Dometic Portable Toilet Review

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Updated on: January 17, 2022

If you are looking for a toilet that will fit in your RV or is lightweight enough to go camping with you, then the Dometic Portable toilet could be a fantastic option.

Dometic Portable Toilet

Dometic Portable Toilet

The Dometic Portable Toilet has a durable design - high-density polyethylene construction provides strength and toughness.


If you want a portable toilet that is lightweight, easy to move and looks the part, then the Dometic 970 series portable toilet for camping is an excellent choice.

With a good-sized waste system and made from tough material, this toilet will go anywhere you want to take it.

Take a moment to read through our comprehensive review before you purchase, as this will let you decide whether this model is the perfect choice for you and your family.

We think it is an outstanding portable toilet and are sure that it will be a fantastic purchase for your camping kit.


The Dometic 970 series portable toilet has a 2.6 gallon clean tank that will keep you flushing until you are ready to empty the system rather than finding your holiday ruined with constant trips to the chemical disposal.

It is not as big as other models on the market, but the smaller sized tank makes it far easier to empty when the time comes.

The waste tank is a massive 5 gallons so that you don't have to spend lots of your time emptying it when you have better things to do.

The tank is sealed, and so no foul odors will escape in-between emptying days, and when the time does come to get rid of the waste, there is a simple and efficient spout that will help direct the waste out of the system and into the drain.

Average Flushes

The toilet uses 0.4ltr per flush, which is less than a whole pint of water to clean the toilet after you have used it. This eco-friendly feature will also keep you from having to refill every day.

As there is a 2.6 gallon water tank, this means that you can expect around 24 flushes per tank; making a perfect choice for a weekend away or as a night-time toilet when no one wants to find the camp toilets in the dark.

It is sturdy enough to be used for liquid and solid waste and manages flush with ease.


Not only is the toilet small enough to be moved by one person, but it is also light enough too.

The toilet comes with in-built carry handles and can be lifted and emptied by a single camper rather than having to find the time for two people to be free to move it.

It stores easily and can fit in any sized trunk for any journey you may be going on. It also unpacks and can be set up quickly and easily, making it incredibly portable and family friendly too.

When it is not in use, it will easily store in your garage or storage cupboard without taking up too much room and can even be used as a spare toilet when you have your family to stay. 


Dometic has worked hard to create a toilet that is user-friendly but also as small as it can possibly be without compromising user experience.

This allows you to pack every essential into your car without compromising on safety and comfort.

The toilet is only 13.5 inches high and 15.5 inches wide so that you can literally put it in any small space and know that it is accessible to all the campers in your party.


One of the biggest selling points of Dometic’s toilet is that it weighs next to nothing and comes in at 12 lbs total when empty.

This makes it a toilet that can be lifted by anyone so that you won’t need to bring a trolley to cart it around with you.

You can even let the kids help you set it up when you arrive because it will be light enough for them to carry from the trunk to the pitch.

If you order it online, the total package weight is only 12.3 lbs, meaning that you will be able to receive it to your doorstep by normal courier delivery.

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Maintenance Ease

The Dometic portable toilet is made with simplicity in mind because the company state that they want to make your trips away from home as comfortable as possible.

Each part is easy to remove and clean, and the toilet comes with a one year warranty so that you are covered if any faults should develop after using it.

More importantly, it is seriously easy to clean as it is made from smooth material with no hard to reach nooks.

You just hose it out and then add your cleaning products to ensure that all bacteria are eliminated before using it once again.


It is made from high strength plastic, and the ABS construction means it can withstand any environment that you want to use it in. The manufacturer boasts that you can even drop or stand on it, and it won't break! 

The toilet comes in a white and grey color scheme and fits well with any camping gear you already own. It has a full sized, adult toilet seat so that you can be as comfortable on this toilet as you are on the one at home.

There are many useful features that have been added into the model to make using it a breeze:

  • A simple to read tank level indicator.
  • A push button flush.
  • Extra long spout rinse for the bowl.
  • Integrated handles for ease of movement.
  • Lockable lid to help secure the toilet for travel.

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  • High-strength ABS construction
  • Prismatic tank level indicator
  • Full-size seat
  • Latching lid


  • Daily emptying
  • No brackets for full mounting

Bottom Line

It's clear that Dometic has come up trumps with this portable toilet. You can move it easily, and it only takes one person to set it up and maintain it.

This makes it a great choice when the family is going away for the weekend or if you are camping on your own.

The design of the toilet is attractive and fits with any camping set up that you already have.

It is not overly noticeable and can fit into most spaces so that you can position it away from the main living area and know that, due to the seals, that no smells will escape – a great toilet!

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