10 Gardening Gift Ideas

Stuck for gift ideas for the gardener in your life? Don’t worry! In today’s post we’ve put together a list of 10 perfect presents for plant lovers.

gardening ideas

Our team has scoured the internet for the most amazing gardening gifts. We’ve put together a list that we think has all bases covered. From cheap stocking fillers to the more substantial present for a special occasion, we’re pretty sure we’ve got your back. We’ve also included some practical tools as well as the more humorous of gifts.

In no particular order here are 10 of the best gifts for gardeners as recommended by the team here at Tiny House, Huge Ideas.

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1. Cocktail Plants & Book



We couldn’t separate these two as they are the perfect combination of presents.

For starters, there’s the book. The Drunken Botanist is a New York Times bestseller written by Amy Stewart. It explores the amazing concoctions of flowers, fruits, herbs, trees, and fungi that we’ve made alcohol with since the beginning of our history. It brilliantly recounts the stories that led to the inventions of some of these drinks that we cherish to this day. It also includes more than fifty drinks recipes and gardening tips for their ingredients.

You can check the book out here. It’s available in hardback, paperback, on Kindle, or as an audiobook.

The perfect partner to this book is the Plant Theatre Cocktail Garden KitIt contains everything needed to start growing your own cocktail mixtures in the garden. The kit includes:

  • 6 Biodegradable peat pots
  • 6 Peat discs
  • 6 Plant markers
  • 6 Sealed seed packets
  • Instructions

Plant Theatre actually commissioned an award-wining mixologist to create the selection of cocktails. The kit includes full instructions for growing the seeds and also how to make syrups and cocktails with the resulting plants. It’s a really fun project that can even be enjoyed by those with no gardening experience. It’s also one of the best gardening gifts for mom.

2. Bonsai Starter Kit

bonsai starter kit

Bonsai trees are some of the coolest looking plants around. Bonsai itself is the ancient Japanese art of cultivating tiny trees that are identical to their full grown counterparts. Growing these trees is a really rewarding experience, and one that makes them really great presents for all occasions.

This starter kit contains everything you need to start your own little indoor bonsai farm. Four different types of organic seed are included, along with pots, clippers, markers and a really comprehensive and easy to understand instruction book.

This is one of the perfect gifts for plant lovers, that will provide joy and satisfaction for years and years.

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3. AeroGarden

aerogarden kit

This is one of the more extravagant of our gift ideas, but one that is just perfect for the urban gardener. Love the idea of growing your own vegetables and herbs, but don’t have the space or means? The AeroGarden was made for you!

It allows you to grow a selection of fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers all year round in a soil-free environment. In fact, the AeroGarden system grows plants up to five times faster than with soil.

It uses high performance LED lighting and a patented nutrient system in order to do this. No pesticides, no herbicides, and totally non-GMO.

A fully interactive touch screen control panel gives simple prompts, telling you when to water and add nutrients. It also offers gardening tips and guides you right the way from initial set-up to harvest.

The system automatically changes the LED light conditions to mimic day and night time conditions. The LEDs actually emit different types of light that maximize photosynthesis and produce bigger yields.

The AeroGarden brings gardening to those who thought it was impossible. Just be warned, it’s not exactly cheap.

4. Garden Kneeler/Seat

garden kneeler

This one is for the keen gardener, the one that’s out there rain or shine but needs a little helping hand. This garden kneeler offers support to your knees and keeps them free of mud and sharp objects. It’s usable as a bench to sit on or as a kneeler to do the hard work.

It’s cushioned to add some comfort when gardening for long periods, and is easily folded away to be moved from one spot to another. It actually only weighs 6.5 pounds but can easily support 330 pounds.

It also comes with a removable bag that attaches on the side. The bag has 4 pockets for keeping your tools in.

You’ll honestly wonder how you put up with the dirty knees and uncomfortable positions for so long. A garden kneeler makes so much sense, especially if you spend long hours in the flower beds.

5. Orchid Terrarium

orchid terrarium

For those unaware, a terrarium is a sealed environment or ecosystem that is perfectly suited for a particular plant or animal. In this instance, we’ve gone for a pretty orchid.

