The 20 Coolest Coffee Tables Ever!

Written by: Jamie

Updated on: February 16, 2022

We present 20 of the most eye-catching and beautiful coffee tables in existence. Rustic, modern, oval, metal, oak, marble, ottoman, reclaimed, inexpensive, too expensive, we cover them all! 

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Ah, the coffee table… The undisputed centerpiece of any living room worth sitting in. The vehicle that facilitates some of the most memorable conversations and moments in the family home.

Here at Tiny House, Huge Ideas we love these miniature tables so much that we thought we’d scour the internet and create a list of our absolute favorites.

We’ve found some classic handmade gems as well as some contemporary designs that won’t break the bank. Anyway, we believe there’s something here for everyone and if you disagree then send us a suggestion and we’ll consider adding it to our list.

We’ve ordered the list from affordable to…less affordable, so make sure to stick around till the end for the true show stoppers!

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20. Lift Top

Sauder Viabella Lift top coffee table

There are no other words for this one, it’s just gorgeous! The beautifully colored tiles work so well with the chestnut finish to produce this truly unique lift top coffee table with storage.

These lift top style designs are getting a whole load of attention these days as they offer a variety of uses. It’s a traditional table but the top can also be raised in more of a desk-like style when you need to use the laptop or do some work. The movable top reveals a deep storage area that’ll easily keep some of the kids’ toys or those unsightly video games.

This is a great piece of modern furniture design that’s perfect for life in a small space.

Learn more at

19. Tofteryd by IkeaIkea Tofteryd coffee table image

Loved and loathed in equal part, while conquering the world Swedish furniture giants Ikea have certainly divided opinion. We’re firmly on the side of the believers and the Tofteryd Ikea coffee table is a fine example of the stylish contemporary designs that they’re putting out right now.

The Tofteryd has a storage shelf underneath to keep book and magazines as well as a slide-out drawer to keep those trashy romance novels in when you have guests over. Measuring just under one meter squared it’s only for those with the luxury of a bit of extra floor space, but in our opinion, it makes a worthy addition to most modern, spacious living rooms.

And because it’s Ikea it’s really well priced.

See more at

18. Tangkula Glass Table

Tangkula coffee table

This inexpensive coffee table fits firmly in the budget column and offers amazing value for money. It’s made of solid MDF and tempered glass and is definitely sturdy enough stand up to the rigors of chit-chat, reading, and table games.

It’s so affordable that you don’t need to get stressed over staining the glass and keeping it pristine. Having lived in a house with a precious table in it before, I can attest that sometimes it’s nice to just use something that’s inexpensive and relatively unimportant that can be used without making you feel anxious that you might damage it!

Despite being so affordable, we think it still manages to look great too. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a glass coffee table really.

Check it out on

17. Niangua Furniture

Niangua Furniture coffee table

Ok, I know it’s been pretty heavy on the modern stuff so far. We did promise a balanced selection and here’s the first of the more rustic coffee tables.

It’s a gem of a piece of furniture that’s handmade with cedar and reclaimed copper pipes. Each table is individually handcrafted giving you an attention to detail that mass-produced furniture just can’t match.

It’s definitely rustic in style but those copper legs give it a slightly modern feel too, which means it isn’t out of place in more contemporary surroundings. It’s a classy piece of furniture that is one of our favorites on this list.

Find out more on

It’s a coffee table Amazon customers go crazy for!

16. Plank & Nail Table

Plank & Nail coffee table

This reclaimed wood coffee table from Californian based company Plank & Nail features a beautiful mosaic finish that wonderfully shows of its natural age.

The salvaged wood almost floats upon the metal hairpin legs that despite being so slight in appearance are very strong and supportive. The quality and beauty of the wood are allowed to speak for themselves with the simplicity of the design, which beautifully melds rustic wood with stylish contemporary hairpin legs.

This table is guaranteed to give an instant upgrade to any room it furnishes.

Check it out on Amazon

15. DFS Marble Coffee Table

marble coffee table

This solid marble coffee table from DFS is effortlessly stylish and pretty unique in our book. It features a solid marble top and base giving it suitable weight and durability. The table top is lacquered and finally polished by hand to give it a high gloss finish and also to add an extra layer of surface protection.

As marble tables go this is definitely our favorite out there.

14. Foosball Table

foosball coffee table

Now the next couple of choices are pretty unique coffee tables. Well, we haven’t seen them before anyway. They are playful, fun, and perfect for homes with children or adults that just can’t help themselves.

This hardwood coffee table doubles up as a foosball table (table football). It’s the perfect piece of furniture for a games room and will always be a conversation starter. This is basically most men’s dream piece of furniture.

The table is made from durable hardwood and the handles are telescopic so that they can be pushed into the table when not in use. It’s fun, practical, and much more than just a table!

Find out more at

13. Games Table

games coffee table

Continuing the fun theme, this doubles up as a games table with 4 board games included in the finish of the table top. The in-built boards can be turned over to reveal another side. Included are backgammon, checkers/chess, tic-tac-toe, and a chalkboard. Beneath the boards are storage areas to keep books and such.

The table comes in a variety of finishes. There’s red oak (our favorite), dark walnut, Classic gray stain, and ebony.

Each table is handmade and uses as much recycled wood as possible. This is the perfect piece of furniture if there are young children around. It actually ships in one piece so there’s no assembly needed either.

