5 Best Portable Camping Toilets

Written by: Jamie

Updated on: September 25, 2021

Get the perfect portable toilet for your next expedition with our ultimate guide to the best in the business. Find out which one we’d choose over all others and why.

Portable toilet reviews

If you’re looking for the perfect portable camp toilet for your next trip then you're in the right place!

We've scoured the market for the ultimate camping toilets that are lightweight, easy to clean, and completely portable.

We've narrowed down the competition to just 5 toilets and there's one in particular that we think deserves your attention. 

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portable camping toilets

The Top Models Compared

Take a look at how the best portable camping toilets compare in the table below.

We'll review each and give our personal opinion in the next section.



Sanitation Equipment potty


Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty

Price: $$

- Detachable waste compartment

- Waste & water gauge

- Robust

- 'Snap' close lid

Thetford Corp White Porta Potti

Thetford Porta Potti

Price: $$

- Toilet roll compartment

- Battery flush

- Capacity display

- Sleek design

SereneLife portable toilet

SereneLife Toilet

Price: $$ 

- Piston pump flush

- Large waste tank

- Robust

Camco portable travel toilet

Camco Travel Toilet

Price: $$

- Detachable waste compartment

- Small

- Multiple buying options

Palm Springs outdoor


Palm Springs Outdoor

Price: $

- Great value for money

- Durable

- Residential sized seat

The Top Models Reviewed

In this section, you can read about our recommended camping toilets in more detail and find out which we’d choose over all others.

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty   * OUR TOP PICK *

The first portable camp toilet we want you to see is this Visa Potty by Sanitation Equipment. It’s great value and really easy to clean out.

When you choose this model, you get the option of an 18-litre capacity or a 32-litre capacity. Take this into consideration when you think about your planned uses for the toilet as the price between the two capacities may differ significantly.

It looks as though it’s a single unit model, but the waste compartment is easily detachable. This makes emptying your waste incredibly simple.

It simultaneously makes cleaning out the waste compartment a doddle. Just remove it, empty it, then add your cleaning products and wipe clean, while wearing some gloves of course.

Another great aspect of this model is the bowl. The bowl itself is considerably deep and something they’ve included for ‘comfort’. Let’s be honest, they’re being too polite to say ‘splash back’.

The bowl has a replaceable piston-pump which rinses in two directions to make sure all the bowl is cleaned thoroughly. We like these pumps that aren’t battery operated because batteries can cause headaches down the line – we’ll come onto this later.

If you’re carrying some holiday weight or have been enjoying more hot dogs than you should on your road trip, don’t worry about the seat breaking. This is a robust product which can withstand a lot of weight. It has been designed and manufactured to last more than your annual camping trip and will soon come top of your weekend-away checklist in no time at all.

Other features worth a line or two are that it includes a waste and fresh water level gauge, so you know when you need to top it up with more water or when you need to stop putting off emptying the waste compartment.

The lid has a snap closure which keeps it firmly in place. This is great for travelling because your family’s rendition of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ isn't going to be interrupted by a constant vibrating in the back of the car.

When it comes to price, this one is going to cost a little more than we expected. Camping toilet reviews have a lot of nice things to say about it and there are a lot of happy, well, campers, who’ve already bought it. It’s probably a safe option but we’d suggest there’s also better value for money out there.

Compared to the other models below, this one has some features that cannot be beaten. In particular the snap lid closure which keeps it compact while travelling. Some other manufacturers haven’t taken this into consideration so a big pat on the back to Sanitation Equipment for that.

  Our Verdict: Due to its superb all-round performance we categorize it as a fantastic choice for first-time buyers. Its biggest problem is the price and the bigger model is at the top end of the market.

Thetford Porta Potti     * An Excellent Alternative *

Next on our list of the best portable camping toilets in circulation at the moment is the Porta Potti from Thetford.

If a toilet can ever be considered cool then this one would be. It has sleek white aesthetics with silver trimmings. It looks a bit like a top-loading washing machine or a time capsule – just don’t treat it like a time capsule!

