BioLet Composting Toilet Review

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Updated on: September 25, 2021

Choosing the right composting toilet can be difficult, but our BioLet composting toilet reviews show that the BioLet range is a great all-round option.

Biolet compost toilets

BioLet Composting Toilet Review

For the ultimate in convenience and real luxury the BioLet Toilet Systems can be the perfect choice.

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There are many reasons why people decide to look at buying a composting toilet. For some, it’s the environmental impact of waste being pumped through sewers and disposed of.

For others, it’s the fact that a regular toilet is just not a convenient solution in the area or space that is available. 

If you have a cabin in the woods, a garage, or you just like to live off the grid, then finding the perfect toilet that doesn't need a water supply is a must!

Our BioLet composting toilet reviews should help you decide whether this is the right one for you. 

biolet compost toilet

Who are BioLet?

BioLet is an innovative company that distributes composting toilets throughout the US.

They were founded in Sweden and have over 40 years of experience in providing waterless composting toilet solutions to over 30 different countries around the world.

They are very proud to have received accolades for their toilet design from The Nordic Council of Ministers and are committed to adapting their toilet designs to be the most convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly that they can be.  

Whatever the reason you are looking for a composting toilet, BioLet is definitely a brand worth considering and have a range of options to suit a variety of different needs. 

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Biolet toilet

Key Features

The BioLet range is full of composting toilets that really mean business and can cope with the waste of four people who are permanent residents or up to six people for part-time usage.

This makes the BioLet toilet a perfect solution for tiny house owners who have very limited space, especially those who move their tiny house around.

With no need for a connection to a water supply, you will be free to up and move around whenever you like. 

The BioLet composting toilet range is also perfect for those with a cabin in the woods, a cottage by the lake, or other vacation homes that are completely off the grid.

Those who have a garage or workshop would also benefit from a toilet such as this, as it gives the flexibility to have the convenience of toilet facilities even when there are no connections to a mains water supply.  

Biolet compost toilets

The durable toilets come complete with everything you need with and offer fully automatic process. It includes a liquid control sensor, a thermostat, a fan, and an automatic mixer.

Meaning if you are serious about a composting toilet, this is certainly a good option for you. The features on this toilet mean that waste is decomposed quickly, liquids evaporate, and odors are not a problem.  

The patented automated system opens the trap door when you sit on the toilet seat and when the seat lid is closed, the mixing mechanism springs into action, ensuring you don't see or smell the contents of the toilet.

BioLet has really thought of every convenience, and you will not have to suffer any bad smells if you purchase one of their range. 

The fan contained in the toilet circulates warm air under and around the compost, which helps to decompose faster and evaporates liquids quicker.

The smart toilet also operates an additional heater at the bottom if any excess liquid is detected so that your compost is never ruined.

The toilet is easy to clean and maintain. It is constructed from a durable polystyrene ABS plastic with a smooth design, meaning there are no hard to reach areas.

The toilet seat is removable, which makes this toilet very easy to clean, and it comes with a compost cover that hides away all of the toilet contents.  

It is recommended that for those who only use the toilet seasonally, the contents of the humus tray should only be emptied once a year.

If you are using this toilet as your primary facilities, or you use it on a regular basis, you don’t need to worry about checking for when you need to empty it.

This BioLet toilet has LED maintenance indicators that will let you know when the lower chamber is ready to be emptied, and it is so simple to empty and get ready to use again.

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One of the main selling points for this BioLet composting toilet range is that they are not only convenient and easy to use, it has also been approved by Scandinavian authorities and been awarded the Swan Ecolabel.

Scandinavia has the world's biggest market for composting toilets, and has the most rigorous testing procedures for closed toilet systems, meaning that if you choose to purchase this composting toilet, you can rest assured that your money is being well spent on a solution that is incredibly environmentally friendly.

BioLet toilets can be installed easily with limited handyman knowledge. If you have done some DIY previously and have some basic tools already, then you will be fine to install the toilet, and it should be done and ready to use within just a couple of hours.

It is advised to work alongside another person so that you can both install it together, completing each step easily, and having support for the position of the machine. 

The toilet design allows for the toilets to be used in a variety of locations and makes this a perfect solution for areas where there is limited space.

With the lower chamber tray being accessed at the front of the toilet, there is no need to find a space where you need to consider how to access and empty the toilet.

It is conveniently built to make it compact and accessible, even in very small houses.  

The Swedish technology used keeps energy consumption low, and the adjustable thermometer makes the whole system even more efficient.

Simply set the thermometer according to the number of people who will be using the toilet and allow the system to do the rest. It really is that simple.

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  • LED maintenance indicator
  • Patented automated system
  • Awarded the Swan Ecolabel
  • Easy installation


  • Rated at 3 or 4 people full-time use only

Bottom Line

Our BioLet toilet reviews are designed to help you make up your mind which composting toilet will meet your needs.

This BioLet toilet is a fantastic option for anyone who is considering the switch to a composting toilet, or simply needs to find a solution to needing a loo in an area without a mains water supply! 

The smooth, durable construction means this toilet is capable of withstanding continued use by a small family, and its features allow you to be confident that you won't experience any unpleasant smells while your energy-efficient toilet composts its contents.

A great composting toilet to consider!

Learn more about Biolet on their official website.

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