5 Best Small Infrared Heaters

infrared heating devices

We recommend the best infrared space heaters on the market right now. See which make the grade in our ultimate guide.Infrared (IR) space heaters are innovative devices that provide warmth and comfort ...

How to Light a Propane Heater

Propane heater flame

Propane heaters might have a reputation for being dangerous, but when used and lit correctly, they are some of the top heaters on the market. Today, we show how to light one correctly. Propane ...

4 Best Ventless Natural Gas Heaters

ventless natural gas heaters

We recommend the four top ventless natural gas heaters currently on the market, waiting to assist you in creating a cozy, warm winter atmosphere in your home or workshop. It's not always easy ...

How to Light a Kerosene Heater

lighting a kerosene heater

A kerosene heater might not be as simple as plugging in a heater, but with this simple guide, you’ll have your heater running in no time! While some people prefer the idea of a plug-in ...

10 Most Energy Efficient Space Heaters


Get the most efficient small heater for your home with our comprehensive reviews and buyer’s guide. We make choosing the perfect space heater easy.Space heaters are a great way of heating rooms in a ...

How to Find the Safest Space Heater

how to find the safest space heater 3

Not all space heaters are equal when it comes to safety features. We explain the features you should be looking for when looking for a safe and dependable space heater. Space heaters are a ...

Dr. Infrared Heater Reviews


We take a close look at the 2 most popular Dr. Infrared space heaters. Find out what we think and why in today's big reviews.The Dr. Infrared brand produces a range of small, portable infrared space ...

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