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Updated on: December 23, 2022

The EdenPURE Classic CopperPLUS infrared space heater offers the ideal supplementary heating solution for all climates and can be operated via remote. But, is it worth the money? Find out in our review.

Edenpure infrared space heater

The EdenPURE A5551b heater is a popular choice that’s got a great reputation. We couldn’t wait to find out for ourselves.

A fan-operated infrared heater could be the missing element to turn you from winter grump to someone who spends the entire year counting down until the first day of snow.

We are certain this EdenPURE quartz infrared portable heater could be the product to make this happen for you – here are all the reasons why.

Let’s see how this heater from EdenPURE reviews.

A Bit About EdenPURE Heaters

Based in North Canton, Ohio, the EdenPURE brand is the leading national developer and supplier of state-of-the-art home appliances focused on healthy and money-saving technologies.

The company prides itself on its integrity and its attention to offering the very best quality, prices, and services at all times.

Each and every EdenPURE heater must comply with the company’s rigorous performance standards, which is why the company offers an unconditional, 30-back money-back guarantee service.


Based on the company’s loyal and ever-growing customer base, however, it is safe to say that, while full refunds are available, they are hardly ever necessary.

Forever striving for error-free, friendly and unparalleled service, EdenPURE can assure you that their products will be delivered to their highest standards for you to enjoy for a long time to come – and this is exactly what you want from a reliable supplementary heater with the power to make the winter season a joyful one.

Whether you buy an important product such as a heater online or in a physical store, you will want to be sure that you will receive continuous, friendly customer support should you have any more questions or run into issues.

This company is one of the only direct sellers that guarantees OEM replacement parts and its own service centers. Their reliable customer service is always open to you via their telephone support line or their online form.

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edenpure portable space heater

Comfort & Style

The EdenPURE A5551b Heater will get you through the cold months safely and comfortably.

With its positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating elements, this heater puts out more heat than a ceramic tower heater and is easy to control with the thermostat and remote control.

This is a great heater even for those who are sensitive to the dry air a lot of heaters tend to produce. This portable heater will not burn up the oxygen or increase humidity. It will always keep the air quality in your home good.

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With no exposed heating elements, a housing case that remains cool and a touch-safe front grill cover, the EdenPURE A5551b is an excellent option for households that are looking to keep their children and pets warm without jeopardizing their safety.

It’s sturdy, fireproof steel housing can easily withstand a headbutt from the family’s Saint Bernard dog, and should Grover succeed in tipping the heater over, it will shut off automatically.

EDENpure remote contol for infrared heater

EdenPURE space heaters come in a modern stylish design with black, metal housing and a subtle accent of color that will become an attractive feature in your home or office.

Equipped with wheels that make it portable and keep the unit raised safely off the floor, this heater is very useful for households or office environments that will be making use of it in various areas of the space.

The wheels make the move from one room to another easy and efficient, allowing you to take the warm with you any time you want.

Another major plus point for those who want to get comfortable and remain comfortable is the fact that the space heater comes with a remote control. The remote comes with a round watch battery already installed so you won’t have to rush out before assuming your snuggle-spot on the sofa.

The remote allows you to adjust the heat without having to peel yourself from the couch again or hitting pause on the movie. It may not be the most important feature of this heater, but it’s definitely a perk!

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A space heater should not disrupt the look and design of the room nor the atmosphere hence, a loud fan that is forever humming or buzzing will not exactly contribute to a cozy, homely feeling.

Customers have been very impressed by the lack of sound coming from the EdenPURE’s fan and would recommend it on even to the members of their family with incredibly sensitive hearing – they won’t even notice it’s in the room were it not for the heat it provides.

Delivered with a washable filter for easy cleaning, you can keep your heater clean and avoid any humming sounds gradually being brought on by dust particles.

Back of EDENpure space heater

Safety & Control

If you’re looking to invest in a durable, quality space heater there are two considerations that should always be your top priority: safety and control.

The safety part goes without saying – though we will get to that later – but the control element is one thing many people forget when looking into possible brands and models to purchase.

Don’t just settle on heating – settle on an adjustable heating experience the whole family can enjoy.

You know what it’s like – the wife is forever freezing and warming her icy feet on you, while you’re roasting in your seasonal woolen sweater. If you’re saddled with a heater that has no settings chances are it’ll be difficult to reach a temperature compromise, you can both live with.

