The Most Impressive Carson Wind Chimes

Discover the melodic sounds of our favorite Carson wind chimes and the beauty they bring to any garden, balcony or outside space!

Carson wind chimes

The soft twinkling of wind chimes in the breeze is a sound that’s so relaxing it’s almost hypnotic. It’s hard to imagine feeling stressed while you’re sat on your porch just listening to the melodic tones rippling in the air.

As you sit and listen to the wind chimes, it’s hard to imagine that people have been listening to exactly the same sounds for centuries. The earliest wind chimes discovered date back to 3000 BC and they’ve been used all around the world ever since.

Of course, the first wind chimes were made from bone - thankfully you don’t have to resort to having a dissembled skeleton outside your house to enjoy the same soothing tones!

Carson is a name that’s well-known for creating high-quality home decor that has a handmade touch, and Carson wind chimes are no exception. From light, tinkling sounds to deep, rich tones that resonate, they’ve got a wonderful range to choose from.

To save you a bit of legwork, we’ve checked out their collection and come up with three which we think you’ll love (and they’re definitely not made from bone…).

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Carson Home Accents Signature Series Chimes 60-Inch


Carson Home Accents Signature Series

- 60-inches long

- Durable finish with aluminum construction
- High quality sound
- Classic design

Carson Sonnet Memories Wind Chime 30-Inch

Carson Sonnet Memories

- 30-inch long
- 5 center-pinned aluminum tubes
- Durable aluminum construction
- Chime emits gentle musical tones

Carson Home Accents Always Near Sonnet Chime 30-Inch

Carson Home Accents: Always Near

- 30-inch long
- 5 center-pinned aluminum tubes with adjustable striker
- Durable aluminum construction​
- Chime emits gentle musical tones

Carson Wind Chimes Reviews

Check out our recommendations in a bit more detail now as we explain what makes them special.

Carson Home Accents Signature Series     *** Our Top Pick ***

This 60-inch beast belongs to the Carson Wind Chimes Signature Series and is a real statement piece. A magnificent wind chime that commands attention, it’s an attractive piece of garden decor and more than fitting of its place in the Signature Series.

If high-pitched tinkly sounds aren’t for you, take a listen to this chime. The large size creates a far deeper sound that’s almost cathedral. If you’re worried about disturbing the neighbors, don’t worry, this won’t boom out like a church bell! The noise is mellow, rich and melodic, offering subdued sound that is calming.

The deep forest-green color is a beautiful accent for any garden, fitting in well with the colours of nature. It won’t jar or look out of place and contributes well to a setting that’s visually soothing.

Made from aluminum, these Carson Home Accents Wind Chimes were made to be outdoors which means they won’t rust, corrode or degrade when exposed to the elements. Tough and long-lasting, the powdered-coated finish is weather-resistant and built for durability.

The chimes are made up of five heavy-walled metal tubes which are center-pinned. Each of the tubes is 1.25-inches thick so together they make up a large and impressive-looking unit. The polycarbonate striker is spring-loaded and adjustable. This means you can move it to get the sound you like.

The chimes hang by way of an S-hook which coupled with industrial-strength cord delivers a wind-chime that’s striking both to the eye and the ear.

The oversized dimensions of this wind chime mean that compared to others in the market, it’s not cheap. We still think it’s a pretty good price given the fact that there are so many handmade elements to each Carson chime, but it does mean handing over a bigger pile of dollars than elsewhere.

  Our Final Verdict: This Carson wind chime is a conversation piece and will dominate your garden decor. It’s not so loud that it will dominate over other chimes, so could work well with lighter wind chimes. If you want something subtle or inexpensive, it’s probably not for you but as a striking decoration with melodic notes, it really hits the sweet spot.

Carson Sonnet Memories

If the super-sized dimensions of our first wind chime were a bit too overwhelming, the second on our shortlist might be more to your style. At 30-inches, it’s a smaller Carson Home Accents chime - just half the size of the one above. That doesn’t mean that it’s any less beautiful and the quality finish is just what you’d expect from a company like Carson.

In fact, you might not notice what’s quite so special at first glance, but this Carson Wind Chime Memories design has a subtle yet moving message. Each of the tubes features an engraving of the following words:

“A memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things that make you who you are, and the things you never want to lose.”

Wind chimes are often used in memory gardens or as a tribute to loved ones and this particular design is perfect for this. The gentle, harmonious tones coupled with the beautiful words bring a balance to the air around.

On a more practical note, these wind chimes are made from anodized aluminum which provides a tough and long-lasting finish which can withstand the weather without a problem. Hang this windchime outside and it will stay in great condition, regardless of what the elements want to throw at it.

This is another five-tube design, with each tube measuring 0.87-inches thick. A metal disc center, industrial-strength cord and an adjustable striker complete the look. The position of the striker determines the sound of the chimes so you can alter it from deeper tones to a lighter, more twinkly sound.

  Our Final Verdict: At a more budget-friendly price and a size that even smaller gardens can easily accommodate, this is a great wind chime that anyone can appreciate. The engraved words add extra meaning and we think add a nice touch.