It isn't split into two sections in the same detachable way as the previous model but the inner working does have the standard two compartments. The bowl is longer than standard which gives it a taller seat height.

To release the collection of waste, you’re guaranteed to stay clean with a pour-out spot which won’t splash back onto you and won’t ruin your favorite white top. The valve is of equal importance and is sealed to prevent odours from leaking out towards your camp fire ghost stories.

At first glance, this toilet has an outstanding feature that you won’t see on many other models. We’re referring to a hidden compartment that holds a toilet roll. However, our researchers have spotted a shortcoming on this great effort to make pooping in the woods much easier - that’s a sentence we never thought we’d write.

Toilet paper is designed to break at the edge of each square when pulled on downwards. This compartment is located at the bottom of the device and you have to pull the toilet roll up towards you when needed.

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There are other features that you should know about if you’re considering this modern-looking model. It has a battery-powered flushing system for extra power. These can be exceptional at keeping the bowl in a pristine state, but they can also be troublesome down the line.

Once the batteries run out, the replacements can be hard to find and also very expensive. This is why a lot of buyers of this model have been using a water bottle to clean it manually after the battery has run out. They're also much heavier to transport when packed with water so there might be something in the bottle idea. What do you think?

To be a bit more positive about this moveable toilet, we should reel off some of their more lucrative features. We feel we may have been a little harsh on this modern design that’s tried to go the extra mile and we don’t want you to think we don’t recognise its awesome features too.

It has a tank capacity display, so you keep tabs on when a top up of water is required and when the waste needs urgently changing. It is also definitely the easiest to carry out of the portable toilets for camping that we sourced due to its ergonomic handle positioned in the centre of the product. No more struggling and no more tripping with a load of waste wrapped in your arms – cartoon-like imaginations begin!

Just like the first one, this model has considered travelling with it in the back of your vehicle. It can be held down into place so it is secured while on the move, which is even more important on the return leg of your trip.

This’s another pricey option but here we can see why. They have tried to make their design stand out from the crowd with a toilet roll holder feature and its battery-operated power flushing system. Not many other models have these sorts of perks.

These are nice additions but we’re not sure that they’re the most convenient of features. We think this is an awesome option, but it may not be the most economic choice due to having to replace the battery.

  Our Verdict: We think this is a great toilet with some outstanding features. If we do some nit-picking, then there are some issues. Yet, it’s probably the best when it comes to transportability and we would remain envious of anyone who owns one - pencil it in for now.

SereneLife Toilet

Next under our microscope was this model from SereneLife. It looks like another toilet straight from the likes of American Airlines due to its airplane restroom aesthetics. It’s predominantly gray in color with a white seat and white lid.

This model probably has the most impressive flushing capabilities. It doesn’t have a flashy battery-powered flushing system, but it does have a piston pump with a three-way nozzle to clean all parts of the bowl.

What’s just as impressive is that the water tank has a huge 3.2-gallon water capacity which offers more than 50 flushes before needing to be refilled. If you’re a lover of spicy food, then this amount of uses in one go may have you covered when you need it most.

The waste tank is also phenomenal in size. It offers a 5.3-gallon capacity to cater for the biggest of families on the longest of road trips. Once you’ve filled this massive tank, you'll need to dispose of your waste.

This is made effortless with a draining pipe which is also easy to clean after the job is done. The drain valve has been sealed twice in order to make sure there are no bad odors or leaks coming from the waste compartment of the product too!

One aspect of this toilet that we really like is that the seat has a seat cover attached. This isn’t a common find on most camping potties but is a little perk for when you’re roughing it in beautiful nature.

Instead of slowly edging yourself onto the cold seat in the early hours of a chilly morning, you can sit straight down and do your business in much more comfort. It’s reportedly also there to prevent leaks when travelling – we’ve been left blank-faced and scratching our head at this one. Do you know what they mean?

Overall, this is a robust model made with high-density polyethylene. It will last a long time and will be simple to maintain. It’s priced at an average rate for the current market or may be considered slightly above average – but you have to pay for quality.

