Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Review

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Updated on: February 16, 2022

Searching for a good-quality ceiling fan for your home? Then find out more about the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan – it might be the ideal choice for you.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Sleek mid-body layout, this fan's design is coherent, compact, and able to fit perfectly in a medium or small room or office.


If you need a new ceiling fan to cool your home efficiently in an energy-saving way, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve chosen one that isn’t just stylish but which is also cost-effective and strong enough to stand the test of time.

You may be wondering, then, if the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is the right choice for you. 

If you read some Harbor Breeze ceiling fan reviews, you’ll find out all the information that you need to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

When you’re armed with all the details you require, you’ll be able to determine whether it’ll be a good choice for your home.

Modern, Sleek Style

The Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan has a sleek and modern design that makes it really stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to its mid-body layout, it’s aesthetic is a contemporary twist on the classic ceiling fan. Compact and coherent, it’s also the ideal size to fit in your small or medium-sized room.

Made with some of the best materials in the industry, this high-quality fan is a top seller thanks to its three reversible blades that give you the perfect air movement that you need to feel comfortable on even the hottest days.

With its brushed nickel finish on one side of its blades and a matte black finish on the other, it boasts plenty of contemporary, industrial chic to complement any type of décor and to bring an up-to-date look to any home.

Choose the best side to match your furnishings and create the perfect look for your space with this versatile ceiling fan. 

Ideal For Use in Small to Mid-Sized Spaces

The Mazon fan has blades with a 44” diameter which makes it perfect for use in small and mid-sized rooms.

Especially useful for home offices and bathrooms, this stylish fan perfectly complements the modern decor trends of today.

This fan supplies an airflow of up to 4,545 CFM, so if your room measures up to 100 square feet it should be effectively cooled by this model.

Dimmable Integrated Light 

The Harbor Breeze Mazon fan comes with an integrated light kit that features an 18 watt integrated LED module for energy-saving yet powerful illumination.

The matte glass opal light can easily be dimmed using the supplied remote, so you can easily get the perfect level of brightness for any occasion, allowing you to adjust for ambiance and atmosphere.

As the light is an LED, it will help to slash your energy bills without compromising on brightness in your home. 

An Eco-Friendly Choice

More of us these days are keen to reduce our carbon footprint, and one of the ways in which many of us are trying to do this is by reducing our energy consumption at home.

The Harbor Breeze Mazon fan can help you to achieve this goal since it offers many eco-friendly features.

As well as having an integrated LED light that will reduce your energy consumption, this fan also helps you to reduce your heating bills during the colder months.

When the blades are adjusted to rotate clockwise during the winter, they can move the warm air from close to the ceiling and distribute it more evenly around the space, meaning you need to spend less money on warming your home.

Also, in the summer, it can be used in conjunction with your air conditioning unit so you can adjust your thermostat slightly without experiencing any discomfort or noticeable difference in your cooling. 

Perfect For Your Low-Ceiling Rooms

If you have rooms with low ceilings, you might be thinking that you can’t have a ceiling fan, however the Harbor Breeze Mazon can easily accommodate your needs.

Thanks to its flush-mounted design, it can easily be fitted into even your lowest-ceilinged room for effective cooling. This will ensure that your room will be able to be comfortable and stylish, even if it has a lower-than-average ceiling height. 

Unlike most other ceiling fans, the Mazon will not protrude excessively from your ceiling, and this leaves plenty of space for other décor and – of course – to walk safely beneath it!

The fan is installed using a canopy attachment, and this only serves to enhance its aesthetic in your home, adding additional style and a streamlined, sophisticated look.

On the downside, though, it’s important to note that you won’t be able to install this fan on your ceiling if you have an angled or sloping ceiling.

Unlike some other models, the Harbor Breeze Mazon fan does not accommodate angle mounting.

Three Speed Motor

This fan features a three speed motor so you can easily get the right speed to keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

You can adjust the speed conveniently with the hand-held remote that even comes with its own wall cradle allowing you to operate your light and fan from any location in the space.

Whether you need powerful cooling or just a way of boosting air circulation in your home, this fan can get the job done admirably.

Seasonal Adjustments 

Thanks to the reverse air flow feature that this fan offers, it’s possible to easily change the fan’s direction seasonally.

This allows you to benefit from its effective cooling effects during the warmer months and enjoy better distribution of warm air to keep you cosy in the winter, helping you to reduce your heating bills.

When the Mazon fan is installed in your home, your home will be comfortable and at the right temperature all year round without causing your energy bills to skyrocket.

The reversible capabilities mean that you can achieve warm or cool airflow through your home, so summer or winter, you’ll never be too hot or too cold.

Quiet Operation For Zero Disturbances

When you purchase any ceiling fan, you need to be sure that it won’t disturb you leisure time or your sleep with its noisy motor.

The good news is that the Harbor Breeze Mazon fan has a very quiet-running motor so you can even use it in a child’s bedroom without any worries about being disturbed. 

Simple Installation and Easy to Use

If you’ve been worried about installing a ceiling fan yourself, there’s nothing to be concerned about when you choose this model from Harbor Breeze.

The instructions are simple to read and to follow, and all of the most complex wiring is done for you. This means you can easily have your fan and integrated LED light up and running within an hour. 

Thanks to the inclusive remote control, it couldn’t be simpler to operate this fan. There’s no need to determine which chain to pull to activate the light and which to pull the fan – with the remote, it’s quick and convenient to get the setting that you want.

Also, since a wall cradle is supplied with it, you can always keep the remote in a safe place where you won’t forget where you put it!

If you prefer to use wall switches to control the light and the fan’s blade speed, you can install a wall control which is also supplied with your purchase.

This gives you more flexibility to adjust the light and level of cooling without needing to use the remote control. 

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Long-Lasting Warranty

One of the best features of the Harbor Breeze Mazon fan is its super-long warranty offered by its manufacturer.

Having a long warranty is pretty important when investing in any ceiling fan, since you can then enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll be well-protected in the event that an issue or fault arises over time.

When you buy the Mazon fan, you’ll be confident that any flaws will be ironed out at any time since the manufacturer offers a full lifetime warranty on your purchase. 

Of course, if the ceiling fan is misused and experiences any damage due to this misuse, you won’t be covered for the repairs. However, if you take care when fitting and using the fan, you’ll be well-covered for any repairs that may need to be carried out.

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  • Integrated matte opal glass light kit
  • Flush mount installation
  • Remote controlled
  • Reverse air flow feature


  • Not the most powerful air circulation
  • Difficult to replace LED

Bottom Line

It’s very important to get the right choice of ceiling fan for your home so that you can get the perfect balance of style, function and value for money.

The Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan represents an ideal choice for anyone who needs cooling for a small or mid-sized space such as a small bedroom, bathroom or home office.

Its aesthetically pleasing, sleek and modern brushed nickel finish also makes it a contemporary choice for any room, complementing any kind of home décor. 

Made to the highest standards using quality materials, this fan was made by a reliable manufacturer and designed for both form and function.

With its robust construction, it will stand the test of time, effectively cooling your home for many years to come. 

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