The Top Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

Corinthian Bells wind chimes are a fantastic way to enhance your porch or garden by creating soothing tones that provide a tranquil soundtrack to your home. Today, we recommend three of their very best offerings.

corinthian bells wind chimes

Wind chimes are a fantastic way to enhance the entrance way of your home or to improve the aesthetics and soundtrack of your garden.

Corinthian Bells are renowned for their excellence when it comes to crafting wind chimes to sooth the ears and appeal to the eyes.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Corinthian Bells wind chime you’ve come to the right place!

We recommend three of their outstanding designs which will complement any home or garden.

 Let’s waste no time and dive straight in!

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The Top Models Compared

Take a look at how the top Corinthian Bells wind chimes compare in the table below. These are the models that we recommend over all others.

There are more detailed reviews following the comparison table.



Corinthian Bells 44-Inch Windchime


Corinthian Bells 44-Inch

- 44-inch long
- Made with 1.25" diameter aluminum tubes
- Hand-tuned to the scale of C

QMT 36-Inch Corinthian Bells Wind Chime

Corinthian Bells 36-Inch

- 36-inch long
- Made with 1" diameter aluminum tubes
- Hand-tuned to the scale of E

QMT 36-Inch Corinthian Bells Wind Chime

Corinthian Bells 27-Inch

- 27-inch long
- Made with 0.75" diameter aluminum tubes
- Hand-tuned to the scale of C

Our Corinthian Bells Wind Chime Reviews

Read about each of the chimes in a bit more detail as we explain the features and designs.

Corinthian Bells 44-Inch     *** Our Top Pick ***

The first of our Corinthian Bells wind chimes is this large model. In fact, the overall length of this wind chime reaches a whopping 44-inches! It’s certainly long and the biggest wind chime featured here on our list. Yet, it’s not the biggest wind chime to come out of the workshops at Corinthian Bells’ headquarters.

You can pick this particular design up in one of many colors. Most of their wind chimes do come available in lots of pleasing colors but this one has the most color options on our three-part list. Specifically, they make this model in: black, green, copper vein, plum, midnight blue, patina green and a sophisticated ruby splash aesthetic.

We've already mentioned that this wind chime comes in a considerable size of 44-inches, but what are the dimensions behind that number? The overall length of the product may be 44-inches, but the length of the longest tube is just over half that length at 23-inches.

Each tube is 1.25-inches thick and made from lightweight but durable aluminum. Aluminum is a perfect choice because the product needs to withstand windy conditions but remain mobile enough to create those desirable soothing tones.

To be specific regarding the type of music you'll get from this wind chime, it has been hand-tuned to the classical C-scale. Due to being tuned in this way, this USA-made 44-inch wind chime is perfect to be placed with smaller Corinthian Bells wind chimes which will complement the low tones of this larger product with the flare of those smaller ones.

Although you're yet to see the next two models, this one is definitely going to give the grandest of statements on a porch or home entrance. This is due to the sheer size of the product compared to the others.

However, this size doesn’t exactly reflect the sounds that they will produce. You can enjoy the same hand-tuned C-scale from the smallest wind chime here at almost half the price. If you're looking for a statement then choose this one, but if the tones are the most important thing to you then this isn't the best value for money!

  Our Final Verdict: This is a quality wind chime for someone needing to complete a set with a windchime tuned to the C-scale or someone who wants to make a grand statement on their porch.

Corinthian Bells 36-Inch

The second product on our Corinthian Bells chimes showcase is this 36-inch model. Like the previous one (and all these models), this product has been designed and manufactured in the US. The color options are usually standardized across all of their wind chimes but we noticed that this model is missing one color – black! You can choose from all the other lucrative colors as we mentioned earlier except black.

The total model is 36- inches in length, but the longest tube is again just over half of that dimension at 18.5-inches – have we discovered Corinthian Bells design blueprint? Maybe! The shorter length of tubes also results in a shorter diameter of each tube.

Whereas the model we just saw had thicker tubes at 1.25-inches, this model’s tubes measure in at a 0.25-inches less than that at just one inch. Despite being a smaller model and around the medium size of wind chime produced by this manufacturer, it still has the potential to be a focal feature in any garden or on any porch!

This wind chime has been hand-tuned. On this occasion they’ve been tuned to the classical scale of E. These chimes would be the perfect addition to the melodies produced by their other products scaled to C – as above – or even their bigger 50-inch wind chimes in their range scaled to A. Enjoy the soothing tones from this wind chime while sat on your veranda with a good book in one hand and a glass of red in the other!

It’s a difficult task to compare this wind chime with the other two options here. This is due to this one offering a different scale than the other two *spoiler alert*. This one would complement the other two and for that reason it’s more difficult to compare them. When it comes to value for money this one is definitely a good option. It’s not too small, it offers pleasant tones and is going to enhance any entrance or outdoor space.

  Our Final Verdict: You won't find better quality offering hand-crafted melodies at this fantastic price. We’re envious of anyone that owns this exceptional Corinthian Bells wind chime!