The EdenPURE heater offers up to two heating settings to ensure you’re always experiencing maximum comfort.

These heater units are extremely energy efficient and their adjustable settings allow you to choose minimal heat options that will keep the room at a pleasant temperature while you’re out without wasting any heat.

Increasing heating efficiency with less electricity consumption, the EdenPURE is a great supplementary heater but can also warm one or several small rooms evenly – even in an old home where heat tends to get lost between the cracks and draughty hallways.

Even though it is capable of cranking out quite some heat to keep you nice and snug during your Christmas movie marathons, you will never have to worry about this space heater overheating or catching fire.

It is equipped with overheat protection and a safety-tip-over-switch which will turn the unit off automatically in the event of tipping over.

For easy maintenance, the EdenPURE heater comes foreseen with a lifetime, washable air filter. This filter can be removed and cleaned thoroughly whenever necessary and filters the air intake of the heater providing a quality, clean air outlet.

The copper PTC elements are prepared with an auto robot feature that will help the heater recover from power outages quickly and efficiently.

EDENpure quartz space heater

Durability & Affordability

If you’re going to take the step of buying a supplementary heating system for your home or office space, then you’re going to want to be sure that you are investing in an affordable long-term solution.

Based on many EdenPURE reviews from satisfied customers and the company’s long-standing experience in developing state-of-the-art, reliable heating technology, you can rest assured that this will be a purchase you won’t regret.

On the contrary, you will be reminded of just how grateful you are to have ever made the decision of making the EdenPURE heater a permanent part of your home.

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Customers have reported their product providing a trustworthy, comfortable and safe heat source for up to ten years without issue. Those who have experienced minor faults were quick to add that EdenPURE’s unparalleled customer service was very accommodating and helped resolve the issue at once.

Should your heater have to be replaced for whatever reason, the company will even go as far as to send you a pre-paid label with which to send it back before shipping out your brand-new heater.

This EdenPURE space heater offers a great space heating solution at an affordable price and a 2-year warranty.

Reaching temperatures between 40F and 90F, it works ideally as a supplementary heating unit or a little solo trooper for smaller apartments and houses.

What makes this unit particularly attractive, however, is the fact that it will only increase your electrical bills by a smidge whilst cutting a substantial amount from your gas bills.

What makes EdenPURE stand out from other companies, is the fact that they provide replacement materials at no extra charge. Whether the heating tubes or the washable filter need replacing, a quick call to the customer service line and you’ll be helped immediately.

In most cases, the company will take over the shipping costs and will even include a free DVD manual with instructions for maintenance/replacement purposes.

Whenever you’re purchasing a technical appliance it is of utmost importance to assure yourself that replacement parts and service options are readily available for the product in question.

There’s no joy in buying a heater at a fantastic Black Friday price deal when replacing a faulty part may end up costing you more than the actual heating unit. All in all, the EdenPURE is not only affordable, but it will also end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Stellar Recommendations

The EdenPURE space heater has received fantastic reviews and stellar recommendations not just online but through word of mouth. Many customers have proudly reported their guests enquiring about their EdenPURE units upon entering their homes, immediately recognizing the powerful heat outlet and its comfortable, portable use.

Families who have been trusting in the brand’s dependability for years pass their enthusiasm on down generations. We all want our friends and family to be comfortable and warm during the cold months and once we find a heating system that works for us, we cannot way to share it with those nearest and dearest to us.

If this review or the many, many satisfied customer testimonials available to you online haven’t convinced you just yet, you may take the word of a seasoned home building professional.

Even the famous American home improvement TV show host, Bob Vila, who is known for shows such as This Old House and Bob Vila’s Home Again, has put his stamp of approval on the EdenPURE.

Honored with the Better Homes and Gardens Heritage House of 1978 award for his restoration of a Newton, Massachusetts based Victorian Italianate house, Bob Vila quickly began making a name for himself as one of the leading experts of period home restorations in America.

Having renovated some of the most notable homes all across America, Vila has a strong understanding of what it takes to not only design and decorate a home but heat it efficiently.

As we all know, old homes can be some of the most difficult homes to keep at an even temperature thanks to poor insulation and many a draughty nook keeping the room perpetually cold.

Knowing that someone like Bob Vila, someone who launched his entire career based on his knowledge of old houses, endorses this infrared space heater should give you all the more reason to trust in its dependability and durability.

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