The Best Way to Defrost a Freezer


When was the last time you defrosted your freezer? Maybe you have a modern frost-free freezer - but did you know they sometimes need defrosting too?There are several causes of icy build-up inside a ...

How to Clean a Freezer

meat and vegetables in the freezer

Learn how to clean a freezer with the least effort with our guide. We also explain how to do the deed without any defrosting too!While you’ll soon notice if you don’t clean your fridge, it’s possible ...

How Does a Freezer Work?

How a freezer works

We use them all the time, to store food, like ice cream and everything else. Have you ever stopped to wonder why and in what way they work? In the following post, we explain the history and science ...

5 Best Mini Freezers

mini freezers

Unsure which small freezer to buy? We recommend the best mini freezers available right now. Get an energy efficient tiny freezer with our guide. Making a success of life in a small home ...

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