Tiny House

15 Tiny House Communities


Looking for a place to stay in your new tiny home? Check out our awesome list of the top 15 tiny house communities in America. Due to the small size and low costs of their dwellings, tiny ...

How To Finance A Tiny House

Read our top tips on finding finance for your tiny house. This could be one of the biggest decisions you ever make, so make sure you have all bases covered. A tiny house can be a great way to ...

Tiny House Hotels and Rentals

tiny house hotel

Downsizing to a tiny house can seem a daunting prospect. Thankfully, by renting you can test out the waters before you jump in. In today's post, we list our favorite tiny house rentals and hotels. ...

Why Build a Tiny House?


Still undecided about building a tiny house? Maybe we can help make up your mind with our reasons why we love tiny homes! Most people think that the bigger the house is, the better it is. ...

Tiny House Huge Ideas