Carson Home Accents: Always Near

The last of our Carson Wind Chimes is another 30-inch design, the Always Near Sonnet Chime. As you might guess from the names, it’s another wind chime which has been created as a personal memorial piece, allowing you to feel the energy of your loved ones all around. As the famous saying goes, “When the wind blows, know that I am near” - wind chimes provide real comfort after a loved one has passed.

This wind chime is similarly-priced to the Memorials design, and once again very reasonable for most budgets. At 30-inches long, it’s a piece of decor which will complement your garden without feeling too large.

Five center-pinned tubes make up this chime, anodized and powder-coated to provide the very best protection and durability. Designed for outdoor use, there’s no need to protect these chimes from the elements; as the wind blows you’ll be able to enjoy hearing the gentle peal of chimes ring out.

The tough aluminum surface has been engraved on this wind chime also:

“Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day…unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.”

Carson have a wonderful knack of picking words which are meaningful and poignant to anyone who has experienced a loss.

The metal tubes have a disc in the center and a striker which is adjustable. This allows the sound to be selected, creating pitch-perfect musical tones. The wind chime is completed by an S-hook and strong industrial cord which won’t fray or degrade.

  Our Final Verdict: Another wind chime that’s almost brought a tear to our eye, a thoughtful design that’s perfect for a memorial. One of the mid-sized chimes from Carson, it’s easy on the budget while still oozing class and quality.

Which one chimes for you?

That’s the last of our three wind chimes reviewed and we can say in all honesty, that there’s a quality to Carson which is evident in all their designs. You’ll find plenty of reviews testifying to the melodic and musical notes that their wind chimes produce, which coupled with the longevity make them hard to beat.

The second and third chimes on our list are perfect as a tribute to a loved one, whether that’s in your personal space at home or in a memorial garden. The sound of wind chimes is particularly soothing and can bring real comfort at a sad time.

If you’re not looking for a memorial wind chime, you might prefer to steer clear of those with the engraved words and opt for one of their simpler, aluminum designs instead.

The 60-inch wind chime is simply magnificent and we find it hard to look past this one, by virtue of its striking good looks and rich, deep tones. This truly is a wind chime which makes us want to sit on the porch all day long, just listening to the sounds of the breeze. Aaaah, perfect…

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Buyer’s Guide

As we mentioned at the start, wind chimes have been around for centuries. Used for various purposes from scaring away evil spirits to creating harmony and healing in the surrounding air, they have a soothing effect on the soul.

Bringing together the mind, body and spirit, in more recent centuries, wind chimes have also become an extremely decorative piece of art too.

You can find wind chimes for both indoors and outside but it’s essential to know which it is you’re buying. Indoor chimes won’t have the same weather-proofing as those designed for outside, and will quickly degrade. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on outdoor wind chimes.

Bamboo or metal?

Wind chimes arrived from the east and in the Orient you will find many wind chimes that are made from bamboo. These produce a very distinctive sound which is subdued and hollow: a chime which is hauntingly beautiful.

Although it’s possible to buy bamboo chimes in the US too, in general metal chimes are considered to be better. This is because you can tune metal chimes and produce specific notes. For this reason, they’re often described as being more musical than bamboo. The other factor is durability - aluminum chimes won’t rust or corrode but bamboo has a habit of splitting after a while.

The size of your chimes

With our three Carson wind chimes above, we’ve provided you with the option of two different sizes and you’ll find plenty more in the market too. If you’ve got a large garden or you’re simply looking for a real statement piece, larger wind chimes are a top pick. Believe it or not, it’s possible to buy wind chimes that are 14-feet long.  All of a sudden, 60-inches doesn’t seem too big, does it?!

For smaller gardens or balcony areas, wind chimes which are more modest in size may suit you more.

However, there’s more to the size of wind chimes than the way they look - the longer the tube, the deeper the sound. If you prefer deeper, more resonant tones from your wind chime, choose one with longer tubes and you’ll be delighted with the result. If twinkly, high-pitched chimes are what you like to listen to, go for shorter tubes instead.

Many chimes have an adjustable striker which can give you a bit of variety, allowing the tone of the chimes to be altered within the range capable of being produced.

Think of the neighbors!

You might love to lie in bed and listen to the wind chimes outside, but how about your neighbors? When you’re buying wind chimes you’ll need to consider the proximity of your neighbors and whether they’re going to be irritated by chimes tinkling around the clock.

Ludicrous though it may seem, not everyone likes the sound of wind chimes. Crazy, eh?! However, you’ll need to either check with your neighbors in advance or else choose a chime that’s not too loud. You’ll find plenty of wind chimes on the market that are beautifully mellow, giving a great sound if you’re sitting close-by but won’t upset others along the street.

That’s our buyer’s guide for wind chimes all wrapped up - hopefully you’re now well on your way to becoming an expert on the subject of musical metal tubes.

Thanks for joining us on our melodic whistle-stop tour and as always, we’ll see you again soon!

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