn’t have made the grade and earned our precious column space. Yet, there is always one or two that outshines the rest.

First, we are going to tell you which of these heaters, we think, is the best on our list. We spent many hours deliberating and find it hard to look past the Stiebel Eltron and Panasonic offerings.

What really separates the two is the style of installation and also the price tag. 

For starters, there's only one winner if you're looking for a ceiling installation and that's the Panasonic fan/heater combination. Yes, it's expensive but it can be trusted to work faultlessly for many years.

As for wall installations, the Stiebel Eltron is untouchable. It's extremely well put together with some awesome features like the thermostat, timer and frost protection modes. What's more it's really well priced, especially when compared to the Panasonic model.

However, if the convenience of a standalone heater that doesn't need hardwiring is attractive, then the Holmes model is an excellent choice. It's the best portable bathroom heater and also the cheapest model on our list.

Spacious bright bathroom with shower and bath

Buyer's Guide

Before you race through the digital shelves to choose your favorite device, we have a few more tips and considerations you should be thinking about. Within our tips, we will explain any terminology that may have confused you during our product reviews.

What are the Key Things to Consider Before Buying?

Here are our last pieces of advice before choosing your very own heating device…

Hardwired or plug-in option – the first decision you need to make is the choice between a hardwired bathroom heater and a more-portable option such as the Holmes heater, above. For those unaware, when something is “hardwired”, it’s been fixed to the current wiring in a property. The opposite would be something that is temporarily added to the electrical circuit in a property such as when you plug an appliance in.

Choosing a hardwired model may require installation costs. If you want a hardwired one and aren’t going to install it yourself, we strongly urge you to get quotes from local electricians to avoid buying the product and then getting a shock at the amount of work it will take to get it up and running. Some home layouts may cause issues and it’s always best to know this beforehand. Alternatively, a standalone heater may be a more preferable option for you. Whatever your choice – make it early!

Power – consider the power of the heater before you buy any of them to see if it is a match with the size of your bathroom. Many manufacturers will tell you the exact room sizes it can cater to within their product specifications. If you can’t see these details then look out for the number of watts the heater generates and also look at reviews. Past customers are golden when it comes to getting to know the real details about a product.

Dimensions and décor – not all models are of equal quality and they certainly aren’t all of equal dimensions. Make sure you look at the size of these machines before buying one to avoid spoiling your current décor. Another way to prevent your luxury bathroom looking ridiculous is to ask your professional installer where the heater will need to be placed before buying.

Features – it goes without saying but you also need to check the features on each model you consider. If you know you would never pre-programme one of these heaters – maybe you don’t have a stable schedule each day – then don’t waste your money on these features and instead look for one that warms up quickly instead. Trying to visualize your exact uses of a modern heater can save you money rather than being blinded by sophisticated features and capabilities you would never use.

Noise – one of the biggest talking points on any bathroom heater review section or forum is the amount of noise they make. Always check the decibel level on any product and never buy one over 50 decibels if you want your morning singalongs to go uninterrupted.

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And, that rounds off our journey at taking a look at some quality bathroom heating devices. We’ve seen the likes of Panasonic models, Broan creations and other models that have earned their place on the Tiny House, Huge Ideas pedestal. Keep in mind our fundamental advice when researching these or other heaters in more detail to make sure you buy the best model for you and your property.

Once again, thanks for joining us and we hope to see you back at TinyHouseHugeIdeas.com reading more cool buyer guides and getting to grips with some of the most innovative and must-have products currently on the market. Next time you shower in warmth at 6am in the winter – think of us! You already do? That’s a bit weird…

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