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5 Best Mini Microwaves

best mini microwaves

In today's big guide we take a close look at the 5 smallest microwaves currently on the market. Which tiny microwave is best for your compact kitchen? Find out in our comprehensive guide.Microwaves ...

5 Best Mini Freezers

mini freezers

Unsure which small freezer to buy? We recommend the best mini freezers available right now. Get an energy efficient tiny freezer with our guide. Making a success of life in a small home ...

Wood Stove Flues Explained

Wood burning stove

If you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in a wood stove, or if you’ve just had one fitted in your home, you might want to learn more about the role of the wood stove flue. The flue ...

What is a Stove Register Plate?

Old Wood Burning Stove

In today's home heating guide, we explain all about stove register plates and why they're important. If you’re considering buying a wood burner or if you’ve just had one installed, you may ...

How To Use A Wood Stove Damper

Wood fired stove with fire-wood

Learn all about the often misunderstood wood stove damper in today's guide to heating your home. If you’re considering investing in a wood stove for your home, there are several things ...

5 Best Small Wood Burning Stoves


In today's guide, we recommend the best small wood stoves for cabins, small homes, and tiny houses. We also explain everything you need to know before you buy. Using a mini wood stove is ...

How to Light a Propane Heater

Propane heater flame

Propane heaters might have a reputation for being dangerous, but when used and lit correctly, they are some of the top heaters on the market. Today, we show how to light one correctly. Propane ...

The Best Way to Defrost a Freezer


When was the last time you defrosted your freezer? Maybe you have a modern frost-free freezer - but did you know they sometimes need defrosting too?There are several causes of icy build-up inside a ...

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