Find out more info at

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12. Noguchi Round Coffee Table

The iconic table designed by Isamu Noguchi is so famous it has its very own Wikipedia page. It was actually originally created in 1939 as a gift for the then president of the Museum of Modern Art.

The design team at Herman Miller recognized the artistry and recruited Noguchi to design a similar table for residential use.

The timeless design has been popular for almost 8o years now and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. Today, it’s available on the Herman Miller website in a variety of finishes.

Check out the original design at or see a cheaper copy at

11. Modway Gridiron

Modway metal coffee table

This striking metal coffee table is a bold design that would take center stage in any living room it adorned. The stainless steel legs are topped by a tempered glass sheet that perfectly suits the modern home.

This one sure divides opinion but it’s a winner in our minds. A truly modern coffee table.

Check out the latest price on

10. Rustic Pallet Table

rustic pallet wood coffee table

This one is a little more understated than a few on the list but it’s no less impressively crafted. This recycled pallet coffee table is made using weathered pallet wood and can be made to your exact specifications.

It’s got a very homely feel to it and would look especially good in a country or farmhouse. It’s absolutely charming and the fact it uses recycled wood is a bonus too.

Find out more details here.

9. Convenience Concepts Storage Ottoman

storage ottoman coffee table

This ottoman coffee table from Convenience Concepts comes with two beautiful bent wood reversible trays that sit perfectly atop the leather lid. The lid opens to reveal plenty of storage space too.

There are prettier ottoman coffee tables out there but they don’t usually come with custom fitting serving trays. This is our pick as it perfectly blends convenience, style, and value for money.

Find out more on Amazon

8. Cement & Glass Table

cement & glass coffee table

The sturdy tempered glass legs give this table a really nice floating type effect. It comes in a choice of table-top materials but we love this trendy cement style.

This would make a great addition to any minimalist style living room out there as it manages to look effortlessly stylish with the minimum of fuss. A real modern classic.

Find out more at

7. Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

Reclaimed pallet coffee table

Each one handmade and absolutely unique due to the recycled wood that they use, these pallet coffee tables from Oakland Alchemy (you can see their work on are works of art.

They come in 3 choices of Early American, dark walnut, or barndoor grey and perfectly strike that balance between modern and rustic styles.

They even have some handy magazine storage space which makes them practical too.

Find out more information over on

6. Sunset Marble

sunset marble coffee table

This oval coffee table is definitely on the higher end of the price range we’ve covered today but you can see why with its classical design.

The handcrafted table has a base made of iron tubes that are hand painted with an antique gold finish. This is topped with a solid marble sheet that is polished to give it an attractive shine.

This is another cool coffee table that has split opinion in the office. Some are universally and effortlessly beautiful while others are definitely an acquired taste. Let us know what you think in the comments section down below!

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5. Britten Square

Britten Square coffee table

Ah that walnut finish! This one is another personal favorite (sorry there’s been quite a few now!). Part of the John-Richard Collection this “floating” centerpiece just oozes class.

The base is made of painted bronze and suspends the large entendua veneer and wood composite top to make it look like it’s floating in the air.

This oversized coffee table isn’t exactly the most practical out there due to its lack of storage space but it sure looks good!

Find out more at

4. Nintendo Coffee Table

Nintendo coffee table

Now this one is definitely not going to appeal to everyone but those few that it does appeal to are going to be very excited right now. And I mean very excited.

It’s actually a fully working Nintendo NES controller/coffee table. The maple, walnut, and mahogany woods sit upon mid-century legs. The glass can be removed to reveal pushable buttons that can be used in tandem with a games system (there’s a retractable cord underneath).

Now putting aside the fact that it’s a playable controller (we’re geeky but not that geeky) this is just an amazing looking table. A surefire conversation starter that can’t help but be admired.

It’s available on Etsy from Charles Lushear.

3. Drip Coffee Table

Dripping coffee table

We’ve used the word “unique” a bit too liberally in this article, but it’s the only way to describe this bronze metal coffee table.

The cast bronze has been hand polished to give that nice shine which will only mature and become more attractive over time.

This was a last minute addition to the article and I’d love to hear what others think about it. Would you put this in your living room? Tell us what you think in the comments section down below.

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2. Aquarium Coffee Table

aquarium coffee table

Now this one is definitely a show stopper! This is actually a fully functioning fish tank topped by a sheet of glass to make a pretty amazing table. What better to look at while drinking your tea than a beautifully colorful underwater ecosystem?

It actually comes with the lights and a water filter too, so you’re ready to get that fish tank stocked straight away.

If you’re not a big fan of fish then the terrarium versions are worth checking out too.

Find out more about this awesome piece of furniture on

1. Platner Gold Table

knoll coffee table

This is one elegant piece of furniture that has a price tag that suggests it won’t be found in too many households.

Designed by Warren Platner in 1966, it’s now being offered in 18 karat gold to celebrate the anniversary of the collection’s inception. It also comes in a slightly cheaper iron finish.

It’s available now at

Well, that was 20 of the best coffee tables ever, as told by Tiny House, Huge Ideas.

If you disagree with any of our choices or have an awesome table that you think is deserving of a place then let us know in the comments section down below.

If you enjoyed this article then you might enjoy our guide to space saving furniture next.

See you in the comments section!

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