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5 Most Efficient Wood Stoves

Keep warm this winter with an EPA certified, high efficiency wood burning stove. We take a close look at some of the best options in 2021 and beyond.We ...

5 Quietest Portable Air Conditioners

Air conditioners can be surprisingly noisy devices, but they don't have to be. Check out our reviews of the quietest portable air conditioning units on the ...

5 Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners

Stop making a mess of your clothes and start cleaning your stoves, firepits and barbeque grills more efficiently with a special vacuum. Do you want a ...

5 Best Portable Camping Toilets

Get the perfect portable toilet for your next expedition with our ultimate guide to the best in the business. Find out which one we’d choose over all others ...

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Review

We decide if the Westinghouse ceiling fan is the right choice in a crowded market place. Learn more in our latest review. Westinghouse ...

Prominence Ceiling Fan Review

Need a reliable ceiling fan? Check out our review of the Prominence fan to see if it's worth a closer look. Prominence Ceiling FanBeautiful ...

Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Smells Musty (Troubleshooting)

We explain how to diagnose why your AC unit smells so bad. Find the answer and get rid of that smell right away! If you have recently switched on ...

How to Safely Remove Mold from an Air Conditioner

We explain how to remove mold from an AC unit in a safe way. Read on to find out how. Mold is one of the biggest problems and worries homeowners and ...

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