Eclipse Blackout Curtains: What You Need to Know

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Updated on: July 24, 2022

Learn what we think about Eclipse Blackout Curtains in our latest guide. Are they worth splashing out on? Read on to find out.

eclipse blackout curtains

There are so many reasons to choose blackout curtains for your property - and especially your bedroom.

They can help maintain the temperature of a room, block out unwanted sunlight in the early morning, reduce street noise heard indoors and help you save money.

Blackout curtains are nothing new.

In the war, it was compulsory for homeowners to block the light from escaping their home so bomber planes could not identify large populations easily.

Luckily you don’t need to start taping cardboard to your windows today to achieve a warmer and/or darker room.

In this guide, we weigh up the pros and cons of blackout curtains and highlight a fantastic example in the Eclipse Black Out Curtains.

What are the Benefits of Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are made different to ordinary curtains and the best ones make use of Thermaback technology.

The windows in any property are one of the places that allow heat to escape the easiest.

Blackout curtains can reduce the amount of heat escaping because they act as a thermal barrier

In doing so, the blackout curtain keeps rooms warmer and can reduce energy bills.

They can also be used to prevent sunlight from entering a room, which is highly desirable for those who wake up to the early morning sun from their bed and prefer a darker room to stay asleep longer.

By using thermal technologies, it is implied that these curtains are great for winter – which they are – but they can also be used in hot climates.

The curtains block out the sun’s rays to prevent light, but they can help rooms to maintain a cooler temperature as well.

One last benefit of blackout curtains is their noise reduction properties. By design, they need to be dense and thick to block out bright sunlight.

Material like this has the additional benefit of being great at absorbing sound. While they aren't going to block out loud noises completely, they can help absorb some sound to reduce its overall impact.

Please note that if you have issues with unwanted noise then these curtains aren't going to be the solution. There are more effective ways to reduce noise in the home. The main role of these curtains is blocking light.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains Explained

A fantastic example of modern blackout curtains is the range from Eclipse.

These curtains boast many of the benefits discussed above – and here are the details:

1. Laboratory-Tested Black Out Panels

These blackout curtains include blackout panels that have been put to the test in a laboratory.

The results?

They were proven to block out 99% of UV light, making them a great choice for anyone wanting to keep their property cooler in warm climates or for those wanting to reduce the sun’s beams before the morning flat white.

The same panels were also proven to significantly block out street noise. If it is decibels rather than sunlight that is causing you to have a poor night’s sleep, then these panels may just help you get the right amount of beauty sleep each night.

2. Thermaback Technology Makes a Difference

These curtains are one of the select few that also include Thermaback Technology.

This is a patented design that has also been proven to make a real difference for homeowners and renters.

The technology means the curtains provide more barriers to heat escaping the home or for heat entering the home.

The end result is a room temperature that is comforting and relaxing, while reducing the cost of heating systems or air conditioning

3. Versatility

These blackout curtains come in a wide selection of colors and sizes, allowing everyone to take advantage of their benefits.

From the subtle and elegant neutral colors of black, navy and cream to the more exuberant pallets of peacock or ochre, there is a color and a size perfect for every family.

These curtains can be used in all types of rooms from living space to bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Many buyers also choose them to put up in nurseries because they can reduce the noises that can wake up children – just another way they help you get a good night’s sleep!

Other people choose to use them as a way of watching the TV or playing video games without a glare on the screen or in the individual’s eyes.

Sometimes sun rays from outside can spoil the entertainment but blackout curtains can block them out and prevent the action from being interrupted.

How to Install Eclipse Black Out Curtains

The installation of these curtains is relatively straightforward. Each curtain panel includes three eyelets at the top and each has been reinforced for aesthetics and durability.

They will slide neatly over a curtain rod. However, the curtain rod is not sold with the Eclipse model (or many competing options) and must be bought separately.

The rod will need to be drilled into the wall to keep it stable, so it does not fall. This will require a second person to hold it while being secured and use of power tools.

Renters may need to ask permission from their letting agent or landlord before putting up blackout curtains.

The Final Verdict

Eclipse Blackout curtains are undoubtedly a great addition to a property if you are looking for any of the following benefits:

  • Noise reduction
  • Heat retention
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Cut energy bills (heating and air conditioning)
  • Light reduction

However, it is best to buy quality models such as the blackout curtains offered by Eclipse, complete with laboratory-tested designs, color and size options, and the stellar Thermaback Technology.

Other models are available and may also boast similar qualities and results. It is worth doing some research to find the best option for you - while keeping the Eclipse curtains on your radar!

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