Living in a small space doesn't need to be awkward.

We showcase the best space saving designs and the most energy efficient appliances to make the most practical use of both space and resources.

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These are our most popular guides at a glance.

Discover the most compact microwaves for the tiniest of kitchen spaces.

We uncover the smallest, most energy efficient, and quietest portable, mini split, and window air conditioners.

We only recommend the most energy efficient stoves & fireplaces. We cover small pellet stoves, wood burning stoves, electric fireplaces and more!

Discover the most energy efficient infrared, oil, gas, kerosene, and space heaters.

Compost toilets are perfect for those living "off grid".

Energy Efficiency

Air Conditioners 


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Compact Appliances

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Meet the Team

These are the people that research and write all that amazing content! Make sure and send us a message over on the contact page. We really appreciate your feedback :)

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Founder, writer & chief editor

Jamie has a background in sustainable design. Passionate about recycling and especially using reclaimed materials to design furniture.

He started way back in 2016 after spending his student life in a small apartment frustrated with the design of furniture and appliances that paid little attention to the efficient use of space.

With the website he hopes to highlight outstanding pieces of design that make the most out of small spaces and are also energy efficient.

Bonnie Cathro

Bonnie Cathro

Writer & researcher

Bonnie has been researching and writing on Tiny House Huge Ideas for the past 2 years.

While Jamie would be considered the resident expert when it comes to design, Bonnie is the brains when it comes to energy efficiency. 

Bonnie studied renewable energy and is passionate about reducing the impact we make on the environment.