Other models here and elsewhere cannot compete with its excellent capacities. The three-way nozzle will help the bowl stay cleaner than most and the seat cover is a nice touch. It’s something which we didn’t find elsewhere.

  Our Verdict: We have no worries about recommending this toilet to any of our readership. It’s got a lot to shout about and for the price we would say it remains quality value for money as well.

Camco Travel Toilet    * Excellent Value *

If you want choice then the Camco Travel Toilet will be a great option for you and your family. There’s a lot going on here in terms of options. It comes in two sizes for short- and long-durations.

One has a 2.6-gallon capacity and the other more than double the size with a 5.3-gallon capacity. Our team have found that the smaller one is not high at all – around 13 inches - and unless you’re still into coloring books and not eating your crusts, then you'll have to squat to do your thing.

You also have a choice between the standard model, a premium model and a frustration-free packaging premium model. Their specifications are the same, but they look completely different.

The standard model looks like another airplane toilet while the premium model looks like something that Luke Skywalker may have used on one of his voyages. The standard design is an off-gray color that is not the most attractive and the more modern premium aesthetic is white, black and gray - and much sleeker.

On either design the product is split into two parts. Although, on the premium model this fact is more concealed and it looks like one singular unit similar to a residential toilet. The two compartments are kept together via side latches. The latches can be removed so the waste tank becomes detached. This makes it easier to dispose of your waste, clean and maintain the product.

The flushing system is a bellows-type one that offers a 2.5-gallon capacity. This is more than enough to last a camping holiday with an average sized family. Other notable features include a reliable seal placed across the side valve. This prevents unwanted odors from escaping and is another barrier to stopping leakages.

When it comes to your wallet, both size models and both standard and premium designs are great value for money. They’re below the price bracket of our 5 awesome picks and can keep up with a lot of the other features on other high-end designs. It doesn’t have everything that the others can grab your attention with but it remains an excellent option for first and second-time buyers.

  Our Verdict: We recommend paying that little bit more for the bigger-capacity model which won’t have you crouched down to do your business. This is even more important if you’re in the later stages of life and your legs and back aren’t what they used to be. Overall, a fantastic option with many great features. The premium model is quite cool too. You in?

Palm Springs Outdoor Toilet   * Budget Choice *

The final portable camping potty we have lined up for you is this portable recreation toilet by the guys and gals over at Palm Springs Outdoor. This isn't the most attractive toilet we’ve been able to show you, but you could argue it’s a toilet and does it really need to be that pleasing on the eye?

Fight that one out amongst yourselves. Its dull color has been given a matte finish which hides any scratches. This will be especially useful if you’re transporting the toilet a lot and/or if it’s being stored near other items.

Many of the products we’ve had the pleasure of showing you have made it clear they’re a portable toilet and not tried to be anything more conventional. Well, this one is a bit different. It boasts a flushing system identical to a residential toilet.

They also say it flushes in a circular motion. This caused a bit of an office debate and had us questioning how our residential toilets flush. After some rest room research, we found that most toilets don’t flush in this same circular manner. We don’t waste our time. Nevertheless, it will be decent at cleaning the whole of the toilet bowl.

It also boasts a residential seat. The seat has been made the same size as an average at-home toilet seat to give users some familiar comfort. This we give a big thumbs up to and we hope you do as well! It’s always nice to be able to take any home comfort with you when you’re braving it in the outdoors or on the road.

Some final features we want to tell you about are that this toilet has also been manufactured predominantly with high-density polyethylene. This makes it a durable design which can stay in the family camping arsenal for years to come, providing it’s looked after well. Other specifications to note are that it has a 3-gallon water-holding tank and a waste tank stretching to an impressive 5 gallons.

Our final camp toilet is also very reasonably priced and is definitely more attractive to look at than any of the previous 4 – well that’s just our opinion. The matte finish is a pleasing addition and the residential-sized seat gets a big nod of approval from us.

  Our Verdict: This is perfect for a first-time buyer or someone who needs a camping potty for infrequent use. We say this because you get a lot for your buck and it has a lot going for it. There’s not much financial commitment but there’s a lot of good stuff. Smell a bargain?