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Corinthian Bells 27-Inch

The third and final USA-made Corinthian Bells Wind chime we’ll be taking a look at in this buyer guide is an even smaller model. We’ve gradually dropped the sizes of the wind chimes as we’ve progressed through our three outstanding Corinthian Bells top picks.

Whereas the first wind chime had all their usual colors available, the second wind chime and this one are both missing one color option from their standard set. But, this time the black option remains and the green one has been taken out. Why this is, we don’t know, but there are still plenty of colors to choose from including a patina green option.

The overall length of the wind chime is 27-inches, but the longest chime boasts 12.5-inches of excellent craftsmanship. It turns out we didn’t suss out their design secrets after all as the longest tube here is below half of the chime’s overall measurement.

The diameter of the aluminum tubes are slightly smaller again at 0.75-inches. It might be smaller, but it provides the same peaceful and relaxing notes that have been hand-tuned to classical C just like the biggest option available above!

The final wind chime measures up against the big boys without a problem. Considering this wind chime plays similar notes to the most expensive one on the list with a much cheaper price tag, we think it's unbeatable for value for money. The only time it won't be great value for money is if you're looking for a striking wind chime – no pun intended – that will capture the attention of every welcomed guest and annoying salesperson.

  Our Final Verdict: If size isn't important to you but the tones and soothing melodies are then we recommend you ditch the other options and choose this awesome wind chime!


After taking a look at these three wind chimes, we need to decide on which is the best and which is the best value for money. All three are from the same company meaning they've been designed and manufactured with the same materials and attention to detail.

This makes it difficult to separate them on those terms. The only way we can separate them is on their dimensional differences and the tones they provide. Both of these things are going to come down to individual preference rather than blanket superiority.

As a result, we cannot state that one is better than the other. One of these wind chimes may be better for one person with a particular need compared to another person with a different need. If you prefer the grand statement of a wind chime then choose the 44-inch model.

If you prefer subtle elegance enriched in pleasuring melodies, then go for one of the smaller options. Likewise, if you want the best of both worlds choose the middle ground and pick the 36-Inch model. For the same reason, it’s difficult to choose the wind chime which is the best value for money.

However, it could be argued that in both cases that these are wind chimes and their primary function is to play beautiful notes. If you agree with this then the best value for money will always be the cheapest when contemplating these models because they all play equally desirable tones. Again, preference plays an important part…

Buyer’s Guide

That wasn't the best help, was it? But we hope you see our point. To make your decision easier we think there are a few aspects of wind chime trivia you need to graduate in.

What Are The Important Wind Chime Terms?

When seeking out a beautiful windchime for inside or outside your property you’ll be exposed to lots of wind chime terms. These terms refer to the typical structure of a wind chime and the names of the parts that create the whole.

To help you navigate your wind chime shopping, we’ve put together the main terms you will need to be familiar with:

  • Hook – this is the part right at the top of your wind chime that secures to a wall. It’s not always a hook but sometimes a bracket that needs to be fixed and secured to a surface.
  • Suspension cord – below the hook or bracket are a number of suspension cords. These are usually made of nylon due to its weather resistance.
  • Platform/Top circle – the platform sometimes referred to as a top circle is the part of the wind chime which supports the parts below. Speaking of…
  • Tubes – these are the carefully crafted tubes that are partially responsible for creating soothing tones. They appear in different lengths to help avoid a monotone sound which would get repetitive and dull.
  • The clapper – between the tubes you'll find the clapper. The clapper can be made of wood or a type of metal. It is this part which is also responsible for creating the melodies. When the wind blows the clapper comes into contact with the tubes to produce appreciative sounds.
  • Central cord – this cord runs down the center of the wind chime from the hook, through the top circle and is what the clapper is attached to.
  • The sail – right at the bottom of the wind chime you'll see the sail. The sail is also connected to the central cord and dangles below the clapper and below the tubes. The sail, just like on a boat, is responsible for catching the wind and causing the clapper to move and make contact with the tubes.

There you have it! You're now fully up to speed with the anatomy of a wind chime so you're equipped for all the confusing terms when clicking through and doing your online wind chime shopping!

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Would You Buy The Same Shirt Seven Times?

If you're one of those people who like to create a wind chime farm to enjoy lots of different sounds, you need to make sure you choose your collection carefully. When creating a wind chime space with different models it’s paramount that you choose wind chimes that have been hand-tuned to different tones.

You wouldn’t go to the store and buy the same shirt every day, so why would you get four wind chimes all playing the same note. If you have wind chimes that are too similar to each other you'll get abrupt monotones instead of having a flurry of varied delicate and tranquil sounds that complement each other. To avoid this, do your research on what sounds work together and reduce the risk of the cat having to hide.

Thanks for taking a musical stroll through our buyer guide! We hope to welcome you back for more interesting discussions and top tips when buying other musical and not-so-musical products in the near future!

Let us know what you think down below!

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