How to Find the Safest Space Heater

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Updated on: February 16, 2022

Not all space heaters are equal when it comes to safety features. We explain the features you should be looking for when looking for a safe and dependable space heater.

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Space heaters are a great purchase, but you must find one that is safe and user-friendly so that you don’t end up in a difficult situation.

Space heater safety is paramount, especially when you have children (or pets running around), so how do you know which one to choose?

You must consider a wide range of features before purchasing, and these include whether they are cool to touch, if they have any child safety additions, and whether they are safe if they tip over.

Take some time to read our guidance on how to find a safe space heater and then purchase one with confidence.

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The Most Important Safety Features to Look For

When choosing a space heater, you would be well advised to buy one that focuses on the safety of the people using it.

We would suggest that you look for the following safety features:

Tip-Over Protection

When you are considering which is the safest portable heater, you must always look for the tip-over protection feature. Meaning that if your device gets knocked over or tilted, then the space heater will turn off immediately.

The great thing about this feature is that it genuinely reduces the danger of accidental fire and means that if you have small children or animals that may pull it over, it’s going to be safe.

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Overheat Shut-Off

We’ve all been forgetful at times, and forgetting to turn off a heater is common. It’s also possible for heaters to overheat if left on too long, and this leaves many of us questioning safety.

Any good space heater will have an overheat shut-off feature that stops the heater running when it is too hot. This will allow you to run it for as long as you like, without worrying about the temperature.

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Cool to Touch

One thing to consider when you are questioning are space heaters safe is whether they will burn anyone that touches them.

The cool to touch feature is a fantastic way to have peace of mind that no matter how much heat is pumping out, hands are always safe from burns because the casing is kept cool.

Child Lock Switch

If you are going to buy a space heater, then you must get a model with a child lock switch to stop your little ones from operating the machine and potentially getting hurt.

A child lock switch will mean that if they do get hold of the space heater, then the buttons will not respond to them and so the machine will not turn on.


A thermostat is key to keeping a room at a consistent and safe temperature. Buying a space heater with a thermostat will mean that your rooms will not become too hot, and you won’t have to keep checking the room to make sure it is a safe temperature.

Most modern space heaters come with a fully adjustable thermostat, and it’s crucial that you get a model that offers this.

Having a thermostat can also save you from guessing when to put the space heater on as it will heat automatically when the temperature falls below your chosen setting.

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Hidden Cord Storage

Hidden cord storage it not only useful in helping to keep your appliances neat and tidy but also takes away the risk of someone getting tangled up and injured.

It’s essential that any space heater is left secure and safe so that you can have peace of mind that it won’t cause any harm to your loved ones.

The Safest Space Heater? The Tempa Nursery Heater

The Tempa Nursery Heater by Vornadobaby is an excellent choice if you are looking for a heater for your baby’s room.

It moves heat around the room and circulates the air so that your baby can is kept in a thermostatically controlled room that won’t get too hot or too cold for their needs.

It provides vortex heat circulation that allows warm air to be circulated to every corner of the room while maintaining a consistent temperature.

The airflow is crucial to keeping your child healthy, and the constant movement of air stops cold patches forming that can make your child’s temperature drop in a room that appears warm.

This child-safe space heater was built with your baby in mind and has a wealth of safety features that will ensure your child’s safety at all times.

It comes with a cool to touch element in case little fingers try to get to it, tip-over protection that turns the machine off if it falls, and even an automatic shut off feature so that you can leave the room, confident that your precious bundle is safe.

One of the best features is a child lock that stops your child from turning on the heater when you aren’t looking. All the controls are locked away out of harm’s reach and are only accessible to the adults that know how to use it.

There is covered cord storage that keeps the unit tidy when not in use and also means that your child cannot plug it in when you aren’t around.

Having this reassurance means that you can safely store the space heater in your child’s room and not need to lock it away between uses. If you are looking for a child-safe heater, then the Tempa Nursery Heater ticks all the boxes and more.

The heater comes with a five-year warranty as standard and has passed all the safety requirements to be sold in the U.S. It’s budget-friendly but does not compromise on standards, and it looks great too.

So many parents report that they love this heater as it eliminates all worries they had about space heaters and keeps their children’s rooms warm all the time.

One of the best parts of the Tempa is the design; it has zero sharp edges and is ergonomically designed and looks great in any setting as it comes in muted colors that aim to fit with your décor and maintain a peaceful and calm environment.

The design has even gone so far as to avoid any pinch points that can hurt little ones.

All parents worry about their children, and it is important that parents can access products that will reduce their worries so that they can focus on what is most important.

When you buy the Tempa, you are getting access to a product that will help your child stay warm without compromising on safety, meaning that you can sleep that little bit easier every night.

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How to Use a Space Heater Safely

Space heaters can be incredibly useful when it gets really cold or if you want to add some much-needed heat to a specific room.

When you decide to buy one, it is important to consider the safety features that you will need and then work out how to ensure you are using it safely each time.

The safest room heaters are ones where the owner has taken the time to consider all potential dangers and mitigated them.

Take a moment to look through the advice below that will help you to get the most from your space heater in the safest way possible.

  • Keep it away from curtains, bedding, and padded furniture as this can ignite and cause a fire that spreads through your house. Placing a space heater in a space that is clear of all clutter is the optimal position and will allow it to circulate air around the room.
  • Avoid putting the space heater in walkways as people may trip up the cable, and this can cause the heater to fall over and potentially start a fire.

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  • Most modern heaters come with tip-over protection, and it is important to make sure yours has this feature when you go to purchase it.
  • Keep your space heater on the floor, as this is where they are designed to be used. Avoid the temptation to place them on furniture as there is a much higher risk of accidents when it is not correctly handled.
  • Even if you have a thermostatic space heater, it is important to switch it off at the mains when you leave the room. If you aren’t there to watch it, then it isn’t safe and could cause irreparable damage.
  • When you turn your space heater off, take the extra precaution of unplugging it from the outlet so that it cannot be accidentally turned on again without your knowledge.
  • Keep an eye on the cord and check it regularly for damage. If you have a damaged cable, then you must cease the use of the heater and get it replaced.
  • It’s good common sense to have smoke alarms fitted in your house, and this is even more important when you have space heaters. Smoke alarms that are regularly maintained and tested will alert you to fire and smoke, potentially saving your life and your home.

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