Did we flush out the garbage toilets for you? We managed to find small toilets and bigger ones to cater for different sized families and different length trips.

We managed to show you ones that are easy and convenient to transport and we sourced the best camping toilet which has tried to go beyond the current conventional features.

If we were forced to pick a winner for the best portable toilet we would probably choose the Visa Potty by Sanitation Equipment. It’s so good we shouldn’t have placed it first on our list because people may have gone straight for it and these words may be landing on deaf ears right now.

We can’t find fault with any of its features and the snap-lid closure is going to come in very handy during transportation. It has performance and convenience rolled into one!

We cannot award the Visa Potty the best value for money though. It’s a phenomenal design but it’s priced considerably more than other models, which may not boast the same standards but come in at around half the price.

The best camping toilet we think is unbeatable value for money is the Palm Springs Outdoor Toilet that was last on our list. It’s certainly by no means a looker with its odd color but it has everything you could need as a first-time buyer - and at an outstanding price what’s not to love?

We don’t want to take anything away from the other three models for camping we’ve had the pleasure in showing you. Any criticism and shortcomings are compared with the other models of the same industry-leading caliber. They outshine other models not featured here, hands down!

Buyer’s Guide

Before you rush off and purchase one of these or another specialist toilet, there are a few things you should be aware of and others that you should know like the back of your hand.

This next part will be especially useful to first-time buyers.

  • Warranty

Let’s quickly discuss the warranty of your portable camping toilet. Most suppliers will provide you with a 90-day warranty.

Others may even stretch their warranty to last a full year. If you’re cautious about spending your hard-earned dollars, then it’s important that you look for a good investment rather than a cheap one-off.

Just be sure that you know your full rights when making the accompanying warranty a deciding factor in your purchase.

  • Considerations

There are a lot of considerations you need to consider before making your decision. The first is to ask yourself what size portable toilet you need.

Not every family will need a big-capacity waste tank and buying one of those may be a waste of your money and a waste of space in the vacation van.

Another consideration is that water is heavy. Some cheerful travelers opt to leave theirs empty because of the added weight that water brings. Especially long-term travelers where the weight can significantly add zeros to your gas bill.

In these cases, they simply use a bottle of water to keep their bowl clean. Maybe this is better for the environment and something you would prefer to do as well?

Probably the biggest consideration of all is where you’re going to dispose of your waste. It is against the law to just empty your waste in any spot. Getting caught trying to empty your tank in public or banned places may result in a hefty fine.

There are often plenty of disposal points dotted around familiar camping zones for you to take advantage of. If you’re using the toilet at home or only doing a short trip, you could always look to disposing your waste down your own residential toilet. This may take more than one or two cycles as you may have considerable amounts of waste and toilet roll in your camper's toilet.

  • Maintenance and Essentials

It’s easy to try and avoid maintaining your toilet because, let’s be honest, who wants to go through having to clean it out and then have to wipe it clean? Unfortunately, we haven’t got hover boards yet and we haven’t got a solution for this either. You'll just have to get on with it and be thankful for your comfort during your trip.

When you buy yours, you may be given some sample chemicals to keep it hygienic. These are undoubtedly going to run out so you will have to buy more to keep it in the cleanest of conditions.

The only other aspect of these products you may be forced to replace is the batteries on those models which have a battery-operated flushing system. These flushing systems are very impressive and much more effective than other methods, but it does mean you’ll have to replace the battery at some point. This can make the running costs much more expensive.

We won't hold it against you if you decide to buy a portable toilet not on our list. Maybe newer models appear or maybe you find a hidden treasure for great value for money. What we would urge you to consider every time is the method of removing the waste from the product.

This is the essential in our eyes. You want a funnel or some easy-to-use system where the waste is going to be released from the toilet without struggle and definitely without messy splashes.

Thanks for dropping in on our discussion on the top camping toilet reviews. We have seen some outstanding designs by top brands.

Hopefully you managed to see a portable toilet that works for you on your next adventure. We didn’t use that many puns, did we? You didn’t notice? Oh, good! Visit us again in the near future for more interesting discussions and exceptional buyer guides.

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