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Hisense Portable AC Review

Hisense AP1419CW1G review

The Hisense AP1419CW1G allows you to connect from anywhere with the free Hisense Android or iOS app to change your settings. Get to know this modern technology in our review.​ ...

Honeywell Portable AC Review

Honeywell MO10CESWK review

Our review will help you decide if this Honeywell Portable air conditioner is the right compact unit for your home.​ Honeywell Portable AC ReviewA 3-in-1 air conditioner, ...

Midea Portable AC Review

MIDEA MPF08CR81-E review

Could this Midea portable AC system be the one you've been looking for? We've got the answer below.​ Midea AC ReviewEasily control the temperature of any room in your home, in just ...

Shinco Portable AC Review

Shinco portable AC

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home can be difficult, but with this Shinco portable AC review the search might be over. Shinco Portable ACCool comfort is always within ...

Global Air Portable AC Review

Global Air Portable AC

The Global Air portable air conditioner looks great and comes with an in-built carbon air filter. But, can it be relied upon after years of heavy use?​ Global Air Portable AC ...

5 Smallest Air Conditioners

small air conditioner

We recommend 5 of the most compact AC units on the market. See what makes them stand out with our reviews and buyer's guide. We make choosing a miniature air conditioner a much simpler task.An ...

How to Clean AC Coils Yourself

Air conditioner system

Learn how to clean AC coils yourself with our simple guide. We explain how to make a homemade AC coil cleaner and how to use it effectively. An air conditioning unit is made up of several ...

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