The orchid is completely maintenance free and doesn’t require any light, water, or food as everything it needs is already inside the glass jar. It’s an awesome gift to brighten up a day at a boring desk job. If the orchid is just too pretty for the person in question, then check out the venus fly trap version. This one is perfect for kids too.

6. Ultimate Gardening Tool Set

gardening tool set

A gardener is only as good as their tools right? Or something like that… Well this tool set is all you’ll ever need to get your garden in top shape for the summer.

The 9-piece set includes:

  • Rake hoe
  • Trowel shovel
  • Weeder
  • Cultivator
  • Pruning shears
  • Spade
  • Spray bottle
  • Gardening gloves
  • Accessory bag

The tools are made from rust resistant and lightweight aluminum and stainless steel. They’re sturdily built to withstand the harshest garden conditions like hard-packed soil and stones. They also have ergonomic rubber handles that are comfortable to hold and easy to grip.

The accessory bag has 8 tool pockets on the sides that are perfect for holding the set when maneuvering round the garden. There’s also a larger interior pocket for carrying more substantial items.

This is the all-in-one tool set that every gardener needs. It’s an especially good present for the beginner gardener.

7. Psychedelic Salad Kit

psychedelic salad kit

We love the gardening gift boxes that Plant Theatre put out, and the Psychedelic Salad Kit is another one that makes growing plants a fun and easily achievable thing to do.

This kit contains everything you need to start growing your own colorful vegetables. Included are: 5 biodegradable pots, 5 peat discs, 5 seed sachets, 5 plant markers, and full instructions for cultivating your psychedelic snacks.

It contains some unusual vegetables that will definitely surprise you and make you question what you’re eating. These include things like lemon cucumber and yellow lettuce.

You don’t need a big garden to grow these or even need to be an experienced gardener. In fact, it would be a really fun project for children as well as adults. Make vegetables fun for even the fussiest of eaters with the Psychedelic Salad Kit.

8. Gardening T-shirts at

gardening t-shirt

If you’re not familiar with Red Bubble, it’s an online marketplace for artists and creative people to showcase and sell their amazing work. Some the t-shirts designs on there are amazing, and the gardening section doesn’t disappoint!

gardening dalek t-shirt

We’ve included our favorite design, which tips its hat to the Dr. Who TV show, but it’s just one of hundreds of amazing t-shirt designs. You can check out this design by Meridith Dillman here, or browse through them all. is worth a look anyway as it’s home to some incredibly talented designers.

9. Easy Use Pruning Shears

pruning shears

Anyone that’s ever pruned branches or thick stems in the garden knows that pruning isn’t easy! These pruning shears make the task a whole lot easier by incorporating a ratchet mechanism that means tough cuts require a whole lot less effort.

By using this leverage system, people with weak grips or even arthritis can get more done in the garden and without the pain. These pruning shears were designed by gardeners, for gardeners, and they solve an age-old gardening problem. You’ll be amazed at how easily plants that were just too tough before, can know be pruned in seconds.

As pruning shears go, these are hard to ignore. They’re especially useful for an older gardener or someone with mobility problems.

10. Cultivator Claw

cultivator claw for garden

The Cultivator Claw from Bear Paws is so simple in its design, but has become a staple tool in many gardener’s tool bags. The handheld claw effectively replaces the use of a pitchfork, and gives greater control and precision than it ever could.

You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can do the same tasks and also a great deal more accurately. The Cultivator Claw has proved particularly popular with those with arthritis, and negates the need for a heavy and cumbersome pitchfork.

It works really well when breaking up hard soil, but also functions as a weed removal tool. It has a comfortable grip and is made of strong and lightweight nylon which obviously won’t rust.

While we’re pretty happy with our list of gardening gifts, narrowing our choices down to a final ten was tough. If you’ve got any gardening gift ideas that you think would improve our list then make sure and let us know down in the comments section and we’ll consider adding them.

If you’ve got one of these items or you’ve bought one of these garden gadgets for someone you know then we’d love to know how it went down! Was it a cherished present or was it not so well received? Let us know down below.

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